Happy but frozen New Year


198276_ The boiler has died and sitting in the attic to write is untenable. Hopefully it will be fixed in time for the weekend and the pipes won’t freeze.

7 Responses to “Happy but frozen New Year”

  1. Happy New Year

  2. 2 Harry

    This pic reminds me not to eat the yellow snow.

  3. 3 Blondie

    Happy New Year

  4. 4 bob washburn

    Your not alone mate, mine given up the ghost too.

  5. Happy New Year to all spankos.
    I wanted to let you all know, those of you who may be interested that I have launched a new forum Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking II at http://www.voy.com/243310/ because the old Sometimes A Girl (www.voy.com/214955/) was getting too full and I am hoping to save the old threads before they disappear.

    You guys in London think you’re cold, try living in America’s upper mid west. It’s so cold my paddle turned into an ice sheet next to the furnace.

  6. 6 DJ

    Happy New Year

  7. I like the picture in the snow and like everybodys reponses too.

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