Noises off


Abbie gets the strapThis Abbie and Slats cartoon was provided by Tiptopper.

Abbie and Slats was a US comic strip created by Raeburn Van Buren that ran from 1937 until the 1970s. Apparently Abbie (pictured above) was quite a brat and received several spankings over the years from her father and Slats himslef.

The strip would have appeared in its entirety as a United Feature Syndicate in various newspapers across America. This one has been cut in two and squared off to make it fit and still be readable.

5 Responses to “Noises off”

  1. DJ,
    It would have been nice to see these strips over here.
    Still there were more than enough spankings in the Beano and Dandy.
    Have you thought of doing a post om those comics?

  2. 2 JIm

    i did not think Abbie was a girl i thought the strip was about 2 army buddies; there was lots of spanking in the series and for more comic strip spanking in this vein you might check Chicago Spanking Review as it does have a large database of comic strip spanking although nothing about beano and dandy as they were kid strips. have a good day

    • 3 DJ

      Perhaps you are right – I am not very familiar with this cartoon series – but I did do a smidge of research and that was the ‘impression’ I had.

      Maybe someone knows (or do you) and you ae politely telling us. 🙂



  3. 4 JIm

    evidently i was mistaken about it being about 2 army buddies, but 2 cousins.the woman is not abbie just another charactor in the series. this was the 4th spanking in the series although not as good as some of the others as this one was a heard spanking not a seen spanking and i would of liked to have seen her otk, but such are the nature of the strips. To the best of my knowledge Abbie herself was never spanked, but her kid sister was once and another woman charactor that was not related to the cousins was another and i think there was another one, but i am not sure about it.

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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