Four years on the LAM


Spring has sprung and the sound of willow and leather can be heard against flesh. A few slaves are led on leashes through the throng interspersed with gothic knights and the occasional transvestite, although the majority of people are in street clothes and are much more intent on their beer, sandwiches and the merchandise. But then this is just the market the party came later.

The London Alternative Market, the LAM, celebrated its fourth birthday this weekend. The after party was widely attended with much fun being had by all. This years Lammies went to various people (100 percent accurate information, which is 100 percent useless) no doubt better information will be included on their site shortly.

If you haven’t been to the LAM before it is one of the leading scene venues in London, a market selling all the paraphernalia for a BDSM lifestyle. The market itself takes place at the Rise, in Lavender Hill and is wrapped around two bars. The main aim of LAM is to raise money for charity, although a thriving community exists in the spaces between the stalls and posing.

As well as demonstrations of rope work and whips, there was legal advice on offer, which is essential if you are active in the scene. You can find out more by visiting the Spanner Trust.

The LAM takes place on the first Sunday of every month.

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