The bathing brat


skinny dippingCasey sighed heavily. The heat of the day was oppressive and the relentless sun threatened to burn her a whole new set of freckles. With a toss of her shoulder-length red locks she tugged at her short shorts and sighed again.

The water looked cool and inviting, even if the sign didn’t. ‘Keep out, no trespassing’ it screamed. But the letters were faded and sun-bleached and in any case there was no one around.

Just then the breezed picked up and wrestled with the trees, but it was short-lived and gave her no respite from the heat. Thinking someone was there, she startled.

Casey felt foolish and angry at no one and everything as she often did when unsettled. She looked at the silver-blue pool shaded by trees and bit her lip longingly.

“Just for that…” she said aloud and with barely a pause began stripping her clothes.

As soon as she slipped into the cool water she felt justified. For one thing she was finally cool and for another she had got her own back on the stupid… she looked at the sign and blushed guilty … on whoever put the sign up anyway.

Once the irritation of the heat was stilled, it might have occurred to her that no one had troubled her at all, but the day was too warm and the water too cool and she purred like jaguar swimming in the Amazon.

In fact she might have swum all day but she heard someone cough.

“Nice day for it isn’t it?” said a troubling baritone voice.

Casey splashed around in a panic for the origin before her gaze alighted on the man sitting at the water’s edge next to her clothes. He was grinning at her as he sucked on a reed.

“How long…?” she spluttered, hunkering down in the water, “I mean… go away,” she squealed.

The man tossed the reed and folded his arms as if appraising her.

He was well-built and wore a checked shirt like a lumber-jack. His smile was easy, but there was a sternness around his eyes, deep-blue eyes framed by steel grey sideburns-and-salt and pepper hair.

“Go away, why should I? This is my pond and my woods,” he said casually, “Besides, I am enjoying the view.”

“Why you… go away, who do you think you are?” Casey replied angrily.

Her arms were now crossed over her breasts and she ducked down low in the water so that her chin was half submerged.

“I am Jack Denholm and I own this land, didn’t you see the sign,” he growled, suddenly less amused, “Any of the signs? Back up there on the road it says danger too. This is hunting land and we get a lot of trigger happy amateurs.”

“Well I…” Casey splashed out dismissively with her hand, but looked around at the trees just the same wondering who else might be lurking there to see her.

“I’m going turn my back and you are going to come out of there,” Jack told her. “Otherwise I am coming right in there after you.”

“I will not,” Casey said indignantly.

Just then there was a shot way off in the woods and Casey startled again.

“If you don’t, I am coming in to get you and if I have to get wet then I am going to spank that bare bottom of yours until it glows,” he warned.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Casey spat.

Jack was up to mid-thigh in the water before Casey could say more and in a beat he was a stride away from her. In a vain attempt to flee, she half stood and tried to wade away but he caught her easily and hauled her from the water. Then hefting her over his shoulder, bare bottom uppermost, he made determined strides back to the bank.

“Put me down you… you bastard,” she yelled, her small fists hammering on his broad back.

At the bank he dropped her onto the grass and snatching her shirt from where she had left it over a rock he tossed it to her.

Despite her fury she grabbed it quickly and half pulled it around her shoulders as she sat hugging her knees trying to make herself small. Then once draped as best she could she squeezed her arms into each sleeve and hastily and haphazardly did up the buttons in front.

“Now are you going to get out of here or do I have to cut a switch?” Jack said from a towering position over her.

Casey had no idea what that was or what he was now threatening her with, but she was sure now that his previous promise had been an empty one and glared up at him defiantly. Or as defiantly as a girl could who was sitting with her bare behind pressed into the grass as she squatted behind her naked legs.

“You are all talk big man, now you get out the hell out of here,” she spat.

“It is going to be like that is it?” he sighed.

Then eyeing the rock where she had placed her shirt he gently sat down and reached out to seize her arm. In an easy tug he hauled her across his knees so that her head tumbled face down into the grass and her bare bottom was presented upwards in his lap.

“Oh no, oh no, you wouldn’t… wouldn’t dare,” she gasped.

Jack brought his hand down with a sharp crack across both her cheeks and smiled when she squealed. Then with great deliberation her let his arm explain exactly whose land she was on and how much trouble she had put him too.

“You bastard, stop it,” she shrieked, now kicking her legs heedless of what she exposed. “I’ll call the cops.”

But just then she was going nowhere as his vice-like grip pinned her in place while he ruthlessly spanked every ounce of brat out of her.

For her, it was a bottom burning mortifying experience that went on for hours. While to him it was a short sharp volley that turned her shiny white wet behind into a shiny red hot dry one.

“Okay, uh, you made your point,” she wailed, her breath ragged and the overriding sting now unbearable.

“Have I?” he growled.

“Yes Sir,” she gasped.

“You need a phone to call the cops?” he said, continuing to spank her.

The question was absurd.

“No Sir,” she hissed through her clenched teeth.

“You going to leave?”

“Yes Sir,” she groaned.

Jack dumped her unceremoniously onto the ground and sat glaring at her while she scrabbled around between rubbing her tail and hiding it from further scrutiny. For a long moment she lay panting, unable to meet his eyes. But when she did finally look up she saw to her annoyance that he was no longer staring at her. In fact he had already begun to leave and head up to the track.

“Bastard,” she yelled at him as she gathered her clothes.

He turned and gave her a stern look that made her blush, so drawing on her shorts she fled.


The water looked cool and inviting, even if the sign didn’t. ‘Keep out, no trespassing’ it screamed.

Casey looked around for any sign of Jack and then slowly began to take off her clothes. She knew he was around, she had seen his 4X4 in the lane, she sighed heavily, and not just from the heat. The tingle in her tummy almost sent her running, especially when she thought about his switching threat. She now knew what that meant, she had looked it up.

Then with one careful feel of her tender bare bottom she launched herself into the cool smooth water.

6 Responses to “The bathing brat”

  1. Nice story!

  2. 2 paul1510

    one track mind, you have, thank the lord. 😉 😀

  3. 3 Leigh Smith

    Great story, thanks.

  4. 4 Kami V.

    Ha! I think I love Casey. Darn stubborn redheads!

  5. 5 DJ

    Thanks all

    red heads eh? 😉

  6. 6 Enzo

    Well done short story.

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