Letters to My Governess


! A governess4b

The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

You most assuredly may not call me Miss Jane. As your former governess I may permit some familiarity at your concession; that is only appropriate. But to allow reciprocation undermines the difference in our station. Again you may be thankful that I am not engaged professionally in your regard.

The arrangements are made and I look forward to seeing you. For your interest I shall bring certain items that may go some way to answering your curiosity.

For now I will say that a spanking, or any other such operation is rarely effective if not carried out on the completely denuded posterior of a girl of any age. I do mean any age, whether they be widows, mothers, daughters or wives. As I have said, there is nothing so good for a girl as a thoroughly sound spanking on the bare bottom. As you can imagine this is especially effective for a haughty matron to be taken down a peg or indeed many.

The just correction of wives is more common than you might guess and I would be surprised if your late husband did not take you in hand from time to time. If not then may I venture that your domestic arrangements were sadly deficient. In other households usually it is the husband who addresses himself to such matters, but where this is not possible, perhaps through absence or infirmity, perhaps then the task can be delegated.

A certain duchess of my acquaintance regularly submits to a very good thrashing at the hands of a senior groom in her husband’s household. She is now above 40, but her husband being more than 30 years her senior… well you understand.

The operation is all very discreet and when needed her grace takes care to slip away to a quiet corner of the estate for her submissions. Once upon a time she was adamantly resistant to baring her bottom to receive the strap, cane and more often the birch. Now as a more mature woman she finds it altogether cleansing for the soul. Although I most own that she cannot sit a horse for a week or two afterwards or sit upon anything for three or four days and only then with the aid of a cushion.

I know of this state of affairs after I was engaged some years ago to deal with a giddy niece of hers. The niece, although of marriageable age, defiantly spent her time with a bohemian set until she was compelled to submit to my guidance. It took almost a year to tame the girl, but tame her I did. In the end she would willing and respectfully fetch a stout hall brush and request a sound bare bottom spanking, all at my slightest suggestion. The alternatives were quite challenging you see.

I shall tell you more of this and other tales when we meet.

Yours Jane Carlisle,
Clifton November 1891


My Dear Miss Carlisle,

I most humbly apologise for my slip and I see that I have strayed far from your lessons. Perhaps you will have work to do after all. Of course I speak in jest.

However, on the subject of your professional services I might have more to say. Since first writing to you I have heard things about my neighbours ward. A comely girl of 19 or 20, I forget which. She has rejected many suitors and now proposes to set up as a photographer. She has no means, although her guardian is an earl.

I will say no more for now. Your wise words about widows, matrons and duchesses have been turning and tumbling through my mind and I have scarce been able to sleep. I cannot wait for your arrival and to see what you are bringing.

I look forward to your visit.

Yours very humbly,


To be continued

2 Responses to “Letters to My Governess”

  1. 1 Mark

    A wonderful lead into what we all hope will develop into a great serial, thank you.

  2. 2 Edward

    Just found this blog and see you have books.I love your writing style and will source your books to purchase.I love the Governess years punishments.

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