Love, Honour and Obey


LHB 1319425533 LHB spanking I haven’t seen Love, Honor and Obey (1938), although like many of you I have seen the posters and stills that occasionally circulate with the featured spanking. Apparently this movie has not been released for DVD nor is it available on TCM. The reason I suspect is the fisticuffs between the husband and wife at the end of the film.

The said scene is played for laughs and she gives as good as she gets before he settles things with a sound spanking.

LHB spanking2Leaving aside the black eyes the scene is a strong domestic depiction of LDD, rare for a movie of any time and when the woman’s mother and father try to intervene mid spanking, and the Pricilla Lane (the wife) makes a good show of taking it for real, she breaks off from yelling and crying to say “can’t a guy get any privacy.”

The movie ends with the spanking still in progress.

The final scene can be seen here.

I cast around for any other examples of domestic rows that ended in a spanking and although there are many I thought this one from a Boston newspaper in 1937 (two years before the movie) was most apropos.

Police called to a house in Stanton Street Wednesday last found a man spanking his wife “with some vigor.” Both parties were sporting various minor injuries, including a black eye and the woman was is some distress at her rough treatment.

When officers tried to intervene the wife berated them and declined all offers of help. She is reported to have said, “Can’t a man spank his wife when she needs it?”

No arrests were made.

Maybe the LHO scriptwriter read this report.


10 Responses to “Love, Honour and Obey”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Learsone oiece of ‘old news’

  2. Vintage but real Domestic Love, Honour and Obey Knowing so many who sort out their differences with a spanking or some form of physical punishment has made for happy loving couples and families through the years. mutual and respect of each other ending in true love for the other sore bottoms do help and solve many a domestic quarrel Movie scenes of spanking don’t do anything for me as it shows male dominance and I ain’t a believer in that

    • 3 Tony conrad

      I agree. Male dominance is not always a good thing. A woman’s subjectivity is something else and is a gift she can bring to the marriage. For me spanking is an erotic thing that can be administered to either couple depending on their wishes and not something to dominate the other with.

  3. 4 Luca Brasi

    The movie was on TMC a few months ago because I recorded and still have the recording. The movie does not end with the spanking still in progress. The spanking is completed after both sets of parents walk in and she tells her mother about a man having privacy in his own home. The movie ends with them both sitting on the floor and the father tells his son to be at work in the morning, but the son says he found his own job digging ditches and his wife puts a piece of steak on his black eye.

    • 5 DJ

      Thanks Luca – as I said I haven’t seen the movie – glad I was wrong about its availability. 🙂

    • 6 Christian

      It is a nice touch that when he spanks her, and her parents come home and try to interfere, she tells them to o away and let them have some privacy. Apart from that it is a good screwball comedy, but I don’t like him giving her a black eye – a girl should never be kicked or hit, only spanked.

  4. 7 Redendmaker

    I don’t believe that I have ever seen that movie in all of my 70 years. If I did it was likely in the late 50’s early 60’s when Hollywood was dumping it’s libraries onto late night TV. Spanking was of course much more acceptable at the time in movies and TV as we all know. I would like to see the entire movie …maybe sometime on TCM or AMC here in the USA. Priscilla Lane is a favorite of mine as she starred opposite Cary Grant in one of my all time favorite movies, Arsenic and Old Lace from 1944. I might point out that she was 23 at the time in 1938 and it was only her second movie appearance. The title of the movie is listed however at as ‘Love, Honor and Behave’.

    • 8 DJ

      Thanks – I haven’t seen it either as far as I know (but like you back in the day there were hundreds of such movies on every Saturday afternoon). I wonder if the punching was an issue – that wouldn’t have been acceptable even in the 1960s.

      • 9 Redendmaker

        Apparently it wasn’t….and she did punch him first, although I didn’t think you could get a ‘shiner’ that quickly after being punched. I think that after the war (and the real start of women’s ‘freedom’ with working outside the household in this country and arguably the ultimate decline of the nuclear family) the double slap became the norm. Being a gentleman I would never hit a woman with a ‘closed’ hand. If one did however punch me in the face you can be sure she’d wind up over my knee with a sore and likely bared bottom. Love your site DJ. It’s one of the best personal story sites.on the net. You get about 365 hits a year from me alone.

  1. 1

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