The corner time conundrum


corner timeI have never met a woman who liked corner time. I have met a few have admitted they needed it and a even more that would not. One such woman not so far from here asked me what I got (get) out of it.

Thinking about it, I found myself considering the Monty Python sketch from the Life of Brian, ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’

What is there to like about corner time from a top’s point of view. Well nothing, it is all for her. Well apart from the view, it is all for her. Apart from knowing where she is. Oh and there is the satisfaction in knowing that she had learned her lesson and all rebellions are over (for now).

Then there is the deterrent factor. We know that sometimes you court a spanking, but rarely will a girl court corner time.

In addition to this is the submission, the bondage by consent…

But how long should corner time be for?

That depends on the girl and the offence.

As a rule of thumb it should be a minute for each year of life adjusted (usually twofold) for experience. In extreme cases it can be redoubled for the offence. The longest I ever threatened was two hours. The longest given was just under one.

The longest I have ever heard of was from breakfast to dinner time for a 28-year-old!

17 Responses to “The corner time conundrum”

  1. 1 Leigh Smith

    Cannot imagine at all.

  2. I love hearing your rationale. I’m reposting over in my little world this because I think it’s fascinating.

  3. 4 cindy2

    Perhaps there are many of us who know we need corner time, but few of us who are willing to admit it.

  4. 5 Becky

    I hate corner time but know that I need it. I always get it after my maintenance spankings and both before and after a punishment spanking, caning or strapping. Having to stand hands on your head, by your side, behind your back or on your shoulders always makes me think about what I have done wrong and how I deserve the punishment I am about to or have received. It is so childish and hence so humiliating – it does deter me from breaking our rules

    • 6 cindy2

      It appears from what you are saying, Becky–and correct me if I’m wrong–is that the person you are referring to gives you what you know down deep that you need and plays an important role in your life. I was thinking of an analogy, in which someone knows they need to go the gym and work out for their own good but they hate to do it and if left to their own devices would not go. Their significant other, however, requires that they visit and work out at the gym.

      If this is what is happening to you, I can certainly understand in that when I am put in the corner, I respond in a manner very similar to the way that you do. Yes it is humiliating, and yes it doesn’t make me feel that I am in my 20s, but it shows that the other person cares and wants me to act my age.

      I am interested in the maintenance spankings that you receive, Becky. If you would be willing to share, I (and perhaps other readers) would be interesting in knowing how often you receive your maintenance spankings and whether there are any special positions, requirements, etc. for these spankings.

    • 7 DJ

      It does doesn’t it?

  5. 8 Kia

    I agree with Scarlet- I find your perspective on such things fascinating. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 9 DJ

      Thanks – just a light post though – I have and will write in more depth sometime. 😉

  6. 10 jimisim

    I consider that corner time changes the dynamic of spanking from a consensual mainly sexual activity to a control and domination activity more associated with other BDSM activities. Although it is obviously consensual it l can’t see the point of it.

  7. 12 nikolaikaa

    I always thought the benefit was that you put the woman in the corner, but you get the girl when she comes out.

  8. 15 Becky

    I get a minimum of one maintenance spanking per week – more if my behaviour merits it or I have misbehaved recently. Jack delivers these either by hand or with my hairbrush, a clothes brush or a paddle as he deems appropriate. I always receive these bent over his knee as this reminds me of the childish discipline I will receive if I do not meet our agreed rules. I always have my skirt or dress lifted and then HoH decides, dependent on my general behaviour and attitude, whether I should receive the spanking to my bare behind or not. After the spanking I normally get 10-20 minutes in the corner with my skirt or dress pinned up and pants around my ankles to allow me to both take the learning and compose myself. It gives me the regular reminder to follow our agreed rules and makes our lives better. If I get a punishment spanking or caning together with other sanctions then this is deservedly more severe. I presume this is true for other submissive wives too?

  9. 17 Kathy blake

    My experience with corner time was mortifying. My step-mother whose old fashioned belief in ” Sound spankings” for disobedience was getting ready for a bridge party. She asked me to do something and I responded with a typical “fresh, smart mouthed” response. Oblivious to her reaction I walked downstairs to see her and my aunt in deep discussion. My step-mom announced right then I had earned myself a red bottom. Horrified I tried to apologize only to be led by the elbow to a large chair in the living room which had been moved to the middle of the room for this exact purpose. My step-mother sat down and yanked me by the jeans towards her while my aunt stood their watching. While I begged her to please not spank me In Front of my aunt she ignored me and asked her sister to take a seat. She then unzipped my jeans and placed me over her large lap. I begged her with all my might not to pull my panties down but she tucked her hand into the middle of my panties and yanked them down to the top of my thighs while securing my hands under me. Lifting her knee slightly she placed her hand on my bare bottom and spoke to my aunt . ” Carrie, I apologize for you having to witness this discipline but I will not have Kathy speaking to me In that insolent that manner, the only thing she understands is a very sore red bottom and I have been remiss, obviously she is in need of an old fashioned spanking and this one will be quite memorable. My Aunt nodded and said she was more then happy to witness this spanking and offered her assistance. I began to cry as my step- mom rolled up her sleeves. She then methodically and thoroughly started a round of slaps covering my cheeks from side to side increasing the tempo with each slow round. After five minutes I began to cry and kick, wiggle and beg. My step mom tightened her grip around my waist and said ” the more I spank this bottom the more I realize how in need of attention it is”. She then ” doubled and tripled down” on my red fanny while I howled and called her ” Mommy”. After a good 10 minutes with a special time reserved for my upper thighs which caused me to scream she stopped. I wept uncontrollably apologizing and begging for her to stop. She then asked my aunt to get the paddle in the kitchen hanging on the closet door. My aunt jumped up with such vigor and ran back with it smiling and complementing my aunt on her skilled spanking. She then asked Aunt Carrie to hold my legs since this was going to be quite a memorable finish. She expertly spanked my tender cheeks and upper thighs soundly while I bucked my bottom hard In response. She then pulled my panties up and marched me over to the corner while asking my aunt to bring some safety pins which she neatly used to tuck up the back of my top. She then pulled my panties down to below my thighs. She placed my face into the corner with my nose antouching the wall, pushing my large red bottom out. She explained to me why I would be spending the next two hours with my big sore well spanked bottom on display. I have never forgotten her words either. 1. This is an ideal opportunity for you to reflect on the consequences of your behavior. With your bottom nice and warm you can focus on your punishment for having a fresh mouth. I cant imagine you having anything else to think about but your sore bottom and why your in this childish position. 2. You have been given a sound spanking and I want to make sure it is effective in teaching you obedience, spending time with your nose touching the corner and pushing that big caboose out is a good way to start. 3. Your aunt and I are very busy but spent over half an hour warming your bottom, it is only fair we have time to enjoy the fruits of our labor . 4. My bridge club will be here soon and I honestly do not a soul who doesn’t enjoy seeing a well spanked bare bottom, it’s human nature to like looking a naughty girls big red bottom and know that she has been soundly spanked.
    She then placed a table near me with a clock and a 2 hour alarm along with the spanking paddle. ” Carrie, will warm your cheeks up in front of my guest if you get sloppy and take your nose off that wall. I have to admit I like seeing your spanked bottom on display, reminds me of how you wiggled and bucked those cheeks as I paddled you,crying out like a baby, kicking and boo hooing while your cheeks quivered and jumped, quite the hot seat I gave you. I was pleased to see you were truly learning a lesson.

    Yes it was the very worst punishment I ever endured but as all bare bottom punishments, quite effective .

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