Letters to my Governess


! A governess3

The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

I see that you at least learned something and it was after all just a small slip. But do remember to address the world with confidence and own the truth. As you know I cannot stand meek and retiring women. You are no longer the child you once were and have been a married woman, but I have been called upon by husbands as well as fathers to deal with married women before, even mothers. So be thankful that I am your friend and no longer your governess. After all you are not too old to go over my knee.

As for Brunhilde and her sisters, well such tales will keep until we meet. Do you yet have any dates to suggest?

Yours Jane,
Clifton November 1891


Dear Miss Carlisle or may I call you Miss Jane?

I thank you for your understanding and I quite agree on all you said. Most especially with the very last point you made. I am so glad you call me a friend; you do not know how happy that makes me.

You have no idea how much I look forward to hearing of your adventures. Is it true that married women are often spanked? Are they also birched or caned? Is this common in Germany?

What about women who were once married but may now be widowed? Are they ever spanked and are any concessions ever made for their experience? After all you cannot possibly mean that a matron, even a fairly young one such as I should be in anyway disrobed or such an operation?

As for dates, well I see very few people here at Darnley, you may come any time. I wonder if the weekend next would suit you? If you wish to come for lunch on Friday or even the night before; then that would be for all the better. My carriage can pick you up from the station and deliver you back on Monday morning.

Yours hopefully Amelia,
Darnley, November 1891

To be continued

2 Responses to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. 1 Eric

    I hope you post longer parts of this, really enjoying this series. E

    • 2 DJ

      I get your point – but having established the relationship it supposed to read like an episodic correspondence.

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