Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part eleven)


Lizzie Baines story starts here.

The spanking of the three bullies was something of a high point that week. The three of us enjoyed Amelia’s discomfort, safe in the knowledge that wild horses couldn’t drag an admission from her.

However, in the days that followed Cindy became increasingly morose. I was not to know it then, but this was to be a pattern with her. First, she would be fun loving and mischievous and then she would be down and convinced that she would never see Clark again.

“What can we do Mary?” I asked in despair.

“She has to go through it like you do, I guess.” Mary shrugged. “There is nothing for it.”

Then one day when most of the girls were out and only Cindy and I were with Ma I went to set out on one of my walks. I hadn’t gone a mile when I realised I had forgotten my purse so I returned to the house. I was about to enter the kitchen when I overheard a conversation.

“You have to snap out of it girl.” Ma was saying.

“But I miss him.” Cindy wailed.

“We all do.” Ma said patiently.

“I am the only one who is married to him.” Cindy snapped.

“Don’t take that tone with me.” Ma soothed.

“Just back off Ma.” I couldn’t see, but I could imagine Cindy’s pout.

“Do you want a spanking young lady?” Ma growled.

“No.” There was that pout again and Cindy hit a decidedly sullen note.

“Well you are going the right way about getting one.” Ma chided.

“I am not a child.” Cindy said in an unaltered tone.

“Well stop behaving like one. Clark has gone to the army like your father and his before him. That is all there is to it.”

“Oh Ma I don’t know where to be. I can’t stand it.” Cindy was in despair.

“Calm yourself down.” Ma scolded.

“I won’t calm down. Stop telling me that. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t…” Again, I could not see from beyond the room but I could imagine her stamping her foot as she said it.

“Lucinda Baines if you don’t stop that this instant I am going to give you a very sound spanking on your bare bottom.” Ma was losing patience.

I peeked around the door at this threat.

Cindy was staring at Ma with a look of defiance and loss.

“Ma.” Cindy bleated with such sadness.

Ma took two steps forward and took Cindy by the arm. I knew what was coming next. In a blink Cindy was over Ma’s knee with her skirts raised and her panties around her calves. I stifled a gasp at the sudden sight of the second best hiney in Louisiana, the best still being Mary’s in my opinion.

Ma’s hand swept down extracting an angry wail from her daughter and then a rapid hand spanking followed. I paused for a moment to watch the corrective crimson bloom on her tail and then backed up and slipped away.

I didn’t go far, I couldn’t resist it, but had the propriety, not to mention sense after the last time I was caught, to keep my distance. Instead, I sat on the porch and listened to Cindy’s spanking. Ma did a good job and Cindy was soon crying in blessed release. It was just what she needed.

Ma took a while but once it had stopped, I went to go back in. Ma and Cindy were hugging, although Cindy’s bottom was still bare. I turned to tip toe out again but Ma spoke.

“Its alright Lizzie you can come in now.”

“Me and Ma were just having a little chat.” Cindy smiled through her tears as she rearranged her clothes.

“I didn’t mean to intrude…” I began suddenly embarrassed and a little afraid that Ma may think me spying again.

“Its OK we’re done here aren’t we?” Ma said pleasantly.

“Yes Ma.” Cindy said meekly.


“Amelia Baines come here.” Ma called.

My ears pricked up at this. I knew from Ma’s tone that my youngest sister-in-law was in trouble.

“Ma?” Amelia said nervously.

“I was speaking to Marcy’s mother the other day.” Ma said simply.

Amelia swallowed hard, her mouth forming an O as she considered her options.

“Did you? I haven’t seen her for a while.” She had decided to bluff it out, a wise choice I thought as the butterflies began in my own stomach. Amelia had nothing to lose if this conversation was going the way I thought it was.

“Yes it seems you and she together with Sue-Ellen were caught in some mischief.” Ma suggested casually.

Amelia clutched at the folds of her skirt and worked the material unconsciously through her clenching fists.

“Yes Marcy’s mother wanted me to pass on her thanks to your sisters for their timely intervention. It seems Marcy saw the error of her ways and confessed all.” Ma’s arms were folded and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair and looked sideways at Cindy. Cindy ignored me and kept her attention on Amelia.

“Well what have you to say?” Ma said as the storm clouds gathered in her voice.

“I…” Amelia looked at her shoes.

“Amelia.” Ma snapped. “What have you to say?”

“It was only… I mean Rosie Sanchez is such a… aw please Ma we were only kidding around.” Amelia was wringing her hands now and took a small step backwards away from Ma.

“Kidding around is it? I think you are a mean spirited girl and I have never been so ashamed of you.”

Amelia looked at her feet again and worked her mouth as if trying to say something that would dig her out of the hole she found herself in.

“Now you get outside and cut me three switches.” Ma growled.

Amelia looked up with a hint of defiance. Her eyes darted from Cindy and myself to Mary with a look that could definitely kill as the saying goes.

“Ma Cindy already…” She tried whined.

“I will come to that another time. It is your behaviour that is in question here and don’t you dare tell me that you have paid for your crime.” Ma pointed at the door that led the way to the aforementioned switches.

Cindy shrugged and smirked, but I was rather more apprehensive as Amelia trudged out with every fibre of her being screaming her resentment.

Amelia returned a fair while later having delayed presenting Ma with the switches for as long as possible. She glowered as her mother took them from her as if to say that this was all so unjust.

“I have a good mind to invite the Sanchezs over for this.” Ma said as she studied her daughter carefully. “All of them.”

Amelia visibly blanched at this and her eyes took on a pleading slant. Cindy later explained that Rose Sanchez had mainly teenaged brothers.

“Well I have a feeling she will hear all about this soon enough anyway and you won’t ever bully no other kid as long as you live.” Ma said taking Amelia firmly by the ear.

We all followed as Amelia was led out of the house protesting all the way. But Ma was in no mood for compromise and half dragged and half lifted Amelia by the ear as she strode up the lane.

“Oh heck she’s taking her to the turnpike.” Mary’s eyes went wide with realisation and she clapped a hand to her mouth.

Amelia must have realised it too because she began to struggle and whine.

“No Ma please do anything, but not this.” Amelia started to cry.

Ma didn’t reply but dragged her daughter on.

Amelia was wearing dungarees and by the time we reached the turnpike everywhere below her knees had become dusty from her struggles and feet-dragging.

The turnpike was an old crossroads where the farm track met the main road and crossed over the neighbouring farm. The neighbourhood kids could usually be heard screaming off nearby and every few minutes a car or truck would go by on its way to town.

“Please Ma please no.” Amelia pleaded.

Mary was licking her lips and Cindy had a definite look in her eye.

“She wouldn’t would she?” I whispered.

“You bet.” Cindy leered.

“But…” I was horrified. Ok so Amelia probably had a lot coming and if our places were reversed she would be beside herself with glee. But at that moment that was the point, what if it was us next.

I suggested this to Cindy later, but all she said was ‘its gotta happen sometime to someone, just be glad that this time it happened to a more deserving person than you.’

Despite my reservation I cannot deny that even at the time I was rather light-headed and overwhelmed with some feelings that were perhaps more appropriate for a honeymoon.

Ma ordered her daughter to unhook her dungarees but Amelia refused. She just tried to pull away as she looked frantically around for any other witness.

“Ma. Ma please. I’ll cut a whole parcel of switches and you can skin my hiney all week.” She remonstrated.

Ma sighed deeply and sat down on a wide tree stump as she pulled Amelia down across her lap.

“Baines girls have been spanked on this spot since there were Baines in this here county.” Ma said wearily. “Its a time honoured tradition for taking brats like you down a peg or six. Of course in my day there was a might less traffic, but that’s progress for you I guess.”

As she spoke Ma unhooked Amelia’s shoulder straps and got to shucking down her dungarees to her knees. Her draws followed until her full rounded bare bottom was upended for all to see.

“Ma.” Amelia squealed.

“You don’t get half the lickings you should my girl and that’s my fault. I have been too soft on my youngest. Well that is all gonna change.”

Ma began hand spanking her daughter with sharp crisp slaps. At first Amelia was no doubt still bleating about the indignity of it, but after a few minutes once her bottom was red she had other concerns.

“I reckon I could spank you till sundown and then we could do all this again tomorrow.” Ma sniffed. “What do you say? You ready to take a licking now?”

“Oh yes Ma please Ma.” Amelia wept.

Ma spanked on for a while longer so that she really set Amelia’s hiney on fire and then she set the sobbing girl on her feet. Amelia stood awkwardly guarding her front with her hands as she looked frantically about. Just then a truck rounded the bend and she clutched at herself and wailed.

The driver slowed and honked his horn appreciatively but did not stop.

After that Amelia was almost grateful for the chance to kneel by the old tree stump and stretch across it face down. Ma placed her so that her face rested on her chin and anyone passing by would have no doubt who she was. Amelia knew it too and her face was a vision of misery as tears streamed down her cheeks and dripped from her chin. The posture had the effect of tilting her bottom up at the other end and anyone coming from that direction would certainly get an eyeful.

Although Amelia gripped the edge of the stump with a keen determination to have this over with, Ma steadied her with a hand in the small of her back. Then she drew the first switch down sharply like a sword.

Amelia grunted at this and twice more as the rapier of hickory scored her bare bottom. Then she let out of yip as the fourth bit deeper and she screamed out between sobs ever afterwards.

I tried to tell myself that this was beyond the pale and thought of a dozen reasons why this was wrong, but the truth was I could not tear my eyes away and in all honesty, I could not say that I would have stopped the punishment even if I could. Strangely, very strangely if I am honest, I was suddenly overwhelmed with an image of myself in Amelia’s place and despite the obvious horror and shame of such a predicament, I could not help but equate the scene with the kind of dark girlish fantasies one has of Arab sheiks, cruel pirates and the like. Looking around at Cindy and Mary I could tell that I was not alone.

Amelia’s face was a classic picture of woe throughout all of this. The switch had not paused in its task of scoring welts across her proffered bare bottom and she had not stopped either gasping, panting or yelping throughout. It was all she could do to clutch at the tree stump with her bottom arched upwards. Despite her protests and Ma’s assertion that Amelia was not spanked enough, her posture alone was that of a pro, a trait common to all Baines girls as I was learning to my own cost.

About the time Ma paused to take up a fresh switch there was some laughter from somewhere in the nearby undergrowth. I gathered that by now we were not the only witnesses.

“Ma please people can see.” Amelia wailed.

“You hush your noise and put that hiney up some more.” Ma scolded.

Then to make matters worse for the hapless 18-year-old two cars went by in opposite directions.

One was full of kids who leaned out of the windows and began a round of catcalls before it sped off. The other vehicle slowed and an elderly man leaned out of the window.

“Is anything amiss Mrs Baines?” The man inquired.

“No Pastor Brown, just some long over due domestic justice.” Ma replied barely pausing in her work.

“Keep up the good work Mrs Baines, keep up the good work.” Pastor Brown called out as he drove on.

By now the second switch was in a ragged state and Ma cast it aside. Although I might say that it was a good deal less ragged than Amelia’s poor bottom. The scores of free-standing plum-coloured welts had a tough job competing with a background of dark scarlet that was already giving way to a mottled maroon.

“Please Ma I’ll be good, really I will.” Amelia pleaded.

Ma didn’t look like she was quite ready to end the correction as she moved behind her sobbing daughter flexing the third switch between her hands.

“Ma.” Cindy said quietly.

“Have you any idea how disgusted I am with your behaviour?” Ma said with tears in her eyes.

Amelia didn’t answer but carried on weeping as she sobbed.

“If I ever hear of you picking on the Mex kids or anyone else I’ll… well you’ll see what I’ll do.” Ma tossed the switch away.

Once Amelia was finally allowed to stand and follow us home she was not allowed to pull up her dungarees or underwear but had to hold them up at knee height. This meant that it was a long painful walk home for her and I am quite sure that following on behind us taking a good look were some of the local kids.

Amelia’s ordeal was not to end there. For the rest of the day she was stood on the porch with her nose to the wall. Ma had her hold her dungarees at mid thigh so as to leave her bottom still bared for general inspection and as she could not quite stand up straight clutching her denim that way, she was forced into a posture that pushed her raw bottom out behind.

Amelia’s catcalling audience stayed just out of view somewhere in the woods and to add to her humiliation after and hour so Marcy and Sue-Ellen ‘happened’ to call with two or three of their mutual friends. I guess there was no doubt that everyone in the neighbourhood had heard of Amelia’s punishment by then.


10 Responses to “Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part eleven)”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Setting these stories in the rural southern U.S. in the 1950s somehow makes these sorts of extreme scenarios totally plausible. We can imagine this sort of thing really did happen there and then.

    • 2 DJ

      I have certainly heard of such things.

      If you can believe some of the things you read on Sometimes a Girl then it still does go on in rural America.

      See also A Goodgirlbad

      All the best DJ Black

      • 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

        I presume you’re referring to websites or forums. I can’t find either of those on Google. Could you post links?

  2. cant wait for next part its about time lizzie was given a hard public switching inthe town square so everone can see her getting her bottom striped and her howling as the switch tans her naughty bottom

  3. 6 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Thanks for those links, Damien. I see what you mean.

  4. You’re a wonderful writer. i think I can learn a lot from you (and enjoy the process of reading while I go.)

  5. 9 shaohua

    loving the story…but just one,minor thing is bothering me. Louisiana has parishes not counties. (singular; parish)
    as a native Louisianian it is a minor irk.

    • 10 DJ

      Thanks for that detail.

      Incidentally England has Counties divided by parishes, districts or boroughs – I wasn’t sure how much of this terminology crossed the Atlantic. 😉

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