Vintage Sunday


vin sun4 vin sun3 vin sun2 vin sun1

4 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. good pictures, they truly are of the vintage generation, bottoms all so unique I am not for the tieing down for a thrashing or spanking. Not real and unfair to the receiver. obedience and doing what one is told or ordered like come here, bend over, touch your toes etc. That one master is a bit too pervy for my liking studying her bottom and naughties a bit too much. 3 top bottoms beautiful and clear. the hand saving her poor cheeks is natural

    • DJ another one well done and the pictures are great too plus the way they are positioned for their spankings when they get punished by whomever and then should be put in the corner for30-45 minutes with their nose to the corner.

  1. 1 Our spanking blog – Less Than Three » Birch and roses

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