Weekly Round-Up


!wr 2aaa !wr 288 !wr aufils !wr crk34__8_ !wr hunter_vs_rogue_spanking_by_sgratt !wr tumblr_njygd59v3k1r3bw1bo1_1280Getting back and catching up, hmmm seems we have been here before.

There has been much going on while I was away, but I don’t intend to rehash too much. Backlash seems to be gaining support, but I couldn’t find a central website outlining the issues or the campaign – maybe someone could get on that? My professional services are available.

But I was pleased to see that Amelia (in her Ariel guise) and her husband (Hywel) at Restrained Elegance have released a free ‘protest’ video featuring a judicial caning. Thanks to MarQue for the heads up.

Revues of 50 Shades have also hit Spankville. The BBC even approached me for my views and a contribution to Women’s Hour. Everyone is getting quite excited. Here is a revue by a professional dominatrix on the Daily Beast found via All Things Spanking and Chross has a review of sorts and if I ever see it I will comment then. The consensus seems to be that it is slightly better than the book, but many controversial scenes were cut. I am not hopeful.

The images above were taken from: Cutiepie, Able, Acknowledging Imperfection, Au Fils Des Jours, Less Than Three and Yeowch.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 George

    I am glad you are back, I missed you. The ‘protest’ video is intense.

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