Letters to my Governess



The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

So much to discuss, perhaps best left to our next meeting, especially the matter regarding your behaviour. Have no fear, you have not displeased me and I would soon enlighten you most vigorously when if you had.

You did make one salient point. Indeed a simple spanking was too lenient for Ruth, but at this stage of the operation it is first essential to humble the girl. Ordinarily she would have a vigorous encounter with the birch, as you did quite recently and in due course this will come to pass.

For now it is enough that a young woman learn that she is not too old for a good sound spanking on the bare bottom and if not in front of, but within the hearing of the servants and any visitors. On this occasion what you do not know that is the rebellious young woman required three separate spankings before she would consent to stand in the corner and remain there. I took tea in the school room while she wept with due shame as the maid came and went, all with her very ripe red bare bottom most obviously on show.

Furthermore when we again tried formal lessons in the school room we began the day with a thorough dose of the cane. You should have seen her face and I fancy she almost fled when she saw my bitter stick.

Instead she allowed her own skirts to be raised and lowered her draws herself. Bending in reluctant humility I gave her not six, not 12, but 15 strokes across her bared bottom. The scoring on her tight white flesh left to the air as we attempted French. You will not be surprised to hear she did not sit for our lessons.

Yours truly,

Jane Carlisle

To be continued

2 Responses to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. 1 buellfool

    I so love these victorian stories.Thanks for posting this one.

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