College spanking aftermath


alleged sorority spanking picReal life spanking is not as rare as you might think, but photographic evidence usually is.

However, here is a recent real life picture from a college barbecue. The evidence of a serious spanking can be seen on the girl’s bottom and one wonders at her bravado in wearing so skimpy a bathing costume.

Given the context of where it was found it may be a sorority girl following an initiation, although this is unconfirmed, but that might explain her public humiliation and choice of outfit.

29 Responses to “College spanking aftermath”

  1. 1 Brigit

    or this might be totally other kind of training in sport and a bad fall, an accident, whatever and no humilation at all in exposing !
    sometimes I wonder if you do not look at things only one way… of course it is more “fun” from a certain point of view but on the other hand, permanent signs of “humilation” as regards women body are somehow annoying, even if it is your choice as a writer, and I respect that.

    moreover, many people like to show off marks and do not consider this as humilation ! all the ambiguity of spanking …

    I know you are just guessing and there is often a big gap between dreams and reality…

    • 2 DJ

      entirely possible (probable even)

      I honestly don’t know – I just found the picture marked college event at beach and lightly spun it for consumption.

      Original file name as ‘real sorority aftermath 400’

      you pays your money – you takes your choice 😉

      thanks for the observations


  2. Not sure if I’d want it to be so obvious…

    • 4 DJ

      quite so – but if it is a sorority event and not a sports knock – then maybe she wasn’t alone


  3. 5 Wizard Birchwand

    Of course she might have fallen downstairs, but the bruises look remarkably like the aftermath of a couple of days old caning…..

  4. DJ,
    an intriguing picture. 🙂
    As a writer everthing is grist for your mill, and as a Miller you are doing very well. 😉

  5. 7 Ehlane

    I think her body language shows confidence rather than embarrassment though. Maybe she’s happy she was able to take the spanking so well 😉

  6. 8 Christian

    Years and years ago, I was in the presence of several female submissives for a time. It was whip marks that they liked to show off. They took great pride in these while they lasted and took every opportunity to show them off to the others. There was one girl that never got whipped (her master had no desire for it) but did get caned on occasion and she did show off her stripes, though never in such a public way that I am aware of at least. Probably because her master would then give her some much more vivid marks as a consequence lol.


  7. I’m even more curious about the girl next to her who is NOT in a bikini bottom.

  8. 12 Newt Kai

    Or perhaps the marks where photo-shopped on before you came upon it?

    I did get a chuckle at your comment…
    “you pays your money – you takes your choice”

    I do enjoy a good snip of snark.

    Interesting photo either way.

    • 13 DJ

      Maybe – but it doesn’t look like it.

      It may be a girl who is ‘out’ and just happens to be on the beach.

      I have to say I think it is a genuine post ‘punishment’ picture – It may be a girl who is ‘out’ and just happens to be on the beach.

      The sorority thing (as far as spanking activity goes anyway) is tenuous I think – but the link wasn’t mine and also the picture is clearly cropped – so what is missing?

      I published it as a bit of fun.

      DJ 😉

  9. 14 Christian

    Something else that makes this likely to be from a spanking (as opposed to sports injury and the like) is that the bruises are on both cheeks, but more on the right. Making her spanker right handed (a good portion of the population is right handed of course). Just an observation.


    • 15 Wizard Birchwand

      Yes I agree with Christian, the pattern and distribution of the bruising looks very recognisable to anyone familiar with the after effects (after two or three days) of a firm caning delivered by a right-handed spanker.

      Btw the person next to her not in a bikini may have short cropped hair but definitely has girls legs – I think its a girl. Wonder what her bottom looks like……

  10. I’ve posted this picture (either on the SoW or the messageboard) lately.

    I was wondering if it was a fake.
    I was able to discover it on another page – although in a very small resolution.
    But still I am fairly sure that the small version had no spanking marks in it. So I believe it is a fake.

  11. Here is the thumbnail I was referring to (from the original post)

    Someone took another spanking video and copied the marks on the beach picture I guess.
    The original was posted on FlickR, but the link is dead now.

    • 18 DJ

      Thanks Chross,

      you are right – also as I said the picture had been cropped given its dimensions and yours has more to the right.

      I blew your picture up at high res and I do see a hint of some marks though – maybe someone saw this and decided to augment – but its hard to tell on such a small picture and any marks that are there are certainly more consistent with slipping in the sand.

      a fun picture nonetheless – as I said before you pay your money…

      thanks again


  12. 19 Scarlet

    My vote is that’s a slender guy to her left. Not a typical girl stance, with legs apart like that. Although I’m sure some do.

  13. 20 Richard

    A very nice job indeed one wonders what the reason was but with a butt like that who needs one

  14. 22 manuel

    it doesn’t have be sorority. Maybe her boyfriend spanks her.

  15. 25 Robbie Davidoff

    I knew a mother who made her adult or near adult daughters perform chores dressed in abbreviated or revealing clothes after a spanking or whipping. What they revealed was the fact they were corporally punished. embarrassment and humiliation is another weapon in controlling behavior. My own sister had her legs strapped and sent to school with welt marks at the level mother wanted her dress or skirt to cover. It was along time before a mini skirt was accepted at our house as proper dress.

    • 26 DJ

      I have heard of such things – great grist for the fantasy mill – but rather harsh in real life – but such were the times.

      Thanks Robbie

  16. 27 esme

    Does anyone know the source of this? It wouldn’t be that hard to find the spankee?

    • 28 DJ

      It has been established as a fake I think – someone sent me a link to the same picture with less bruising, suggesting this has been enhanced and it might just be a sports graze.

    • 29 DJ

      Pretty sure it would be quite hard to find her and perhaps we shouldn’t look. 😉

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