Those Western Obsessions



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I have been pondering how to draw some disparate and short threads together. Although not connected in any way these do have a broad western/cowboy theme a fetish/fantasy shared by many.

Ingrid from South Africa had some tales about tails that I may use in future, but she asked me did I now a certain movie. All she remembered was that it was a black and white western and featured a great off-screen spanking and aftermath scene.

In the movie the upright respectable women of the town were at odds with the salon girls; that is until the bad guys come to town. In the absence of their men the women join forces and cause some sort of commotion that ends in a riot and the heroes and sheriff returning to save the day.

The most uppity priggish leader of the respectable women is taken out of sight into her front parlour and in earshot of the town’s people given a very long sound spanking by her husband; the hero’s side kick.

In the next scene she is reconciled with the saloon girls and thanks and then apologises to them for her snotty attitude. When they ask her to sit down and join them she replies, “no thanks I will not be sitting down for a while, a consequence of my part in this affair.”

I don’t recognise this movie, does anyone know it?

Moving on.

Thirty-something divorcee Gail went to a dude ranch in Arizona to get over her failed marriage. While there she hit it off with one of the riding instructors. But determined not to get involved she was ‘pissy’ to him for a while. Then after taking a riding route that had been closed for safety reason she confronted him in the stable and became ‘super pissy’ even though she was in the wrong.

A play fight and an undignified spanking ensued and some of the staff and clients ran into the barn and saw. The whole thing was laughed off as a prank, but Gail said it broke the ice. She wrote, “Needless to say the rest of my spankings that vacation were all on the bare. I didn’t always even want to sit a horse. Then who needs horses when you have a cowboy.”

There were no details as such but she did add that “he played for keeps” and “it was nice to cry in a good way for once.”

To end on a seasonal note with a movie I saw years ago, but can’t name. Again in black and white, probably late 1940s if I recall, it involved a huge ranch of various families right before Christmas. At one point the kids, mostly teenage girls got boisterous and out of hand. They kept throwing snow balls at a young man saddling a horse when his back was turned.

Finally he turns around and yells, “The next one who gets any ideas… I mean it… I will take them to the barn and paddle their bare behind until it is so shiny I can see my face in it.”

An odd threat to be sure, but very explicit, especially for the time, but it gets better.

A young woman, much older than the others belatedly decides to join the fun but hasn’t heard the spanking threat. She throws a snowball that hits the man right on the back of the neck. A squealing chase ensues that ends up with the girl being hauled off the barn while everyone laughs.

Later the same young women is serving food and scolding the children to stop playing and come to the table. One of the younger girls asks with wide eyes, “Did you really get a spanking?”

The young women who has been wincing and grabbing at her rear is clearly embarrassed by the question but toughs it out with an affirmative “ah-ha.”

Then one of the other girls asks, “And is your behind really shiny red?” They all giggle.

The spanked woman laughs and swats her interrogator, answering, “You can see for yourself in the bath house later.”

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