A Western Switching


Godless switch06Godless switch05Godless switch04Godless switch02Godless switch01While we were on sabbatical I watched a great western mini-series on Netflix called Godless. I won’t go into the ins and out of the story here, it is essentially about a mining town populated by widows who are at the mercy of unscrupulous business men and a gang of bandits out for revenge.

Michele Dockerty (Downtown Abbey) plays a strong lead as another widow who owns a nearby ranch and Jeff Daniels is the chief villain.

One of the sub-plots involves a romance between the town’s deputy played by Thomas Sangster (Love Actually and Game of Thrones) and the young adult daughter of a Buffalo Soldier played by Jessica Sula, a young black Welsh actress previously known from the UK TV series Skins.

When her father finds out she has not only kissed the white gun-slinging deputy, but offers to bath him he sees the danger to her reputation and her life given the redneck nature of many of the characters. He forbids them to see one another and in the subsequent scene her gives her a bare bottom switching on the front porch.

It is quite a long scene and seen from the point of view of Sangster who contemplates some violent intervention and handled realistically.

4 Responses to “A Western Switching”

  1. 1 Pecan nutjob

    Wonderful ! Any link to a little clip of this scene ?

  2. 2 DJ

    Thanks Pecan
    I have not seen one – these are my own screen captures from Netflix – i have barely seen a reference to this scene anywhere – hence my posting old news.


  3. Loved this scene! It was so unexpected!

    • 4 DJ

      Yes it was – and in the previous scene the father pretty much made the next time I won’t be so understanding speech and I thought in the real world at this time she would be for it and what a pity the realism of this series wouldn’t extend to that. Then bam – cut to this!

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