Swish, Twack!


indigo2swish2_200LSF have published another story collection of mine. As usual I am obliged to tell you details as follows.

A Modern Education: When Rosalyn Beauchamp goes to see her step-daughter’s housemaster, she feels as if she herself is back in school. And, indeed, she soon finds herself bent over for the cane.

Sophie’s Sacrifice: Sophie didn’t care about being excluded from school until she suddenly realised how much her parents had given up for her to be there. She then vows to make it right by accepting a bare bottom caning from the headmaster.

Curiosity Caned the Kat: New girl, Domino, attracts the attention of Angel, particularly when she chooses to cross the school quad, an offence punishable by caning. After Domino has been caned, this is soon followed by the punishment of Angel herself. Meanwhile, young teacher Kat is most intrigued to discover what a caning feels like…

An Imitation of Art: Three pretty girl students attend a BDSM fair out of curiosity which ultimately leads to all three of them receiving their first bare bottom caning.

Switch: Linda is attending a BDSM party with her female slave when she finds herself strongly attracted to another girl secured to a chain by an elegant looking man. Invited back to his place, she finds herself tricked into receiving six of the best.

Another Time and Place: College director, Mr Cohen, is somewhat surprised when rebellious Miss Anwar bursts into his office, intending to remonstrate with him. But the tables are soon turned and she finds herself being subjected to a bare bottom caning.

The Grand Stand: Daniel, the editor of an erotic magazine accuses journalist, Ellen, of not understanding the ‘kinky stuff’. In order to prove herself, she offers to be punished if she fails to complete her interview for the forthcoming edition…

Yvonne: Yvonne receives a quite thorough caning from the headmaster but when another teacher unexpectedly witnesses her punishment, he can’t recall the school having a student by that name…

Wayward Wren: Audrey Coleman has enlisted in the Women’s Royal Navy Service against her husband’s wishes. She reports for duty a day late and lacks the respectful attitude expected of an officer cadet. Audrey is told to report to the Commander’s office, where she receives fifteen strokes of the cane.

You can buy it here.

4 Responses to “Swish, Twack!”

  1. reading the meaning behind the headings of your stories I am certain happened in reality because you bring such to real life and leave my imagination present at the real as well as the fiction. your own experience and hearing of so many stories reading through the comments likeminded people leave after your page Yes, you have the gift of making real life spanking ”Swish. Twack” fully alive to the reader.

    • 2 DJ

      Actually some of these stories are at least loosely based on real events – but not necessarily events that directly involved me.

  2. 3 Peter

    What a fantastic book. All those stories about my favourite implement…the cane. It has such a distinctive sound. Thank you

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