Letters to my Governess



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The correspondence began here.

My Dear Miss Carlisle,

That little witch Mary has not given me so much as a glance that would suggest that she has the least inkling about our arrangement. As for Miss Dandridge, I shall never be able to look her in the eye again. My face burns more even than another place, and that is quite saying something.

You will be glad to know that I can at last sit somewhat, if with the aid of a well place pillow, for a time anyway. I did not bother to hide the seating aid from Mary and indeed requested that she bring it to the dining room.

“On account of your… lumbago,” she asked, the cheeky minx.

To change the conversation… I am apprehensive to hear about my ‘next time’ and wonder what possible alternative arrangement you could have to church. Not that I am protesting, anything but those pews.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Yours Amelia


My Dear Miss Carlisle,

So lovely to see you yesterday and I am so glad that the morning passed without incident.

I did notice that Mary kept looking at you with a mix of respect and awe. I am quite sure now that she knows about our arrangement, which puts her in an entirely new light for me, since but for what you said in your last letter and her gazes in your direction, I would never deduce that she knew anything. I hope she remains discreet.

I did not ask and you gave nothing away about our next more formal meeting. Perhaps you are happy with my behaviour so far? I scarce dare venture to ask.

For the time being I am happy to hear about your progress with Ruth. I did not understand before that your lack of discussion was on account of professional discretion towards the Compton’s. I am so happy that they consider me a friend and indebted to me for making the introductions and therefore you now feeling able to confide in me.

If it hadn’t been for Mary continually offering us more tea I think you may have said more, or please do tell me again about your dramatic confrontation with our Miss Compton.

Did she really tell you that her father was dispensing with your services and refuse point blank to come to the schoolroom you furnished for her? I cannot believe that she would not realise that you would confront him about such a change, even if just to obtain your last remuneration. Her tantrum and retreat to her room following the exposure of her lie is quite incredible.

I can see you know as you ascended the stairs hairbrush in hand to do you grim and necessary work. I can almost see Sir John’s thunderous face and Lady Eugenia wringing her hands in despair. Once gaining Ruth’s room with her father’s house keys did you really wash her mouth out with soap? I my gosh how childishly humiliating. The spanking I do not need to imagine, but stripping her down almost naked for a second spanking is so amusing. You said she finally agreed to stand in the corner with her hands on top of her head while maids came and went to clean up some mess. What mess I wonder? Do you mean the soap? However did you get her to agree meekly to such treatment; great deal of spanking no doubt? I hope I do not pry?

However, amid all of this and as severe as her spanking might have been, well may I venture that for such a crime as hers that perhaps you were a tad too gentle with her? Oh dear, I sound judgemental; I do hope you won’t spank me for it. But last weekend I was dealt with most harshly, and rightly so. But was my crime so much worse than hers? I mean I did not perpetrate and deliberate falsehoods and my sins did not attempt to rob you of your position.

I fear I have said too much. I truly believe you know your business. My discourse is entirely based on curiosity.

Yours truly and faithfully,


To be continued

One Response to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. 1 Danz

    Uh oh! She went there! I fear Ms. Carlisle will have an opinion about prying, comparing spankings, and generally whining. Someone’s gonna get it. Great stories!

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