Vintage Sunday


A Mixed bag this week. Woodstock from the 1960s, a 1970s images with 1940, 1890 and 1930.

2 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. 1 Rikki Abe

    Nice pics. But a small correction. That’s not Woodstock in the 60s. In that year, men’s hair was much longer and their shorts shorter and women’s g-string bottoms like that had not been invented.

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Rikki,

      You may be right – the picture might have been mislabelled. However, the hair is not a definitive indicator – short hair on men did persist into this time but looking again – apart from the man with mutton chops – there does seem to be a dearth of the usual styles.

      Now the G-String argument has been had here before and opinion has been divided – looking at the picture it is not necessarily bikinis but may be brief underwear pulled up tight.

      On balance it is more likely to be a 1980s Frat/sorority bash


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