1 C nun-law-8001C dressage-captive-8001C jack frost1C jane_british_spanking_1948_may_swtspt1C jane_in_the_buff_swtspt1C mistyspankeddiapered11C superman-11C superman-3tumblr_n19coeTqIh1s2oacvo1_400tumblr_ntyr4e5yYP1qcl5z5o1_5401C woman-spanks-womanI suppose the big news this week is that most, if not all, spanking and nudity is about to be banned from Tumblr. It seems that the Big T is about to reinvent itself, beginning with a purge. Most vanilla experts seem to predict the death of Tumblr, who  also host a lot of community empowerment and independent photo artists, but who really knows?

This is not the first time Tumblr have made such announcements, but this time they seem to mean it. This week I include a few random images from Tumblr as a kind of farewell tribute I suppose.

Most of the other images this week seem to be cartoons, although I have included the top two images from the Spanking Blog, as I couldn’t choose and it seemed apropos to have the nuns. There are photos from  AAA and a rare F/F image from Dallas.

The Jane pictures are from our old friend Sweet Spot who made the contribution to Chicago Spanking Review. Jane was a British WW2 heroine who was either getting naked or variously spanked in her Daily Mirror cartoon strip. It is said that when she first appeared full frontal the 8th Army advanced 50 miles.

Others are from Dave Wolfe and a good Superman selection on Vanilla Spanking.

5 Responses to “Community”

  1. Fantastic images!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. 2 MrJ

    You are not on the big T – that helps.

  3. 3 ArtieKat

    I recognise the second picture – the girl over the horse. It’s from a book called “Possessions” by the photographer John Hedgecoe. I bought it when it was first published – not sure what ever happened to my copy.

  4. 4 Svetlana

    That first scenario of two girls facing each other on the same table while getting whipped on opposite ends is quite exciting. I imagine the second scenario requires a really calm horse. 🙂

  5. 5 DJ

    Thanks for the comments – yes the horse is probably highly skilled – either that or it is one hell of a pony girl costume 😉

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