The Academy: a guide


One of the challenges of writing spanking fiction is that both writer and the reader have to believe it. The hardest fiction to write therefore is that with a contemporary setting.

A vehicle to overcome this challenge is to set stories either in the past or the future. Historical fiction in this genre is always popular it seems but Sci-Fi is often rather less so. Sci-Fi and spanking stories have challenges of their own but nevertheless a few months back it was suggested that after a couple of unpopular attempts A Voice would address these challenges and have another go.

The 16 February saw the launch of The Academy series, a departure from much of the fiction on this site, as it is often non-linear and the narrative has fast overlapping approach.

It may be just a coincidence but visitor traffic to the site has almost doubled in that period although virtually no one has commented on The Academy itself. Is this just shock and awe or is the rise in traffic due to the site restructure that happened around the same time? The Academy includes the longest ever post for this blog, one at almost 10,000 words, almost a novella in its own right, so this is a challenging read.

Anyway as The Academy was an unannounced experiment and many people may have been lost, especially if they came to it late. Although the stories themselves can be taken in any order as they are designed to be stand-alone, there is a rough chronology. Here is a brief description of The Academy world and an ‘episode list.’

The story is set at an unspecified time in the future, although our world is a vague memory of some of the older characters in our story. The world has experienced a series of natural and environmental disasters that have altered the political, social and physical landscape. Only one in four of the world’s population is male and half the people in the world are either refugees or struggling to keep their daughters out of the girl gangs.

Most young women are either part of the black economy, usually as a gang member, or live in extended families with a kind of delayed adulthood to contend with.

The Academy is an institute that originally was a college for refugees to help preserve the accumulated human wisdom, but in more recent times is a place where young women between 19 and 25 can get a second chance.

The Academy rules (chronologically first)

The Academy: A Day in the Life of Felix Bastion

The Academy: a new life for the new girls

The Academy: you may stumble but you will not fall

The Academy: bend not with the wind and you may break

The Academy: come into my parlour

The Academy: Pleasen the president’s daughter (chronologically second)

The Academy: reckonings and consequences

The Academy: the thick plottens

The Academy: pay and display

The Academy: confrontations and realisations

The Academy: new ideas for new identities

The Academy: four for a five

The Academy: the cuckoo in the nest

The Academy: the cloak and the dagger

The Academy: a family reunion


The Academy Dramatis Personae

Senior Staff
The Head, Felix Bastion
The Founder, Emily Bastion (deceased)
Deputy Head, Senior Science teacher, Jane Gold
Head of Humanities, Madeline Parker
Head of Languages, Amelia Rochester
Head of Sport, Sam (Samantha) White

Other Staff (not a full list)
Alice Augur, Mr Bastion’s secretary
Major Grant, Head of Security
Mrs Partridge, retired teacher now gatekeeper
Tracy Raymond, housemother
Smith, JCR Steward

Teachers (not a full list)
Ms Stone, Heart-of-Stone, new girls’ mentor
Andrea Thompson, new teacher
Sarah Grey, mentor and geography teacher
Elisabeth Anderson, history teacher
Margaret Paxton, IT teacher
Ms Brand, English teacher

Student teachers
Sally Beaumont, mentored by Jane
Edith ‘Eddie’ Bowman, mentored Sam
Sondra Hicks, mentored by Madeline
Sylvie Lang, mentored by Amelia

Sister’s of the Sacred Revenge (SSR)
Rachel Vane
Jenny Simms
Rebecca West
Jade van de Pole

Other Senior Students
Nancy Baker
Kathy Brown, mentored by Madeline and a prospective student teacher

Junior Students
Clare Solomon
Mary James
Christine Evans
Tracy Blake
Christina Daniels

Ms Stone’s mentored
Jenny Hale
Caledonia Phillips, Cally
Catherine Smart, Kate
Anne Johns, Annie
Wilma West, Billie
Lilly Tailor

Sarah Grey’s mentored
Daisy Miller
Jade van de Pole

The Skaggs, an enemy coalition
Central Command, the military HQ
CCI, Central Command Intelligence, sinister and shadowy
The Militia, local guards and security
The Fall, an event that changed the world

8 Responses to “The Academy: a guide”

  1. 1 opsimath

    Hi there – I have been a lurker here for quite some time now and have been deeply impressed by the quality of the “Academy” stories. The thought that they may become an even larger corpus of work is one that thrills me with its possibilities, for which many thanks.

    I do believe that setting out a dramatis personae is an excellent idea for what promises to be a work of considerable length and complexity and I look forwrad eagerly to finding out which direction this work takes next.

    Again, very well done – thank you!

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    An interesting paradox that — the traffic surge and not many comments. Are readers being left speechless by your foray into speculative fiction? That seems a likely explanation.

    Some intriguing premises, and of course the freedom of “who knows what could happen” in the future time setting. Still, it’s not so far off in time that readers have trouble connecting.

    Good idea though to provide this little readers guide to the series in progress.

  3. 3 paul1510

    DJ, I very much enjoy this series, I may even have commented a couple of times.
    I easily connect with sci fi.

    • 4 DJ

      Yes so has Karl I wasn’t fishing lol 🙂


      Its just that I noticed I have averaged 2.5 comments per post and the last month there have not been so many – but the stats are high – I wa scurious


  4. 5 Kate

    I found the site via the Spanking Universe originally, but I couldn’t remember what it was called, so it took me a while to wander back. I am enjoying the academy quite a bit…though there are an awful lot of characters to follow. I’m also enjoying your other posts, that I am slowly catching up on.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. 6 Jill

    I just happened to come across this site, started reading your story, and was hooked! What a fantastic piece of writing. I look forward to many more entries!

  6. 7 Tanya

    This is a wonderful series 🙂 The quality of your writing I excellent.

    I’ve started exploring your other stories as well. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    From a fan in Southeast Asia (LOL)

  7. 8 Kevin

    What happened to all the stories?

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