Spanking and the view from the South


a southern exposureIn case you missed here is a story from the South African Star from a few days ago. It began:

Suddenly spanking seems to be everywhere – in movies, on TV (there have been scenes in Desperate Housewives and CSI, among others) and in romance novels (even the proper queen of historical romance, Johanna Lindsey, included a spanking scene in her book Keeper of the Heart).

Some of the best-selling books on Kindle aimed at women are futuristic or fantasy romances featuring brutish warriors or stone-cold cyborgs who soon have the heroine over their knees. Laurann Dohner, Michelle M Pillow and Mandy M Roth are coining it, churning out male dominance shorts with titles such as The Barbarian Prince and Begging For It.

Haven’t heard of these books, but Johanna Lindsey used to include spankings in her books before the publisher made her take them out. It seems that E-Books and Kindle, which has broadened the market, are delivering what people really want.

The article tries to make the point that spanking is mainstream and also is not BDSM, but seems to forget the distinction halfway through. Still it must have been a slow news day or else maybe they are right.

The articles author spoke to several couples. This comment was spot on.

The anticipation is the worst and best part. “You can see the arm going up and you just know that in a second there is going to be searing pain going through your backside. My partner knows this, and he always builds the anticipation before every stroke,” says Cathy.

“That’s the beauty of a spanking. Loving and hating it. Dreading it and yearning for it. The anticipation and the satisfaction.”

The full article can be read here.

4 Responses to “Spanking and the view from the South”

  1. Well, nobody on this earth actually knows how many people are turned on by spanking because people have been too afraid to actually let anyone know about it. Over and over again we’ve seen movie and television depictions of S&M as the sport of the serial killer, of the Ted Bundy and the Richard Speck and the Son of Sam. Well maybe now, with the help of the world wide web, people are starting to figure out that it’s just a form of adult play and not a cover for deep hatred of women or men or the desire to do physical harm to anybody, which I would rather die than do. Who knows? Maybe lots of people are into spanking and cross-dressing etc. and the whole lot will become mainstream. I hope so. Maybe I will see a real Punishment Hotel one day.

  2. 2 Tiptopper

    That’s an excellent article from the South African Star.

    “That’s the beauty of a spanking. Loving and hating it. Dreading it and yearning for it. The anticipation and the satisfaction.”

    If you would like to see a video that illustrates that “loving it and hating it” at the same time, type “A schoolgirl gets a nice caning” into your browser.
    The girl’s reaction shows that she is in pain but as you continue to watch you will see by her involuntary physical signs that she is getting very sexually aroused. There is also another video that is a prequel to this one called “Skinny teen gets a spanking from her teacher” that shows the same thing but not as dramatically.

  3. My South African Star almost always gets thrown in the bushes by the newspaper boy, so I missed this one. I wonder if “suddenly spanking is everywhere” or if people who are attuned to spanking just notice it more. With the relaxing of standards (whose, I don’t know) in the media I think we’ll see more and more of everything.

    Not sure about the cross dressing, though, Otto. That may take a while longer.

  4. 4 DJ

    I noticed on Chross that All Things Spanking posted on this around the same time:

    if not a little before me.

    Great Minds. 🙂


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