Letters to my Governess


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The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

I did indeed spank a Prussian Princess, and more than once. I will not name her here, but you may remember her name. Spanking was the least of it, although once she had felt the birch she came to regard the slipper and hairbrush as her friend. I brought her to such a humble condition that for a time she would come to me with the least confession and go across my knee like a lamb before I heard of any sin, lest I take her to task with the rod instead. Imagine it, a young woman of high and royal birth meekly standing in the corner with a reddened behind displayed starkly for the edification of her personal maid and younger siblings. The latter including an elder brother on at least one occasion.

The third time I had to resort to the birch with her she wept like a commoner even as she trimmed the makings. She all but begged for a sound spanking instead and so earnestly apologised. I of course did not bend, but she got her requested spanking as an entrée, so to speak, and then stood an hour in the corner of the school room under the eagle eye of a maid as she waited for the main event. Afterwards she begged off horse riding for a week.

Whilst we reminisce, I do recall another naked behind that suffered, for much the same reasons and with much the same consequence.


Jane Carlisle.


Dear Miss Carlisle,

I blush for the princess and even more for that other naked behind that suffered so, I recall it so well. I blush even more when I think of that other tale you told, so passionately agreeable in its drama, and yet dreadful in its contemplation that I can hardly set it words here. I speak of course of that married woman you once mentored. To be engaged by a husband to tame a wilful bride must have been strange, although I sense gratifying. When I thought of the details I had to take a tepid bath to calm my nerves.

It set me to wondering, have you ever mentored a widow or an independent woman beyond the jurisdiction of her family?

To hastily change the subject I have spoken again to the Comptons. They are quite minded to engage your services and perhaps we can proceed sooner rather than later in that direction?

Yours expectantly,


To be continued

3 Responses to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. I live this style of writing.

  2. You are a very talented writer

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