Schoolgirl dreams


This blog concerns itself solely with the correction of grown-up young women but from time to time snippets cross the editors path that warrant a small glance.

Here a few random words, all on a theme.

To a UK woman’s magazine: “I was told off when I was 15 for being late to class. I was in a bad mood that day for some reason and I swore at the teacher for telling me off. This was the 1960s so I got sent to the headmistress. She had me bend over for three quick swishes of the cane to the seat of my skirt. It hurt and I cried. But to this day I have been sexually aroused by the thought of the cane or being punished.”

From the memoirs of Hannah Holcroft: “We had a governess of sorts, which was rather odd for the 1940s, I think grandmother arranged it, she being in charge while my parents were away on account of the war. She was quite old fashioned about some things.”

“Binns, Miss Binns, we were supposed to call her, used to spank my younger sisters and any complaints to grandmother were to no avail. ‘We got the stick in my day,’ was her stock reply. Binns used a slipper to the seat of the draws.”

“I recall playing tennis with some officers on leave, I was around 17 or 18, I think and we decided to go on somewhere. Binns was furious but I told her I couldn’t give a fig. I was seized roughly and turned about for a fast volley with the slipper across my behind. I protested that was too old, I think I said, ‘you can’t spank me like this,’ as you can tell I was far too big for my britches. Binns must have agreed with me because she lowered my draws and set about anew upon my naked bottom. She must have kept this up for quite some time because I wept considerably and my backside was all bruise the next day. I did not dare tell grandmother as I knew I was in the wrong.”

“Weeks later I was playing tennis again when Binns came for me in quite a paddy. ‘Come home with me at once,’ she ordered, in front of everyone too. At first I refused, but then she said, ‘here or at home?’ I knew what she meant and went willing after that. That evening she spanked me at length with a hairbrush applied to my bare bottom. Ever after, I could get tentative permission for most things as she would say if you do it there will be spankings. There always was worse luck. It became quite a game between us, but after a time I did not mind so much and quite missed her rough housing after mummy and daddy came home.”

“I only say this now as there has been quite a bit about me and my late husbands propensity to spank me. It was all at my insistence I assure you.”

Just for the record, does anyone know who Hannah Holcroft was or is?

A clip from a board by Ann of Texas: “We got paddled at school, everyone did, girls and boys. I hated it. I was scared before it happened, yelled my head off all through it and felt sore and humiliated afterwards. So when in bed at night I used to think about getting it bare and in front of boys I thought I was weird. Much later, I told my sorority sister this and she obliged. I was horrified until she I saw she enjoyed it. I called her a pervert and she said that made two of us and spanked me harder.”

“She always spanked me bare, she said it was our secret. I always cried and complained about it, but I always let her do it. I know other people knew about it because I was called before the disciplinary committee three times to asked about hazing. I never told so no action was taken. I think that they didn’t care as long as I kept my mouth shut.”


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  1. I have no idea who Hannah is but she does sound as though she would have been tremendous fun to know at school.

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