Dear Santa: a letter from Indigo Sigh


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Dear Father Christmas,

You may have heard some things about me. I suspect all of them were based on hearsay and rumour mongering and, as an ambassador for truth, I am here to put you right.

You may have heard that I have not been what is commonly described as a ‘good girl’ this year. This causes me some concern as I feel I may have been misrepresented.

For example, you may have heard that sometimes I am not the girl to heed to warnings. I think someone of your great experience would understand that the words, “If you do that again I will spank you until you cry” sound a great deal like, “Please do that again or I will spank you until you cry.”

It is simply not my fault that a warning sounds like an invitation. It is human behaviour 101 to push that limit and giggle as I do so.

You may also have heard that I may be the girl who makes a mess of the whole house when her boyfriend is away. It is just that there are so many adventures to be had, films to watch, baths to take and friends to ring that tidying up and cleaning is last on a busy girl’s list. I am sure you will be more understanding than my boyfriend who takes one look at the dishes in the sink or the clothes on the bedroom floor and looks at me hard while sliding his belt through the loops of his jeans.

I was not built to be good, Santa, I was built for mischief and naughtiness.

But for each of my tiny, cheeky acts I have paid the price and in full. I have been told off this year, I have been spanked; I have been bent over tables, beds, his lap and even sofas. I have been told off, walloped, whipped and caned and so many other awful things that your heart would simply break if I told you all I had suffered.

Santa, when you consider all of this you will realise that I am more deserving than the girls who are dull and predictable. I have given great joy to my boyfriend and all my perceived naughtiness was really just to help him express himself and give vent to his terrible needs to do bad things.

I saved him from himself.

I am sure you can see now that I am the very best of girls and I look forward to a great big bag of goodies when you come to call.

Lots of love


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PS If there are any other girls out there who need a letter for Santa feel free to borrow this one. We are all in this together and must keep our stories straight tell the truth of our goodness as one so that we are properly understood.

8 Responses to “Dear Santa: a letter from Indigo Sigh”

  1. I agree! I hope Indigo gets all the presents 🙂 Life would be boring with a good girl.

  2. 2 cindy2

    Oh my! She is a good girl but is chastised because she intentionally messes up the house so that when her boyfriend appears, he will slip his leather belt out of the belt loops and apply the strap to her tender bottom cheeks. She doesn’t want such punishment, she professes unconvincingly. She only screws up to give her boyfriend the excuse he needs to punish her. I do hope Santa will take pity on her and give her lots of goodies–including perhaps a new strap for her boyfriend to use on her bottom. Perhaps she needs to proof read what she writes. The proof of her sweet deceit is contained in the strikethrough that was carelessly not removed after the proofing. Perhaps she intentionally failed to remove the strikethrough? Can that be?

  3. Merry Christmas, Indigo. I’m sure Santa understands completely, after all, I’m sure he has had quite the lovely chat with your boyfriend. 🙂

  4. Oh, Indigo, I do hope that Santa rewards your self-sacrifice appropriately!

  5. 5 Mark

    If somehow she’d never managed to get spanked, that would not have made her a “good girl,” nor even appreciated.

    She should be rewarded for managing to get all that spanking — even more than the spanking rewarded her already.

    I’m sure boyfriend will see to that too, as he did the other matter, but Santa must see it in this light as well.

  6. I would be shocked if Santa didn’t bring you a big bag of perfume, lotions, beautiful knickers and soft jammies to sleep in. On your tummy, probably, but that’s not Santa’s fault. (*looking meaningfully at DJ*)

  7. What an excellent letter! I’m sure Santa must have rewarded you as you so clearly deserved.


  8. Lovely letter, Indigo. I’m sure he’ll understand, and never give you anything spanking related ever again. You are a very persuasive writer.

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