In the Service of the Wolf (part xxxi)



Part I here

Alice tried to grit her teeth against the onslaught to her bottom. John had managed to make the spanking, sting, burn and ache all at the same time and it was getting decidedly hotter. She was making a groaning sound in her throat and it was hard to keep still. All the same John kept up a steady pace, pausing only now and then to see that he was making an impact and to try and make eye contact with the woman.

“Stubborn isn’t she?” Adam chuckled as he surveyed her tender tail. “I have never seen anyone go so red, and at both ends too.”

John noticed something else. Alice had the sharp scent of arousal and he noticed the few hairs peeking between her legs were plastered wet against her thighs. “I think she is enjoying this,” he teased.

“Maybe you just need to spank her harder,” Adam suggested.

Alice felt her face melt at both comments and chewed down the urge to curse at them.

“Maybe I need to fetch a paddle or a switch,” John countered.

“Come on, please I’m sorry,” Alice gushed breathlessly.

“Apparently she is sorry,” Adam said in an amused voice.

John pretended puzzlement and shot his brother a mock plaintive look. “But she can’t be, I have hardly gotten started.”

“Maybe she is just waiting for my turn to be real sorry,” Adam laughed.

John spanked Alice in a rapid series of slaps so that she twisted and yelled. He was still spanking her hard as he said, “Maybe she is waiting for your turn to stop enjoying herself.”

Adam’s nostrils flared and her grinned. “I see what you mean.”

“This is getting us nowhere,” John sighed and stopped spanking her. “What do you think; more pain or more shame?”

Alice’s eyes flew open and she began to struggle against John’s grip. “Look I’m sorry, see it is working. You should spank me some more,” she babbled and pushed her bottom up obscenely.

“You are right, she is loving this,” Adam chuckled.

“I am not, please I’m not,” Alice wailed.

“Such a liar,” Adam sighed.

Alice was panting hard and her bottom was on fire. They were right, she had never been so aroused and she had no right to be. She was so ashamed. It would serve her right if they did spank her outside. “I am sorry I ran. Did people really get hurt because of me?” she sounded like little girl lost.

John and Adam exchanged glances and John shrugged where Alice couldn’t see.

“Probably not,” Adam sighed, “It doesn’t make it alright though.”

“I know,” Alice said dejectedly. It was odd having a conversation with two men while across the knee of one of them and her bottom bared to both. “Are you really going to…” she swallowed, “switch me?”

“We ought to,” John told her.

“The tradition is that you go get it naked and cut a switch or two for yourself,” Adam continued.

Alice looked round at him with undisguised horror.

“It is true,” John agreed.

“Please,” she gulped, “Maybe I…”

“Go stand in the corner,” John said releasing her, “We will think on it.”

Alice got to her feet with a pained expression which said, ‘do I have to?’ This was so embarrassing.

“Maybe a lick or two of my belt would be a good compromise,” Adam suggested.

“After, what 30 minutes in the corner?” John suggested.

“An hour I think,” Adam countered.

“Seems fair,” John chuckled.

“Oh come on guys,” Alice wailed.

John folded his arms and gave her a warning look. Then to Adam he just said, “Or maybe we could just switch her outside in the yard?”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Alice said hastily and went to the corner.

“I want your nose touching that wall,” John told her.

“And keep your hands on your head,” Adam added.

“Fine,” Alice muttered and plonked her hands to her neck like a surly teen.

“Good job bro,” Adam said as he studied Alice’s spanked bottom.

“Thanks bro,” John grinned.

“Bass’rds…” Alice muttered.

“What was that?” Adam growled.

“Thank you for doing such a good job,” Alice said quickly, “And for my…” she stamped her foot and then got a hold of herself and gave a heavy sigh. The most humiliating thing about this was that part of her felt that she might deserve it.

“I think she is learning,” Adam smiled.

John grinned and nodded and returned his gaze to Alice’s very red bare bottom.


Not far away in Stacy’s room, Garrick and the investigative writer were still talking. Stacy really would have preferred to stand, but confronted with the reassuring, if immoveable presence of Garrick she had begun to open up.

“You are saying that my Dad was a… was like you?” Stacy said with a frown.

“It is not the only explanation, but it is the most likely,” Garrick agreed.

“I thought you could get like bitten or something?” Stacy focussed on the generalities, it was easier that way.

“And were you bitten or something?” Garrick asked in an amused tone.

“No,” Stacy sighed. She would definitely remember that. But why would that have been preferable?

Garrick made his hands into a church and leaned forward. “Most of the Kin are born to it. If both parents are of the blood then it rarely skips a generation. But that is the other explanation. Your grandparents or one of them…”

Stacy considered this. It didn’t really fit. She shook her head. “They were all pretty normal I think… not that I knew them…”

“The only other way is to encounter aggressive or prolonged contact with one of our kind. That may be by surviving a mauling, a rare enough event, but it is not inevitable. Our kind have married ordinary folk before and they have lived together for years, as your mother and father may have done. It doesn’t mean that someone will turn.” Garrick considered this. “It has happened though, a wife or husband turning their partner. No one knows how or why this happens. Have you had any…?”

Stacy was shaking her head and she thought back on relationships she had had. “A few boyfriends in my teens… a few one night stands, an occasional girl.” She looked up for a sign of his disapproval and made a plaintive so-what gesture. “No one long-term and anyway… aren’t you saying my mother knew, so it was before, wasn’t it?”

“That is my belief,” Garrick agreed.

Stacy rolled her eyes. “So what? Where does this take us, I don’t want it any of this,” she said angrily.

“Yeah, I know,” Garrick sighed. “But that is where we find ourselves.”

“It is where you find yourself, I am out of here. I have managed up to now,” Stacy began to feel the rage again.

“Steady down,” Garrick told her. “You are not going anywhere until you learn how to handle this properly and we have dealt with the hunters.”

Stacy glared at him and stood up. Without regard to her nakedness she stooped and began to defiantly drag her denims back up. “Says you,” she said sullenly.

Garrick gave a sigh and then without breaking a sweat he grabbed the girl and swung her around so that he could drape her back across his knees.

“N-no, no, not again, come on,” she wailed.

Swiftly baring her bottom again Garrick swung the flat of his hand down with a sharp crack and resumed the earlier spanking as he had warned.

“Oh please, oh-ow, ow, ow, ooh,” Stacy protested angrily and began struggling.

The powered spanks soon turned gasps to grunts and yelps to full-bloodied hollering. In a minute flat she was bawling like sobbing child and very, very sorry she had crossed the man yet again.

“You will learn,” Garrick said firmly.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” she sobbed.

“I know, I know, but you need this don’t you?” he soothed without missing a spank.

“Yes,” she wailed, and she knew she did. If her dad had stuck around she guessed she would have gotten the same only much, much sooner.

The spanking lasted another three or four minutes and then Garrick pulled her into a hug so that he rocked her.

“I am sorry,” she cried.

“I know,” he soothed.

Then as the tears came under control she smiled and sniffed. “I guess I needed that.”

Garrick smiled indulgently and nodded. “Now young lady, back to the corner,” he told her.

“Yes Sir,” she said and gave him a rueful smile.

“You can stay there a while and think it over,” he told her in a scolding tone.

“Yes Sir,” she said ruefully and chewed at her lip.

“And if you even think about moving…” Garrick cocked a warning eyebrow.

“Yes Sir,” she repeated earnestly. The cosy feeling of safety that now surrounded her was an unfamiliar one, but she decided not to fight it.

To be continued

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  1. Fantastic as always! Therapeutic spankings for the girls.

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