The Taming of Amanda Moore


amanda mooreIf she were honest with herself she knew exactly why she was going to see Tom Halleck. But Amanda Moore hadn’t got where she was today by deploying overmuch introspection. Who the hell did he think he was anyway? What with his oh so perfect life and gym-sculptured body and what was it with those piercing dark eyes that followed a girl around the room?

The car decelerated hard at the bend under the mountain and she almost missed the turn into the Halleck House. Damn, I always drive too fast when I am mad, she cursed, but quickly supressed the thought. It was way too much like introspection and anyway she hated being wrong about anything.

The car door slamming was enough to rouse the ancient and long dead inhabitants of the old house, so it was a given that even from his desk in the turret tower Tom Halleck heard it. He stood up and casually strolled to the window to look down. He wasn’t at all surprised to see the latest livewire to hit the valley; a showdown with Amanda Moore had been inevitable sooner or later. He sighed.

Amanda was one of those women used to getting what she wanted and did think too much about the consequences of how she got it. In her mid-30s she was still young enough to be invincible but experienced enough to handle herself.

Tom weighed her up from the window and tried to judge her mood. Somewhat short in stature the curvy redhead made up for it with sound and fury.

Below someone else must have heard the car for she was admitted at once and by the time he got down to the library she was waiting.

“Nice day isn’t it?” Tom said breezily as he sauntered into the room. A comment that was belied the great fire burning in the grate.

“The town council refused my planning permission,” Amanda accused without preamble.

Tom’s eyes narrowed.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” she snapped, “I know you ‘handled’ them.”

“How astute of you,” Tom replied, “Did you work that out before or after I told you I was going to use all my influence against you?”

Amanda opened her mouth to begin her next tirade but with his ready admission her next words were now redundant.

“The valley doesn’t need a golf course or a modern hotel. The sort of people it would attract wouldn’t appreciate the valley or invest very much in the town,” Tom said sharply. “No one here wanted it, I merely spoke up for everyone and cut a few corners. You can appeal of course? The county authorities or the people at the National Park Commission may take a different view.”

Amanda gave the look of a thousand daggers, her eyes narrowed to slits and she folded her arms.

“I suppose you have influence there too,” she accused him.

Tom shrugged.

“Okay, how much?” she said wearily.

Tom frowned.

“Let’s pretend my various business interests did turn over almost a billion pounds last year and let’s imagine that my people haven’t been living in this valley since before records began and that you could afford it. What makes you think you could buy me?” he said, a hint of anger creeping into his tone for the first time.

“Come on, come on, you landed types always have a price, if not money then what?” Amanda said silkily as an arrogant smile played about her full rich red lips.

“Ms Moore, has anyone ever taken you across their knee and given you a very sound bare bottomed spanking?” he asked matter-of-factly.

Amanda’s eyes widened and she licked her lips. Was it nerves? She had heard about Tom Halleck’s reputation and suddenly she felt an odd pang.

“That, Mr Halleck, is none of your business and you won’t get very far threatening me,” she challenged him.

“Oh that isn’t a threat Ms Moore… more of a…” he smiled and shrugged, “promise, shall we say.”

She snorted down her nose and gave him a look usually reserved for waiters.

“You wouldn’t dare Halleck and let’s not pretend otherwise,” she said fiercely.

Tom nodded and made a purse of his lips. He hadn’t shaved that morning and the shadow gave him a hard edge. The jacket was heavy and expensive so he hung carefully over the back of a chair. An act Amanda appeared to miss while she continued with her tirade. Next he unbuttoned his cuffs to roll up his sleeves, first left and then right.

“What are you doing?” she asked finally noticing.

“You know exactly what I am doing,” Tom said sharply.

“Oh no… y-you wouldn’t dare,” she repeated and suddenly she made to flee.

He caught her easily and swung her around as he sat in a green leather couch under the window. Her well-filled business trousers domed up in his lap and he gave her bottom a pat.

“Ms Moore, I am going to give you the spanking of your life,” he said darkly.

His hand landed with a heavy crack and she yelled. But as he repeated the slap she realised that one of the staff might hear her and come running in so she clamped her jaw shut as he began a serious onslaught. But that didn’t stop her bucking and kicking for the next few minutes as he lit quite a blaze in her behind.

Eventually the frantic heavy breathing gave way to a low mewling and she began blurting indistinct words.

“Had enough yet?” Tom asked her.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Are you ready to apologise?” he pressed her.

“What? Ahhh, please,” she squealed.

He spanked her again soundly and then raised the tempo for a long hard volley.

“Look… Tom… ahh… I’m sorry, alright, I’m sorry…” she wailed.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he chuckled.

“I said I’m sorry,” she whined, her voice a bit damp now.

“Tell me you are going to be a good girl,” he insisted.

“I’ll be a good girl,” she spat angrily.

“Tsk,” he sighed and continued spanking her hard.

“Please…” she gasped and struggled vigorously against his restraining grip.

“Say, ‘Amanda will be a good girl,’” he teased.

The spanking was relentless now and her bottom was as hot as the coal burning in the grate.

Amanda spluttered close to sobbing and blurted an incoherent, “’Manda a good girl.”

“Say it,” he barked, really spanking her now, “Or I will take your pants and trousers down and really give you a workout.”

“Amanda will be a good girl… please,” she sobbed.

Tom gave her a few more slaps and then reluctantly set her on her feet.

Amanda blushing glowered at the floor as she rubbed her bottom.

“Sorry,” she said meekly. At that moment she was certain that she would never sit down again.

“Not what you expecting was it?” he laughed.

Amanda bit her lip shyly and peeked at him from under a cascade of long red hair.

“I think maybe it was,” she admitted, “Your reputation precedes you rather.”

Tom laughed a deep and rich laugh and she joined in.

“Can I offer you a drink?” he said at last.

“I think I rather need one,” she giggled.

4 Responses to “The Taming of Amanda Moore”

  1. 1 Paisley

    Not your best work but still enjoyable.

  2. Great story.

  3. Loved it. 🙂

  4. 4 Raffe

    Oh thank you for posting such lovely and short stories. I know there is a lot of time this time of the year, so I appreciate the posting.

    Happy holidays

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