Nun such thing


nuns spanking nuns spankingI saw the pictures above and remembered a girl I went to night school with. There was an article in the newspapers about the local convent school six form college and the fact that they still bought canes.

The chief nun was quoted as saying something like: “We don’t really use corporal punishment anymore, we only buy new ones because they tend to wear out.” Eh…?

The girl in class who had been to a similar school just snorted and said, “yeah right.”

She shared an anecdote about a deputy head who used a feather duster across the bum of any girl who crossed her. She swore blind she didn’t cane, and of course that was strictly true.

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  1. 1 ArtieKat

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    Convent schools and corporal punishment – courtesy of DJ Black

  2. 3 Tony

    I went to Catholic school up to 6th grade. The Nuns used heavy duty yard sticks. This I know first hand, those suckers hurt. 3 swats was the norm but they would be enough to turn a boy or girls ass purple.

    • 4 John Bradley

      Our nuns used rulers, rather than yardsticks and spanked hands rather than bottoms. I think they must have realized that bottom spanking could be sexually exciting to onlookers, if not always to spankees.

      Once, when they showed us a movie about the history of Ireland, there was a scene where a British Army officer turned a rebellious Irish colleen (about 20 years old) over his knee and gave her a spanking (fully clothed, of course). We were in the 8th grade at the time. The boys cheered! I thought of the prettiest girl in our class and fantasized about giving her a spanking

  3. 5 John Bradley

    How much would a feather duster hurt? It sounds like the spankings were purely symbolic, meant to cause embarrassment rather than pain.

    • 6 Vlad

      That would depend on which end of the feather duster was applied to the bottom. I’m sure one could find or make a rather punitive duster if the handle was the right size.

      • 7 John

        I was thinking of the feather end. But that does give me an idea. If someone laughs inappropriately during a spanking (their own or someone else’s) they could be stripped, tie down to a table on their back, and tickled with feather dusters. I would suggest around the ribs, but different people are ticklish in different places.

      • 8 DJ

        quite – see below.

  4. 9 DJ

    The feather duster was a traditional British one with a long cane handle. Grasped by the wrong end it is effectively just a cane.

    Unfortunately I laughed at the image of a punishment with a duster and the girl didn’t say as much as she might. but she assured me that half or dozen or so across the bum really hurt.

    She was 19 or 20 at the time and this happen when she was 16 to 18 at an all girl school in the South of England in the mid 1980s.

  5. 10 PDBB

    The school was referred to as *Our Lady of the Abominable Torment* and the girls swore some of the Sisters carried Heidelberg dueling scars.
    When recruiting new applicants for the school; they tell parents the regimen, although strict is tempered and reasonable. The most commonly applied imposition, they said, is the removal of *privileges* and the girls are given some *quiet time* alone to *ruminate* and review their transgression. We here are firm believers in laying down the rules and setting the girls up as an example for the others in the way proper young ladies are to comport themselves. And we are forever diligent and watchful in our efforts to assure their contrition and submission to a that higher judgement sometimes doubling and redoubling them in that vein.
    Everything the Mother Superior said was true, as any *wayward student* attending the school could, not only tell you but show you. The primary *privilege* the Sisters removed was the ability to sit which, at this school, was very much regarded as a privilege. And if a *sin* was ever repeated they most definitely *redoubled* their efforts in eradicating it (just count the stripes a recidivist displays)! And a girls punishment was never kept a *secret* as the *example* of a naughty (and often naked) girl facing the wall (sometimes for several days, standing in silent vigil) showing the results of their *diligence* to all those that passed her in the hall [A glowing *example* as they said upon recruitment].

    • 11 DJ

      Not sure if this is fact or fiction but I love the imagery. ‘the girls swore some of the Sisters carried Heidelberg dueling scars’ wonderful 🙂 Reminds me of the Prussian Girls by PN Deadaux.

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