Take four sorority girls


sorority fun sorority shameAs I said at the top of the week, I recently had two different sorority anecdotes sent to me. The first is from Anthony who often comments here and is republished with his permission and that of the girls involved. I took the liberty of making some edits.

Tony seems to be a master of extracting sorority secrets form these young women.

He writes:

I worked with Courtney and she has a friend named Cindy who she has known since 5th grade. After high school graduation they went to different universities. You go to college where the most scholarship money is offered.  Cindy is in a different sorority at a different University, 150 miles from where Courtney goes to school. The girls were talking and Courtney said Cindy told her about how she was initiated when she pledged her sorority. Then Courtney told me, when I heard her story I just had to tell her about you.

This is the story exactly how Cindy told it to me.

Initiation night was a Friday night. We knew that we would be paddled a little. It was no secret that pledges would be paddled. All week they made remarks about how sore our asses would be. We figured it was just to scare us. There were seven of us being initiated. We were taken to one of the sorority sisters homes for the initiation. The place is like a mansion. Her family is so rich. They have an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. I have never been in a house that big or that beautiful, she told me. 

We met this girl’s mother. She knew why we were there. She left us alone and we went to the indoor pool. We had to take off all our clothes and stand naked at the edge of the pool facing the water. We had to bend over and touch our toes. We got swatted really hard and knocked into the pool. We had to swim across the pool to the other side, get out and get in position again for another swat and another swim across the pool. We each had to make 10 laps across the pool. Those paddles burned like fire on a wet ass. My ass hurt so bad. It was 10 really hard swats.

All seven of us were just hopping around rubbing our butts trying to rub some of the sting out. Our asses were cherry red. I had black and blue bruises on my ass for two weeks.

It’s 2015 and sorority pledges are still getting paddled. I took the girls to lunch and Cindy said I could tell you this story and you could post it if you like as long as you don’t mention the name of the university or the sorority.



This next anecdote was sent to me by a woman signing herself as K. After saying some very nice things about me and this blog she said that she didn’t know if sorority girls were still spanked, but that they were when she left college seven years ago.

She included this account ‘by Katlyn’ for publication and I assume it is her story:

I was in a sorority which still believed in hazing, paddling, punishments… even though such was officially forbidden. I have spent many hours in cornertime, I have been cornered many ways, like naked with hands on ankles and feet set apart, sitting, standing, tied up, even lying down.

A friend of mine with sorority as well as spanking experience tells me how she was often standing against a wall or in a corner with toes and nose touching the wall. Hands would be behind or on your head.

Like her I’ve been cornered “nose & toes” many times. Nearly always with bare bottom on display. Often totally naked or from the waist down and almost always after a paddling.

I have told people this before but they either think it was all just in fun or they don’t believe me. I can tell you adult Time Out can be quite punishing, although Nose and Toes cornering can be done in a tongue in cheek way, more harassment than serious punishment.

I have had to “hold position” standing erect at the wall, or on my knees, or in several other poses… including embarrassing ones… more than a few times. Even a simple position becomes punishingly difficult in a short time.

As for sorority paddlings they can be ceremonial and playful. But they are also real and often also very serious, although most do no (lasting) serious physical “damage”; the added embarrassment can be a far bigger factor than pain.

That said, both my friend and I suffered some pretty serious bottom blistering in public and private, both as general hazing and for being out of line and breaking rules.

We never had the chance to compare notes but I once had a purple behind for nearly a week that took almost two more weeks of fading brown and yellow to completly go away. I swore that this must have been the worst anyone ever got but my friend told me she once had to stand at the back in class for three days running because she couldn’t sit down.

My worse experience was for missing a standards committee meeting because I was drunk. The next day I had to stand in the corner with my panties down and wearing no skirt while three seniors played Gin.

Halfway through the game they broke off to give me some serious paddle swats. It was the second worst spanking I ever had actually. The worst thing was that the door to the dorm room was deliberately left open so that passers-by could see my bare butt. Like I said, the added embarrassment can be a far bigger factor than pain.

My friend had many similar experiences and we were definitely not alone. The one thing that was different to her was that I sometimes had an OTK session from my Big Sister in private and strictly for punishment. My friend suffered more as part of the general way of things.


25 Responses to “Take four sorority girls”

  1. Love these true accounts. The most striking (pardon the pun) thing is that the mother answered the door and knew fully what was going on. Makes one wonder.
    Not too sure about the girl who had to stand in the back of class for 3 days because she couldn’t sit down, though.

  2. 2 Tony

    Thanks for the compliment of being a master at extraction. At this time I don’t even have to ask for a story. Since I have openly told Courtney and others that I am a SpankO and what that means, they share their stories with me. I really enjoyed K’s story. I will have to ask Courtney about corner time the next time I see her. She never mentioned it and I never asked.

  3. 3 MrJ

    Very interesting. It tells us a lot both about spanking and about sorority friendships,I guess.

  4. 4 DJ

    I think the thing to remember is that in most cases these girls are just being wild and having fun and its not sexual for them and no big deal. Also I think partly because people tend to focus on the unusual and big it up – the relationships get skewed to seem to us all about spanking.

    I have a lot of female readers here but I notice unless they are former sorority girls themselves they do not tend to comment on these type of posts.

    Thanks guys – there always seems to be more. 🙂

  5. 5 Svetlana

    Ok, I’ll take the bait.

    Sororities fascinate me. Foolishly perhaps, I regret that I never made that experience. In (rare) conversations I had with sorority girls, I got the distinct impression that they just don’t want to talk about hazing to outsiders. That kind of silence makes it all the more interesting. Like DJ, I’m in awe of Tony’s extraction techniques. 🙂

    Needless to say, I read all the snippets that come up here now and then. What I would be keen to discuss is the group aspect. How did the other girls endure the hazing? Was it too much for anyone? Did it create the kind of bond that can come from shared hardship? In my imagination, these are the aspects that make sorority discipline distinct and particularly interesting. However, unlike MrJ, I don’t think these snippets really tell us a lot about sorority friendships. They tend to focus on the paddling “action” and its immediate effects (how bad it hurt and looked). I’m afraid don’t have much experience with the paddle myself. That makes it hard to comment. Joining the usual plausibility discussion is not my kind of fun anyway.

    Still, I’m grateful for these rare glimpses into sorority life … and I bet I’ll think of Cindy at the next pool party I get invited to. 🙂

  6. 6 Tony

    Corner time is not practiced in Courtney’s sorority. I asked her and she said she never heard of it.

  7. 7 Tony

    Svetlana, the reason I get the information is because I have known Courtney for 4 years. She is 20 years old. I am almost 68 years old. I have a grandpa image with Courtney. What I did was I told Courtney honestly about being a SpankO. I explained what that means. She wasn’t shocked. She doesn’t think I’m weird. I will try to get the information about the other pledges. I pull up DJ’s blog and let Courtney read the comments. I have also showed her many of the 100’s of spanking websites on the Internet.

  8. 8 Svetlana

    Tony, when I said I was in awe, I just meant to say I was impressed by how well your approach worked.

    Now, I wonder what it must be like for a sorority girl who is not a spanko to read this site and particularly DJ’s sorority-related stories (for example, yesterday’s Schadenfreude and parts of Abraham Heights). When I played volleyball we would sometimes watch a cartoon series about a Japanese volleyball player that was shown on German TV. It was so cheesy, so melodramatic and the volleyball action sometimes seemed so far out of this world that we had a blast mocking it without mercy … but somehow we appreciated it and one of my teammates even taped parts of it. Who knows? Maybe, DJ’s fiction will find a new reader who can appreciate it as a hilariously over-the-top parody of sorority life.

  9. 9 DJ

    I am with Svetlana on this – I admire your ability to be at ease with this – as do Courtney and Cindy obviously – I am not sure I could do it. Thankfully you can and we can enjoy these genuine insights. Thanks 🙂

  10. 10 Jan

    When it comes to sorority girls nothing would surprise me. We definitely played rough compared to the boys.

    I was in a sorority in the 1990s and it was where I got my first taste of paddle. Although not corner time unless facing the wall counts, and like the girls above it was a bare butt experience.

    My house was pretty average – not as rough as some – but it was mostly all fun. Some sororities didn’t even paddle I think. But then who really knows right?

    I am not surprised sorority girls rarely talk – I was tight-lipped for years after college. I was convinced that if I was indiscreet they would find me and do whatever. 🙂 Believe me a few girls got some heavy duty hazing for speaking out of turn in college.

    Actually I was a spanko before joining a sorority, but I didn’t really think they still paddled. Even so I have mixed feelings about it, mainly because I am mostly straight and my fantasies usually involve Charlie Hunnam. 🙂

    If I am honest I got off on some of it, which confused me at the time.

    My experience fell somewhere between Cindy’s account and Katlyn’s. But even now I don’t dare go into details as I still know some of those girls and I am sure they would recognize some of my accounts.

    I would love to know about what Courtney thinks.


    • 11 DJ

      Sorry I was slow in spotting this one.

      Welcome Jan. Thanks for the input – not sure what you mean by an experience somewhere between Cindy and Kaitlyn – but I get that you have mixed feelings about commenting here maybe. 🙂

  11. 12 Tony

    Let me answer the question of how I am so at ease with coming out about being a SpankO at work. I am 67 years Young. We hire college students. The oldest is 22. They are all female. Courtney has been with us the longest. She started as a life guard at 16 for our summer camp. When the book 50 shades came out I noticed that Courtney and another girl Megan were reading it. I asked Courtney aren’t you too young to read that book, she was 18 then. She answered, my mom knows that I’m reading it but my dad doesn’t. I answer d, maybe you and your mom will both get a spanking if your dad finds out. That started a conversation about the book and spanking and I came out that spanking is a big turn on for me. With all that explained, Courtney didn’t think it was weird or crazy. Let me also explain that the girls are very sexually aware of fetishes today. Thanks to 50 Shades so much has opened up the subject of fetish being foreplay. When Courtney joined the sorority last year. I came right out and asked her, ” Are you going to tell me when you get your ass paddled?” She smiled and said of course I will. Anything for you grandpa. The girls all call me grandpa, not Tony. They say it with respect and they really do like me. I have to be honest, I spoil them with buying them lunches a lot. I am always letting them leave early when we aren’t busy without docking their pay. We have a great relationship at work. I almost think of the girls as my grandkids, especially Courtney.

    • 13 DJ

      Thanks Tony – great to have some context and back story – the comments including mine were more in the spirit of being rhetorical.

      It sounds as if you have a great relationship with these kids 🙂

      • 14 Tony

        You are right calling them kids. That is what I call them all the time. Courtney is scheduled to work next Wednesday. I will try to find time to show her these comments. I know people are thinking “what a lucky SOB”.
        Yes I am. LOL.

  12. 15 Tony

    Jan, Courtney thinks that this blog and all the spanking sites are perfectly normal for people who get turned on by spanking. Courtney is very aware of the fact that people enjoy both giving and receiving a spanking.

  13. 16 Tony

    I am working with Courtney tomorrow. What questions would you like me to ask her?

    • 17 DJ

      I wouldn’t presume as you do so well, although I have always wondered about the paddle for disciplinary uses rather than just initiations.

  14. 18 Tony

    I worked with Courtney today.  I asked her why girls allowed themselves to be hazed and paddled when it is 100 percent clear that the University and the National sorority have outlawed it.  Her answer is, because it is one of the oldest traditions of sorority life.  If you didn’t have to be initiated you would lose the feeling that you earned your place in the sorority.  The initiation makes you feel like you deserve to be a sorority sister. My sorority has a chapter on every state University campus and 5 of the private University’s in the state. Every new pledge at all those University’s got initiated. They all got paddled. It’s part of belonging.

    My note:  Wow I have known Courtney since she was 16 years old. I never expected that comment from her. Most of the time she would just say “because I wanted to join.”  That was the answer I was expecting. Her answer above shows me how much the high school kid has matured.

    If you had to go through the initiation again knowing now what it is like, would you do it?  Courtney didn’t hesitate for a second and said, Yes.

      The next question I asked Courtney was what she thinks of people that get off on spanking. She said, whatever floats your boat.

    My note:  That’s more like the 16 year old Courtney answer.

    I asked what floats your boat Courtney? She answered, pizza with hamburger and mushrooms and dipping sauce on the side.

    My note:  I told her to call Papa John’s and have it delivered and I would pay for it.  I tell you these kids have me wrapped around their finger.

  15. 19 Tony

    I talked to Courtney today and her big sister didn’t paddle or spank as punishment. Once the whole floor failed to get to a meeting because someone didn’t post the meeting information on the bulletin board. We all got 3 swats but it was no big deal she told me. Courtney will have a little sister next year. I sure hope I get some good stuff to report. She already told me she isn’t going to spank her unless she has done something really bad. I hope her little sister is a real screw up.

    • 20 DJ

      That in itself is an interesting insight – thanks Tony 😉

  16. 21 Tony

    Rich girls get paddled too. College is out and Courtney met a friend she graduated high school with. The girl goes to a very expensive, private University. Courtney goes to a state College. Courtney noticed from the logo on the girls car that she is in a sorority. Courtney, thinking of me and the free lunch I will buy her, asked her friend, “Do pledges get paddled at your school?” Her friend answered, I’m afraid so. Hazing lasted a week and we got the board every night for a week. My ass was so sore. There you have it. Year is 2015, at a private college and pledges get their butts paddled. I don’t think the tradition of paddling pledges will ever go away. Courtney got Taco Bell for lunch.

    • Taco Bell?? That information is at least worth a hamburger and fries at a family style diner.

  17. 23 Tony

    I let Courtney pick what she wants for lunch. I have asked her to tell her friend about my SpankO kink. I asked her to see if her friend would agree to give me the details of her hell week. I told Courtney I would take them both to dinner for the details.

    • Sorority happenings in 1915 it is good to read initiations all beautiful bottoms to be stamped into the sisterhood Nice one So rich girls get swats too it is right across their bottoms and the board It is still effective no matter the age

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