Last week a fair few nice pictures, that is to say nasty ones, were published. How can anyone spank these nice girls? It is a good job A Voice is her to report on this injustice.

Devlin wrote a short piece on red bottoms and various comparisons. He seems to think that red heads have a short temper. I cannot think where he gets that idea from.

Ronnie writes about a spanking on the Africa Queen.

Also a shout out for Grumpy Old Fart, who has been a fan of this site forever. He usually trails Vintage Sunday and published a cute picture of his own. (Vintage 1920s one above)

A few weeks back I gave a mention to the Spanking Blog that had a still from Starlet. As I mentioned then that there was a better spanking in that film and SB returned to the subject with a still. I remember the spanking being slightly more revealing than the still would suggest, but if you like brat spankings in mainstream movies, check it out. (see 1960s b&w above)

Contemporary Life has some nice pictures, others from AAA.

This week more In the Service of the Wolf and Holodeck Hell continues.

4 Responses to “Community”

  1. Thank you for the mention, I admit that of all my posts Vintage Sunday remains a firm favourite even if some fail the “Tumblr Test” lol

  2. Love both the wolf and Holodeck
    Your imagination is extraordinarily!


    • 4 DJ

      Thank you – I only wish I had more time to develop these and other ideas. 🙂

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