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As I said at the top of the week, I recently had two different sorority anecdotes sent to me. The first is from Anthony who often comments here and is republished with his permission and that of the girls involved. I took the liberty of making some edits. Tony seems to be a master of […]

Bristol 1896 Dear Mr Bradshaw, I am sure that you think me a silly little thing and of no account at all, and who is to blame you? My behaviour at our last meeting could only have confirmed any low opinion you may have formed of me. But the truth is I hold you in […]

Ann watched Susie as she sat fidgeting on the dining room chair. It was about as far from her usual armchair as it was possible to get and stay in the same room where she had been told to wait. It was almost as if Ann’s future daughter-in-law was practicing being uncomfortable. That or else […]

“Under the circumstances I can see absolutely no alternative,” the magistrate intoned. “As if I care,” the girl in the dock sneered. The magistrate peered at her over his glasses and shook his head. He didn’t want to send a 19-year-old to a correctional facility but her attitude was appalling. Who wore blue-hair and ragged […]