Grounded but Not Grounded


! I_love_youSome of you have asked after my wife since I told you she was working on a project of her own. It has even been suggested that I have grounded her and that is why she has disappeared.

Although sometimes I am sorely tempted, this is not the case this time. The last time I considered it was after getting she came home very late, but I had to relent when I found out she had got stuck in London traffic on the way home and couldn’t get a signal.

I hope to say more about her plans in due course but the truth is I am almost as in the dark as you are. I think it is a case of making sure that her next project has a solid foundation and that she can sustain it.

Personally I cannot wait and it promises to be the most exciting thing to happen all year. I suspect that there may be a surprise or two for those of you who have been following this corner of the community since the early days.

Watch this space.

3 Responses to “Grounded but Not Grounded”

  1. Eagerly awaiting her return! The wait is difficult but sure to be worthwhile 🙂

    • 2 Christian

      Whether it is you and your wife or not, it is a nice and comforting picture of good, conjugal aftercare. And the crimson bottom looks like it can use some care.

  2. 3 MrJ

    I surely am!

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