200,000 spankings


It has been exactly seven months since the launch of this site and we have had 200,000 visitors. So many thanks for all your support and interest. To date it has won one award and has been nominated for another, so it must be getting something right.

There has been some recent discussion about there being too many spanking blogs, notably on the House of Richard Windsor. It has been argued that there is not enough interest for new blogs. Lets hope that that is not true. Why not contribute to the debate.

The most popular features on this blog have been the award winning Markham Project, Aunt Alice and the Gift stories. There has also been a great reception for the new Academy stories and Angela continues to be popular.

Most visitors appear to come straight here, having book marked it or remembered the address, but much of the traffic comes from the likes of Chross, Bottom Smarts, All things spanking and the Spanking Spot, which are linked on the right. So a big thanks for them and all the other supporters.

One Response to “200,000 spankings”

  1. Congrats on 200,000… and the many more to come. We agree with you too… there is plenty of room for new blogs… so long as they are quality ones that put this thing we do in the positive light it deserves.

    ~Todd & Suzy

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