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It had been a very dark and giggly night when I returned home. I was still a little giddy from girl talk and too much sugar- at least that was your presumption when you heard the door slam and instead of my customary insistence of immediate attention I careered straight past shouting “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii” as I […]

In the Stories


In the stories, this is how it works. There are two people, each with a back story, often both troubled, her with some major character flaws that are childish (lack of self control, no sense of self preservation, an inability to think though consequences) but not overwhelming. She does not, for example, have a vile […]

The Art of  Telling Off The One You Love is, gentlemen, (or ladies if you so inclined) is one of the most important an often underused skills you can have. You can turn any situation with the girl you sort out on a sixpence. You can turn what would have been a two hour argument into […]

This was written early in my relationship with DJ and is about one of our first dates. Walking along streets she did not know she felt still at home as she slipped her wrist through the crook of his arm. They walked fast enough to cause her skirt to catch the air, the slight fifties […]

This is my favourite day of the year. I am sorry we have both been so quiet. Last week was a week a lot of people have off work  and so they think to themelves – where is wonderful? London – they say.  And then they say – ‘We have not seen DJ and Indigo […]

The Dinner Date


“Please, please don’t, I have just got my hair straight.” And she did try very hard not to tut at him as he ignored her pleas and tipped her forwards making her flat, shiny hair tumble and twist over her head. He spanked her over her knickers at first, one of those short sharp spankings […]

Recently I have been walking. I am aware that it is a wonderful pastime (let us not take our healthy, working legs for granted) but not necessarily unexpected. But I am becoming dizzy with happiness from it. I have, within my reach right now, two huge ordinance survey maps. I can reach my day sack […]

The Mud Weight


The Mud Weight or A little restraint is good for the girl who has none. It was not her fault just as it was never her fault and, even looking back on it later, there was no other course she could have chosen. It was the lake, all the lake’s fault and the moon, of […]

Bridget sighed. Not so much of a sigh but the start of a tear that would fall if she blinked. So she did not blink, even though the computer screen shook and wobbled before her. She traced the keys with her fingers, letting the pads race in between the letters, lingering around the “f” and […]



I used to have a perfectly sensible collection of knickers. They filled a small drawer in my dresser. I owned about thirty pairs, which including running knickers which are always boy shorts, every day cotton knickers of which my absolute favourites have Joe Cool on them which are worn when horrid days was loom and try to ambush […]