Spanking, corner time and the secret thrill of shame


emb cornertime alone embarassment spanking embarassment spankingco-ed spankingWhen Siobhan was 18, by her own admission she rather immaturely teased a young man at her college. It was all she could think of to get his attention. This was back in the 1980s but she still remembers it vividly. He was a big rugby sort and not one of the intellectuals and politicos she normally hung out with.

He responded to her bratty attitude by threaten her with a spanking. Of course she was embarrassed, so much so that she redoubled her efforts at provoking him to cover this embarrassment. She doesn’t recall what she said exactly, but one might imagine that she told him that he wouldn’t dare.

He then proceeded to put her across his knee and spank her in front of everyone on the seat of her jeans. It hurt she says and she was utterly mortified especially when she couldn’t pretend that it didn’t and had to plead and apologise to make him stop.

She fled the scene red-faced and confused with everyone laughing at her.

But the strange thing was that the whole episode was sexually arousing for her, even the humiliation; something that completely confused her given the climate of that time. She remembers standing in front of the mirror and looking at the redness on her bottom.

It began a lifelong interest or even obsession in being spanked and spanking scenes, but even at the time she got a thrill form being teased about it and even loved to tell people who hadn’t been there as she feigned horror.

A similar confusion, although less openly admitted, beset a good friend of my girlfriend in college, also during the 1980s. The rumours about this girl were that she was terrified of her mother and the more creative speculation was that she was still spanked. My girlfriend even hinted as much but wouldn’t be drawn on the issue.

Both girls went to France for a few months to study and whilst there this girl in question got a spanking similar to the one above after teasing a French boy.

My GF and her gang were impressed at the way she became utterly submissive and apologetic during and after this event. Whilst being asked by the more sympathetic girls if she was alright apparently the girl let slip that she ‘always felt shy afterwards.’

Always; were the rumours true then?

Who knows if she retained any spanking interest but she, like Siobhan, remained good friends with her spanker. But her alleged use of the word ‘shy’ chimes with this account pulled from Collarme:

We weren’t really punished growing up but when I went to live with my older sister in my first year of college she sometimes spanked me in a kind of semi-serious jokey way. I even got it on the bare bum a couple of times coming out of the bath and stuff. I always felt a kind of thrill but it certainly worked on me because instead of giving my sister a hard time I always became sort of shy.

There was this one time this happened with some friends there. I teased my sister a bit too much and she chased me around the house and ended up spanking me on my knickers in the back room where the others could see. This was the worst spanking I ever got from her and she really made it count. She actually spanked me long and hard enough so that even when she made me face the wall I did as I was told.

It was so embarrassing and I was teased mercilessly afterwards, but all the while it was happening and long afterwards I felt squirmy, shy, comfortably meek and a whole mix of emotions. I don’t think I was made a spanko from this, but I think I began to find out that I found out I was.

These accounts are all very compelling and lived in the imagination with every hint of such things when growing up. Such ideas are the building blocks and fuel for some of the stories here and to understand them is to understand the nature of the submissive.

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  1. 1 Tony

    I can’t wait to see the comments on this subject. I know I was interested in spanking as early as 6 years old. I was born a SpankO. However I am a spanker not a sub. I would love to hear the subs point of view.

  2. 3 cindy2

    I am a sub and had a curious interest in this subject for as long as I can remember. When the topic of spanking arose even tangentially, I’m almost sure I responded differently than my friends responded–or differently than most of them did. At some point, humiliation itself played a prominent role and several years later my interest in spanking and humiliation merged with the sex urge and altered my “love map.”

    When I was in college, I met a guy at a party once who said it was good that it was my birthday because he was there to give me my birthday spanking. We had been drinking of course. I laughed because it wasn’t my birthday–my birthday was several days off–but I certainly was turned on by what he was proposing. I played along, speaking loud enough for others to hear, and said something like, “Oh you don’t really want to give me a birthday spanking do you?” He of course said he did and by that time we had attracted a little crowd. I was embarrassed out of my mind but I’m the one who could have stopped him but instead encouraged him. I wound up standing and taking four or five licks over my jeans. I was giggling and you should have seen the looks on the faces of some of my friends later, more so the girls than the guys. It was an erotic experience for me. And no question, the humiliation was the driving force in the eroticism.

  3. 5 Becky

    I have never been spanked in front of others and find it very humiliating even when my HoH does this to me when we are alone and I deserve it. I find it hard to believe this would not be even more humiliating if done in front of others. I guess we are all different.

  4. 6 PDBB

    A story inspired by the topmost picture, the girl in the corner: 20 year old Roberta came home from one of her full schedule course days at the local college, where she was a sophomore and a commuting student and went directly into the study, which was the part of the house their stepmother had designated; the area where the girls would do their studying. It was the place where the girls computer was kept and the room was purposefully created by her for its visual convenience. The *activities* there could easily (and stealthy) be monitored as both she and her younger sister, Anne had a propensity to find distractions and were prone to *lose interest* at assigned tasks and take part in *unapproved/ unrelated* journeys other than, as said, the tasks at hand.
    The girls lost the battle of wills with their strict new mother, who rejected the claim that they were too big to be treated like they were still little girls (and had to be watched), with the phrase, “all arguments to the contrary” and warned them (often enough) that if they continued to demonstrate immature behavior she would (gladly) accommodate them and resort to *age appropriate* punitive responses to what she felt was their rather juvenile demeanor.
    Roberta stopped suddenly when she saw Anne. She was facing the *bad girl* corner of the room, an area their step mother reserved for the humiliating and embarrassing practice of *time out*. Her nose was deep into the corner (as their mother required) and she was trying to control her spasmodic sobbing. The reason for the crying was the sore looking, hot condition of her exposed backside.
    What happen…, Why…, What did you do, she asked in rapid fire panicked manner, dropping her books on her desk? Her younger sister failed to respond (as was the the protocol for imposed corner time) when their step mother stepped in the doorway and spoke. She’s doing what *little girls* who are punished are supposed to do. She’s spending her time no don’t regretting her behavior and hopefully making up her mind to fulfill all those *promises* of *perfect* future behavior she made when she was across her mommies knee!
    I have a question for you young lady, the woman spoke with more than an air of competent authority! Who is the Mother in this house? I – I don’t know what you’re getting at, the nervous *adult* unsteadily answered? I think that question is simple enough; Who do you think you are? Are you Anne’s mother? Are you me? I – I don’t know what you’re alluding to, she tried bluffing the (annoyed) parent? Well maybe we had better reestablish the hierarchy here; for it seems the both of you think that you can do pretty much do what you feel like and *Lie* and and act deceptively. So it seems now is as good a time as any to show you how mistaken you both are! And she reaches for a sturdy straight back chair.
    It was then Roberta saw the large oval hairbrush in her angry mother’s hand, she hadn’t noticed before! Before she had time to act defensively the girl was snatched and pulled across her stepmother’s knee. It was a day she chose to wear a sweater and pleated skirt with knee socks and loafers to school and along with her slight stature she, a twenty year old didn’t look much older than her seventeen year old sister still sobbing uncomfortably in the corner, who dared a to sneak a peek at the unfolding disciplinary scene.
    The mother quickly unveiled the object of her focus by lifting the short skirt and peeling down the thin white nylon covering. “Mother, what is this about”? “i didn’t do anything”! A hard stinging splat wit the back of the large hairbrush on bared skin was the mother’s first response. The scalding spank caused a cry of pain and the start of tears. “Is – your – name – Barbara”, the mother spoke in rapper style with a hairbrush down beat emphasis!? “What – is – your – name”, the *song* continued?!! “Roberta, ROBERTA”, the older schoolgirl screamed and sobbingly begged the woman, who had her held firmly across her knee to stop!
    It didn’t stop any time soon. Until the *Mommy* reawakened the memory of forging her signature on an excused note for her sister, enabling her to skip classes. By that time the elder sisters backside and upper thighs were in much worse condition than the seventeen year old.
    She was stood up and directed into the *bad girl* corner and ordered to hike up her skirt. The two young ladies were to share the corner and warned that there was no talking when in *time out*. To assure compliance they were reminded that the *baby monitor* was activated and a whisper would bring her right back for a lesson in obedience.
    The two chastened young ladies were released to help prepare for supper time, after three hours in close proximity with a bare wall.
    At dinner the two girls were notably subdued, quiet and shy. Their father, who was obviously informed earlier of his daughters’ misbehavior was in all likelihood told not to *interfere* with his wife’s discipline was told (in *theatrically* planned speech) that it seems we have two little girls who refuse to act like responsible adults, must want to be treated like naughty little girls. I was told, their mother said that Anne has been awarded one month of detentions, including Saturdays. And I think her sister, who encouraged the misbehavior should also serve detention, just to show her who the mommy is this house. You young lady will be grounded along with your sister and while she is doing her time in school will be occupying the *bad girl* corner, she announced to the elder sister! Daddy you can’t let her do this! Missy?! Does your bottom still hurt, the matriarch spoke commandingly?! Yes, you know it does, Roberta answered petulantly. Then I’d keep that in mind before I open my mouth again. For as it is, we’re going to have a *review* of the house rules before my two little girls are put to bed!
    Two young ladies sat glumly and exceedingly quiet at the table.

    • 7 Isaac

      Well done.

      Many spanking stories give the scolding scant attention. They say that it happened rather than sharing what was said. It’s a shame as it should be a feature. Anyway, yours had some of the better scolding I’ve read. Barbara has quite the forceful personality, not easily dissuaded at all.

      If you’ve done or will be doing more stoies, I hope you share it with the rest of us.

  5. 8 DJ

    Thanks PDBB

  6. 9 Amy

    I hope daddy gets to witness the “review” that night!

    • 10 DJ

      Acknowledging your stray comment – even if you have lost me. 😉

  7. I love the red faces on the two girls in the third photo. They look exquisitely embarrassed.

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