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Part One here In the morning it rained. Not so much just felines and co, but elephants and hippos. Susan cursed the longer bus queues and the overcrowding. Not that she needed a seat. After her meeting with Mr Barrington the last thing she wanted to do was sit down. In fact it wouldn’t have […]

Rosalind yawned, her striking hazel eyes widening and ran her hands through her half-secured wayward strawberry blonde hair. To an outsider she was pretty and filled out her clothes well, but she carried herself with careless confidence and cared little for such things. She was supposed to be a manager, but she hated it. Just […]

“He’s not joking you know,” Camilla said in a clipped public school tone without looking up from the laptop cradled in her thighs. She sat cross legged on the couch outside Braden’s office furiously typing. Camilla was around 23 and very pretty in a bookish way; her heavy spectacles and serious manner completely at odds […]

The Grand Stand


“You’re both nuts,” Ellen dismissed them with an imperious snort. “It’s just a life-style,” Carrie shrugged, “Why are you so… down on it?” Daniel looked up from his desk and peered at them both over the rim of his reading specs. He was marginally surprised that Carrie had the confidence to answer the older woman […]

Eloise felt as if she were falling; the tingle of excitement in her belly almost painful. Her breath was so short that she had begun to feel lightheaded. She smoothed down the front of her dark grey business suit, enjoying the sensation of pressure against her sensitive thighs and her sex, assailed, as she was, […]



The hallway at the back of the club leading to Mr Winter’s office was lit by only one 60 watt light bulb high up in the ceiling. This had the effect of casting a pall of yellow-grey light over everything and made even the most innocent of shadows look as if they hid some unnamed […]