A question of spanking on British TV


A Voice has received a few emails lately asking about spanking incidents in years gone by. Although very flattered to be thought the fount of such wisdom, such enquiries may better be directed to Chross.

However, one enquiry was about something that was on TV in the late 1980s and it rang a bell. The source was none other than Sir Terry Wogan, the esteemed Irish and now also British broadcaster.

Sir Terry was recently quoted on one of the other blogs describing a spanking that appeared on a TV adaptation of a Testament of Youth during the late 1970s. Apparently, our heroine was taken to her room by her mother on the orders of her father for talking back. She was then spanked while the maid listened in giggling behind the door. It is not clear how much was seen on screen, but the implement involved was a hairbrush and the spankee was Cheryl Campbell, who played the heroine Vera Brittain.

This new reference was about a TV drama involving Dorothy Tutin playing the part of a governess punishing Helena Bonham-Carter, her of the Lady Jane birching scene pictured above, who was playing the part of her charge. It sounds like the kind of TV they don’t make anymore, but at the time the then Mr Wogan did mention something during a TV interview with Helena and all the jokes that ensued about her character’s treatment were all highly suggestive. If anyone knows more please share.

Spanking was featured much more frequently in days of yore. Even on TV aimed at younger people. There were two incidents on shows with names now long forgotten, certainly here, that would never be allowed now.

One was of a teenage girl, played if memory serves by a woman nearer 20, who was walking in the park with her estranged father who was asking if she had been behaving herself. The conversation deteriorated into a play-fight where the girl says sorry after being tickled and is then threatened with having her knickers taken there and then in the park for a spanking. She is obviously aroused and moved by the threat. Needless to say, the spanking does not take place.

Another scene involved two mid teen girls searching a forbidden loft for something. They are caught by a very young woman who is nominally looking after them, perhaps an older sister, after scolding them she agrees to help with whatever mischief they are up to.

The parents return and start looking for them and the conversation in the loft goes something like:

“I told you that you should not be up here.” Says the older girl.

“Alright there is no need to go on about it, it is not like you are going to get a spanking.” Says the middle girl.

“I wouldn’t want to bet on that.” Says the older girl looking decidedly nervous.

“Mum won’t spank us will she?” Asks the younger girl.

Both older girls give her a look as if to say ‘is the pope catholic’.

Then the loft hatch opens and an angry mother puts on the light.

“What is going on? Get down now.” Mum orders. “It looks like three for the slipper tonight.”

Then the shot cuts away to the outside of an ordinary English semi and faint whacks and yelps are heard.

It is odd what one remembers. Does anyone else?

One Response to “A question of spanking on British TV”

  1. Yes, I enjoyed the flogging given to this sassy wench, on her bare bottom, I only wish that a male, had been the flogger, in the Tudor movie.

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