Letters to my Governess


! A governess5

The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

It was so lovely to see you and thank you so much for your hospitality. What a delightful and well-brought-up young lady you have become. It was lovely to relive old times and I was most gratified that you did not bear me any ill feeling from my time as your governess.

Also, I do hope I did not bore you with my war stories of hapless young women.

It was a great pity that I did not have the opportunity to meet your wilful neighbour, Miss Compton, but do let her parents know that my services are available.

Your friend,

Jane Carlisle.


My Dear Miss Carlisle,

It was so lovely to see you. Thank you so much for such a lovely weekend and do say that you will come again. How could I ever have unkind thoughts about you? It was quite like old times and I must confess that being mindful of my every word lest I incur your ire was strangely refreshing. I am reminded now of how much I hate being unaccountable to anyone but myself here at Darnley.

As to your war stories, as you term them, I was gripped. Such a fascinating life and so many young women you have guided. Did you really spank a Prussian Princess? It was so amusing that when she complained to her dear Papa he took your part and ordered her birched and birched soundly by your account. To be beaten so before her maids and the welts and grazes you described, I could almost see them. Was she truly unable to sit a horse for a week afterwards?

Now as to Miss Compton; I have spoken to Sir John and Lady Eugenia, her parents and they are most intrigued by your methods. They suggest that you and I arrange an interview with them during your next visit.

I am sure that she will benefit greatly from your instruction. I must admit that even my seat tightened a little whenever you glanced disapprovingly in my direction, even when I knew your thoughts were on our own Miss Compton. How my heart quickened at the very idea that you might reassert your position as my governess, even for a short time. Now I am blushing.

I loved the book you brought, a rare edition indeed. I find the illustrations somewhat racy and would hate for anyone to know I have seen such a thing, leave alone own such. However, the personal accounts and guidelines are most praiseworthy and I am sure they were written with the highest of motives and purposes. Do all governesses have such a secret instruction manual? Or is this your secret road to success?

I have read the chapter on being unbending. I cannot but think of that time early in my time in your charge when I refused to come in to supper and sat down on the steps to the veranda. How stubborn I was, even when it rained. Eventually of course I succumbed to your will and like a hedge-dragged cat slunk back to my room hoping you did not see me.

The enforced bath to keep out the chill was the least indignity I suffered. I remember I was so soundly spanked that the bath brush broke and the maid had to fetch another, which you also applied to where it did me the most good. Was that the time I was first cleansed, or did that come later? In any event, I was soon put in my place.

I must sign off now, but do let me know when you might come again.

Yours totally,


To be continued

4 Responses to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. 1 Danz

    Loved this series! So well done! Would enjoy reading more letters involving the neighbor!

  2. Nothing about the visit?

  3. Excellent
    You are bringing this along just right. After all this is a slow deliberate age


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