Mainstream spankings in Danish cinema


This is an excerpt of an article found here. This is just some of the pictures, there are many others. Much of the article is a rant and it is not clear who the author is, except that he is into spanking.

In the original Ian Fleming novel about Tatiana that comes “From Russia with love”, James Bond threatens her with a spanking, and later on she makes him promise to spank her when she moves in with him in his apartment in London. Some would say, that it’s how we are. I can on the spot also mention a spanking scene in Frederick Forsyth’s “The Dogs Of War” from 1974, where the spanking of course led to intense sex. Once Tommy Lee spanked Pamela Anderson in public, and when a journalist asked her about it, she said: “Well .. boys are boys.”
One of the biggest Danish magazines for women, said the same a couple of years ago, and encouraged the readers not to try to change it, and a couple of Danish newspapers also writes positive about romantic spankings from time to time, and you can be totally open about being member of large communities for men spanking women or women spanking men, and you don’t even have to hide if you prefer harder S/M. So if you look at it superficially, you’re free to choose for yourself how to live in Denmark. But it is, in fact, the other way around. The mentioned freedom is only an expression of, that you can’t repress the dynamics in life, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself and others to believe, that it should be better to live an idealistic life without any danger at all.

But Denmark was a great country 30 years ago, when our culture was a blend of traditions and nonconforming hippie life style. That blend was totally natural for us, because the epitome of Denmark at that time was democracy and education. A speech at that time could meaningfully have ended with: Here’s to live, love and develop.

The icon of that time was, without doubt, the Danish model and actress Birthe Tove. I write, and shows, more about this Danish Aphrodite in “My favourite gif(t)s”. Here it’s ’bout a couple of her so-called bedside movies. Birthe Tove and Ole Soeltoft made a couple in many of the bedside movies. In “Dentist on the bedside”, she gives him too much laughing gas, so he goes crazy and yells at her: “Shouldn’t you have a good spanking? On the bare!” But nothing happens.

Neither does there in “Headmaster on the bedside”, where Ole Soeltoft tells that he’s so mad that he could beat somebody, whereafter Birthe Tove bends over an armrest and says: “Not too hard, right honey?” But even that is he able to make out. Perhaps even the producers were disappointed, ’cause at the end of the movie, Karl Stegger gives Susanne Jagd the most wonderful spanking.

Danish movies has produced some of the best and some of the longest spanking scenes ever seen in movies, and I guess it has to do with, that Danish movies have had so big influence on the Danish society, that a lot of our actors and actresses have been a kind of role models, and the most important thing for a role model, is to be reliable. A later wife of a Danish prime minister, should act like a spoiled brat in “Uncle Bill from New York”, and that could only lead in one direction, if it should reflect life in common.

Lovely Danish actress Helle Virkner spanked in pyjama, by the most popular Danish actor ever, Dirch Passer. Later on, she was married to the Danish prime minister Jens Otto Krag, and they lived happily ever after. I guess, that this context is also a contributory reason why Danish movies could be rather shameless when it came to spankings.

In another movie, which titel can’t be translated from “Poeten og Lillemor og Lotte”, Dirch Passer gave the cute hottie Judy Gringer what’s called a GOOD spanking. She considers to participate in a beauty contest, but doesn’t because of her husband, who she therefore later blames, that he has ruined her life. That does it.

Well, when it comes to Danish actresses, I can’t help being a true patriot. Denmark has, and has always had, some of the most sparkling actresses in the world. You might soon see Laura Christensen in a James Bond movie – but ’til then, you can see her here, in an advertisement, and from behind in “Midsommer”, – and Iben Hjejle is already an international star.

Earlier, it was girls like Berrit Kvorning and Hanne Borchsenius, who took our breath away. Actually, lovely danish actress Berrit Kvorning nearly gave some a heart attack in “Girls in the Army 2”. Story is, that she has bought an expensive dress, and when showing it to her husband, he teases her by saying: “You’re spending too much money.” She replies: “Uhm .. nice!” As acting very seductive. Danish actor Klaus Pagh ain’t late to catch the ball: “You’ll soon get a spanking.” She replies with a sugar voice: “Yes, please.” Whereafter he chases her round the table – and catches her.

Hanne Borchsenius showed all her talents in “The village doctor”, when teasing the doctor by swimming naked to his boat to give him an invitation. In “Martha”, she plays a spoiled brat, and that becomes too much for a sailor, played by one of Danish acting’s greatest personalities, and one of our funniest comedians, too, Morten Grundwald.

With 6 movies named after Zodiac signs, the Danish movie industry proofed, that it was possible to combine the sweet and the fun, as in the bedside movies, with hardcore porn. “In the Sign of Lion” – I’m a double Lion, by the way – there’s even two spanking scenes.

“The chronically innocent” by Rifbjerg, must be the most read novel in Denmark ever, and it couldn’t be honoured more with a movie based on the book, than it’s done by making Thomas Algren spank Simone Bendix for teasing him with a pillow. Why? Because it was the nearest they got to become lovers, and they really needed to loose their innocence. It’s a sad story, but there was hope in the movie.

3 Responses to “Mainstream spankings in Danish cinema”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    So are you blogging from Denmark then, Damien?

    “To spank or not to spank” — the handprints of Denmark

    Sounds from your report like Danes have done some credible spanking scenes in mainstream cinema. Are there any clips out there you could point us to?

    My knowledge of Danish cinema is pretty much limited to wierdos like Lars von Trier. I’d say he has the requisite “darkness” to do spanking, but the only spanking reference I’ve seen in his oeuvre was in Dogville.

    Still, his Dancer in the Dark was definitely sadistic. I wonder if Bjork has forgiven him for that yet.

    And “The Idiots” was surely a barrel of laughs.

  2. 2 DJ

    Unless there is something London in the state of Denmark – sorry – then no!

    I just slog away here in Blighty’s capital.

    The article is not mine I just stumbled upon it and excerpted the relevent bits.

    Your knowledge of Danish cinema is probablt better than mine.


  3. Those spanking photo’s, show some beautiful feminine ‘danish pastries’, being spanked. Yes I would love to give these naughty feminine beauties, ‘six of the best’, six of the very best with my cane on their voluptuos naked rear ends.

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