Weekly Round-Up


wr zFirmHand wr tumblr_nw6fd5PLwT1ucojabo1_500 wr tumblr_nvznlw6hVs1rx2ux5o1_1280 wr tumblr_mho0s2yKWn1s04qjto1_500 wr Silent-Desires-32-630x350 wr PUNISSHED-BRATS-SPANKING-541x1024 wr Nude-Girl-Spanked-with-a-Carpet-Beater wr naughty-girl-ass w 13183_032It is a busy week and I am on the road again. To add to this complication I am not sure I am getting any email. After three days of no emails at all I ran a test that took two days to get to me. These things happen but I thought it worth mentioning in case you have contacted me and I haven’t replied. I got a small flurry over the weekend, but I am not sure when they were sent.

This week’s round-up consists almost entirely of images taken mainly from: About Spanking, All Things Spanking, Real Spankings, Able, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie, Spanking StarletsSinn Sage and the Spanking Blogg.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Bottoms at all levels of spanking caning beaten with what ever The stories behind all these bottoms I am sure happened in real life in the world somewhere. You so naturally bring them alive in the sharing of your stories As indeed to many in the telling of their discipline by who ever felt they needed a spanking caning paddling.

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