Parkway (part 3 of 4)


spanked in a frame with a paddleOur story began here.

Chloe hadn’t known what to expect and imagined some sort of canteen. But lunch was served in an ordinary, albeit sumptuous ornate and not to say large dining room. The carved wooded panelling had a Jacobean feel and the silver construction that served as a centre piece for the table looked as if it would take four men to lift it.

The woman who had scolded for her missing breakfast that morning seemed very much in charge. Although, Chloe noticed that few of the diners and none of the men deferred to her much. In any case she floated around the table issuing orders in harsh whispers to a half a dozen meek young women who spent the entire meal scurrying back and forth with various dishes.

Chloe was too embarrassed to comment on anything lest she make eye contact with the woman who had not been introduced, but whom Alice had earlier called Annabelle.

“Annabelle is very much a law unto herself,” Alice whispered as if reading Chloe’s mind. “She very much believes that the more submissive younger girls need to be given chores. I expect you will take a turn or two under her tutelage for the first few months you are here. But there are always more willing girls.”

Chloe risked a glance at the woman, trying to picture her anywhere but in an Edwardian household. She was beautiful enough in a very severe way. The scraped back hair certainly helped with that image and her age could be anywhere between 30 and 40. Chloe always thought of tall people as older and Annabelle was nearly six feet. She also wore almost no make-up which might have otherwise softened her.

“And before you ask, yes, I have had the dubious pleasure of serving under Annabelle’s guidance during my early days here. Mama really knows how to spank I can tell you,” Alice continued ruefully.

Chloe snapped her gaze back to the cool beautiful Alice and tried to imagine her as one of the hassled gauche girls serving at the table.

Chloe blushed. “I am not sure that I could…”

“You will fit right in here,” Alice said reassuringly. “You will find a role that suits you and grow into it.”

Dishes came and went but Chloe couldn’t eat much. She was far too preoccupied with the strange world of Parkway and what might befall her here in the hours and even days to come.


After lunch Chloe took a turn around the grounds on her own. Alice had lent her a soft silk floral dress with hand-sized red roses scattered on black. She had been hardly surprised that no underwear had been provided and now away from the others she was enjoying the sensuous caress on her skin and the trollopian decadence of the experience.

The fringe of trees surrounding the house and garden was thicker than it had first appeared and Chloe found that she had to find vantage points to take in the view, otherwise her surroundings were intimate rather than spectacular. Looking about, she realised that the hill fort on which she stood had a hollow at the top in which sat the house and gardens making it totally secure form the world beyond.

As she stepped out of subtly crafted cultivated zone to the next, she loved the way that grounds changed from ornate and colourful to a deep cool green by turns. In fact the only constants were the trademark red gravel paths that crunched under foot and the birdsong that choruses all around her.

After a while Chloe wondered if she was in fact hiding form her unknown fate and suddenly feared that she was failing. For a moment or two she felt a rising panic and hastened her pace to follow a path out of dense part of the wood. But once she found an open more manicured space she relaxed a little, like coming out of dream or the dark thoughts of night.

A bird trilled and seemed to say, ‘that’s it, that’s it, you’re okay…”

“Peep-peep, peep-peep, peepy-peep,” it sang.

Then behind her came a loud crunch and it sounded like train was coming at her at speed over gravel. As the sound got louder she tensed a little and moved to the side of the path. Then around the bend came a half nude girl dressed only in a leather harness that followed the contours of her magnificent body. Her fire-red hair was piled up in a ponytail on her head, but stranger than that was the bit-like gag gripped in her mouth.

Then as she passed, Chloe could see that she pulled a small cart with man she had seen at lunch sitting in it.

“Afternoon,” he called out cheerily as the woman-drawn cart hurtled past.

It was only then that Chloe could see that woman had a matching ponytail of red protruding between a magnificent pair of buttocks.

“Jesus Christ,” Chloe gasped.

A pony girl, she had actually seen a pony girl, something she had only read about before. Then the strange couple were gone.

“I prefer tennis myself, but pony girl racing is another popular sport among some here.”

The familiar female voice was firm and friendly, but Chloe couldn’t place it until she whirled around to see its owner stepping out from the trees. Alice?

“I thought we had lost you,” Wendy said with a broad smile.

The older woman looked more elegant now and younger. The casual disarray of the tennis outfit had been replaced with cool lemon dress that hugged her figure tastefully.

“I had to think, I guess,” Chloe said shyly, knowing now that it was true.

“I understand,” Wendy said softly, “Are you ready now, do you think?”

Chloe felt a heart-surge as if she had been pushed from a cliff and swallowed. It was all she could do to answer with a small nod.


Wendy led Chloe to white circular summer house in the middle of a clearing on the far side of the garden from the house. With each step she felt ever more removed from her old life and closer to something new.

Chloe was acutely aware now of being nude under her dress and the fact that Wendy knew this too made her head light as if she were outside her own life and looking in.

“It’s lovely,” Chloe murmured for something to say.

“Yes,” Wendy agreed.

Perhaps because they had heard voices or perhaps just because it was the appointed time; some women began to emerge from the summer house and take up a stance in a row on the upper wooden step to watch Chloe and Wendy’s approach.

Chloe could see Alice among them and the two other girls she had first met in London.

“Helen was also meant to be joining us but she is being severely punished,” Wendy explained.

“What are you doing to her?” Chloe was thrilled at the idea and suddenly very badly wanted to know what was happening to the young woman she had seen on the tennis courts.

Wendy laughed in a gentle friendly way and reached out to squeeze Chloe’s arm.

“I would be more worried about what we are going to do to you,” she said and laughed again. Then as the others came into earshot she added, “Is everything ready?”

There was a ripple of giggles among the assembled women, although Alice tried to keep a straight face and managed a serious nod.

“Do I? Will I? I mean…?” Chloe’s mouth was dry.

“Take off that dress,” Wendy ordered.

“My dress…?” Chloe asked pulling at the material as if unsure what the garment was called.

“Yes please, if you will,” Wendy nodded.

Chloe wanted to argue, not for the hell of it, but because it seemed the modest thing to do; the proper thing. But Wendy suddenly looked hard and business-like and Chloe thought better of it. So after a moment’s hesitation she worked the button behind her neck and began to fumble with the zip.

“Help her Claire,” Alice said, half turning to the blonde Chloe had first met in the car.

Claire smirked and moved behind Chloe. Then silently supervised by Wendy, she drew down the dress’s zip and then stood away.

Chloe blushed and dipped her head before allowing the dress to fall.

“Let me get that,” Claire whispered as if afraid she might break a spell.

Chloe now stood naked with her arms folded across her breasts and gently breathing through a slightly open mouth.

“Hands by your sides and stand up straight,” Wendy ordered.

Chloe obeyed, although her arms fluttered a little as if they would at once leave her sides.

“Lovely,” Wendy said brightly, “Now turn around so everyone can see.”

“Plenty to work on,” the other girl said.

She was beautiful like a super model and had been the one driving the car on the way there. But now that she spoke her cockney accent seemed misplace somehow. It was an unworthy thought and Chloe blushed again.

“What about a tea and kit-kat party,” the girl suggested.

“Be quiet Kirsty, you have a one track mind,” Wendy scolded. “Chloe’s first time with those sorts of games will not be so crude.”

Then to Chloe, Wendy gently added, “If there is a first time, that is.”

“What’s a tea and kit-kat party?” Chloe asked, her mouth finishing on the perfect description of an O.

“We get to sit down drinking tea and you get on your knees and…” Kirsty began.

“Yes, that’s quite enough of that,” Wendy growled.

“The clue is in the Kat part,” Claire mouthed and pulled a face as if she didn’t approve either.

“Oh?” Chloe frowned and then her eyes went wide and she said, “Oh! No, I don’t… I mean I’m not…”

“Hush now, let us worry about that,” Wendy soothed.

“You will do what you are told,” Alice said more sharply, “Won’t you?”

“Yes,” Chloe whispered, wondering why she wasn’t as appalled as she should be.

“Good girl,” Wendy said approvingly.

Chloe forgot herself and hugged her breasts again.

“Come on, let’s settle you down,” Wendy said, taking Chloe’s arm. I take it you don’t want to leave?”

“Leave?” Chloe asked puzzled, then remembering her distant out, she emphatically said, “No.”

Even as she struggled with the situation in her mind Wendy pulled her gently and unresisting down across her lap so that her full round bottom was fully presented a s target.

“Before we proceed I think you need a good sound hand spanking to see what you are made of,” Wendy said proprietorially and delivered a sharp slap to Chloe’s exposed behind.

“Ooh,” Chloe squeaked, but the embarrassment was still trumping the pain.


For Chloe it was surreal. She was nude across a woman’s lap while three other decorous women were draped around a summer house watching. In any other circumstance she might have played along just to laugh it off in the spirit of ‘what are we like’ and ‘all girls together.’ But two things prevented that for her.

The first was that the sting in her behind was beginning to make her gasp and wriggle in an undignified way as Wendy’s palm really went to town on her bare bottom. The second issue was that despite there being no men involved, the undercurrent of eroticism was undeniable. Even in the breeze of the garden the scent of arousal competed with the flowers and Chloe realised that she too was responding in an unexpected way.

“Wendy, please,” she gasped as the sting of the woman’s palm began to really bite, “Aah… uh!”

“She’s getting quite red now,” Kirsty observed.

“Oh yes,” Claire managed in hush tones.

Chloe stole a glance at the awe-struck girl and saw that she was biting her lip, attention rapt on Chloe’s bottom. No man had ever looked upon her so eagerly; it was a strange but not unpleasant feeling for her.

“Are you ready to do what you’re told, when you’re told and how you’re told?” Wendy said huskily.

“Yes,” Chloe wailed.

“Yes what?” Wendy teased and spanked her a little harder.

“Yes Ma’am,” Chloe moaned, it was close to a sob.

“Alright then,” Wendy said firmly as she let Chloe drop to the floor, “On your hands and knees, you can go in now.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Chloe agreed and despite the acute embarrassment, she was suddenly curious about what awaited her.

It took a while for her to crawl up the steps and into the small house and with each movement forward she felt first the grass and then the hard planks pressing into her hands and knees. Nevertheless, no one seemed in any hurry, particular the women so inclined, who followed behind to drink in the scene.

The summer house consisted of one rounded room about four meters across, although there were two alcoves with lattice wood doors that had been opened up to reveal boudoir toilet and washing facilities.

In the middle of the room was a pink chaise long that dipped to the floor at one end and had a broad scrolled arm rest at the other.

More disconcerting was the low table on which sat, a cane, some riding crops, a bundle of birches, various switches and some paddles. There was also some other objects that Chloe did not altogether recognise or didn’t wish to.

“Initiations are such fun,” Claire gushed, “Imagine we can do anything we want to you for the rest of the afternoon.”

All four women laughed at this in agreement to this assessment of her fate. All Chloe could was wonder if all the objects would be used on her or were some just to scare her.

“Put a cushion on the chaise someone, let’s raise her hips a little,” Alice said.

Chloe was still contemplating the implications of this when she was lifted up and helped over to the elegant piece of furniture in the centre of the room.

“How is she doing?” Wendy asked gently.

Someone touched Chloe’s bottom and ran a finger or a thumb down the cleft and well in between. As this was done Alice reached down and lifted Chloe’s chin to look into her eyes.

“Okay?” she whispered.

Chloe blushed furiously, mortified that she was so aroused and completely unable to look her friend in the face.

“Chloe?” Alice pressed her.

Chloe tried to bury her face with her hands but someone had already seized her wrists and was securing her to the chaise.

“She is just fine,” the more experienced Wendy cut in.

But she too leaned over and showed concern by whispering, “If you struggle but don’t want to leave, just ask for some water.”

Chloe tucked her head down further and wished they would just get on with it.

“I understand how she feels,” Claire said confidentially, “We should make her ask nicely for each and everything we do. I hated that, but it did me good.”

“Perhaps,” Wendy said, “But softly, softly, catches the monkey.”

As Wendy spoke she patted Chloe’s bottom so gently that an involuntary sigh escaped her lips.

“You can do the honours Claire, a good sound paddling until she is bawling. It is time she felt something. Those gentlemen have been much too soft on her.” Wendy backed away as she spoke and watched to make sure that Claire picked the most suitable paddle.

“How many?” Claire asked excitedly.

“Go for it and see how we get on,” Wendy replied.

Claire, who had opted for the medium-heavy leather paddle positioned herself behind and alongside the prone Chloe and patted her bottom menacingly.

Chloe licked her lips and braced herself. Unconsciously she had clenched a little, but the posture over the cushion limited that somewhat but in any case Claire waited until Chloe had relaxed.

The first searing blast redefined all of Chloe’s expectations and she would have screamed if she could have drawn breath for it. The blaze across her bottom started off unbearable and then got worse.

“Ffffffffff…” Chloe groaned at last.

She might have said more but Claire struck again and this time Chloe could not contain her swearing.

“Oh that’s a welty one,” Kirsty observed eagerly.

“What about that one?” Claire asked, striking Chloe’s bottom again, “Or this?”

Chloe rocked and gasped in response unable to do anything but take it.

“Steady on Claire,” Alice murmured.

“Do you require any water Chloe?” Wendy said in a clear voice, cutting in.

Chloe didn’t answer for a moment and just lay panting and trying to draw a decent breath. Then she managed to look around revealing her tear-pooled eyes and said, “I’ve already got some thanks.”

“Good girl,” Wendy said enthusiastically.

Then Chloe was lost again as three more heavy thwacks blasted down.


Chloe was still secured face down on the divan as Alice held her hand while she had a good cry. The others hung back to give the well-spanked girl a moment, but all attention was on the two polished rubies of her still upturned bottom.

“Maybe you over did it a touch,” Kirsty said without the trace of regret in her voice.

“Whoops,” Claire grimaced in mock-sympathy.

“Oh I don’t know, I think it is just what she needed,” Wendy said proudly.

“But even if the spanking you gave her counts as your turn, she is still only half way, any more could take her out of the game for a month,” Kirsty sounded gleeful at the prospect.

“Adrian will be pissed off,” Claire said ruefully.

Chloe roused at Adrian’s mention and looked around.

“Nonsense, at worse she’ll have to stand for meal times for a week or two,” Wendy chuckled.

“I thought she did rather well,” Alice said proudly. “My turn I think.”

“Wh-what are you…?” Chloe bit her lower lip. Maybe she would rather not know.

In her opinion the crack about her not sitting down for a week or two was optimistic. In a sweep, Chloe would go for the month.

While Chloe considered this she shifted on the divan and pumped her bottom up and down. Even this small relief felt like bliss, although never had her bottom felt so heavy. She wished she could rub it.

“Would one of you oil that tail,” Alice suggested as she moved around the divan to the table and began to gather up some equipment.

“I’ll do it,” Kirsty piped up eagerly.

“Of course you will,” Wendy said drily.

Kirsty glanced at Claire as if expecting some competition for the task.

“Knock yourself out,” Claire shrugged.

At first the indignity of feeling a woman in such intimate proximity almost melted Chloe’s face. Then by turns the rasp of finger nails and then the smooth cool relief became much bigger concerns.

“I wasn’t spanked there,” Chloe gasped, but her eyes were clamped shut and she taken to sucking in her lower lip as Kirsty’s finger went to work.

“A little more I think,” Kirsty said brightly as she poured more oil on to her hands.

“Oil this while you are about it,” Alice said brusquely.

‘This’ was the nozzle of something that looked like it would have been better suited to icing cakes; only larger.

“Something stimulating I trust,” Kirsty said licking her lips.

Wendy shot Alice a warning look which was answered by a small quick shake of the head.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Chloe spluttered as she felt the nozzle press against her anus.

“Injecting some balm for the soul,” Alice cooed, “Now take it like a good girl or you’ll get something more spicy.”

Chloe didn’t know if she was in heaven or hell. The old Chloe would certainly have known she was in the latter, but what about new Chloe? At the hands of men, such rough treatment would have held some satisfaction. Did she hate it now out a sense of propriety? Did she hate it?

“Please, oh God,” Chloe gasped as she squirmed.

Something filled her and she thought about a man there and blushed again. She could actually feel the burn of blood all round her eye-socket from her cheekbones to her ears. Red at both ends, a random thought; she might have said the same about being wet, she realised.

Who am I? She asked herself for the umpteenth time that day.

After Alice was done with her they left her to squirm a bit before attending to her relief.

“What will you do with her?” Wendy asked Kirsty pointedly.

There was no doubt that the girl was perfectly capable of taking advantage, but Wendy and Alice would rather see Chloe guided rather than broken.

“A little public humility I think,” Kirsty suggested with a smirk.

Wendy’s eyes narrowed. If Kirsty passed on handing out another spanking then she was up to something.


At first Chloe had been relieved that she wasn’t going to get any more chastisement on her bottom, but then she had been taken still naked from the summer house and led into the woods.

“Where are we going? Can’t I get dressed?” she had wailed.

The women leading her all exchanged glances and giggled. It didn’t take long for Chloe to find out why. At an intersection of the gravel path where the trees were well thinned-out stood a pillory. It was much like the one she had seen the girl Jenny had been put in the day before.

“I think everyone should have a chance to see our handiwork,” Wendy explained as Chloe’s head and hands were locked in the crosspiece facing the trees.

It was a position that left her bent over and naked with her bare bottom facing anyone coming up the path from two directions.

“You can’t leave me here,” Chloe wailed.

“She does have a point,” Claire said thoughtfully.

“Yes, maybe we should leave her at the main gate so everyone can see,” Alice said making no attempt to hide her amusement.

“Maybe but…” Kirsty began.

“No here will be humiliation enough,” Wendy cut in. “Is she secure?”

“I think so,” Alice said tugging at the catches.

“Then let’s go and have tea,” Wendy said expansively, “We can come back at twilight and bring her in for dinner.”

“Hey, no,” Chloe wailed as the women ambled away, “Don’t leave me here.”

Unable to turn her head Chloe strained to hear hoping that it was a joke but the chatting quickly died away and then the sound of the crunch of gravel too fell silent. She worked her mouth in disbelief as if gearing up to call for help; then thought better of it.

“Ooh, those bitches,” Chloe wailed in frustration and stamped her foot.


After a small age Chloe’s immediate fear that someone would chance by began to recede a little. She even began to almost hope that someone would come, even if it was another pony girl chariot. The cool breeze on her exposed sore bottom made her acutely aware of it, but a dull ache had settled in her lower back and she had to shift her feet to ease it.

“My, my, what have we here?” Chloe recognised Kirsty’s voice at once.

“Kirsty, you startled me,” Chloe said with a jolt. “Let me out.”

“Not so fast,” Kirsty crooned. “I haven’t had my fun yet.”

“Fun? Come on Kirsty, let me out,” Chloe wailed.

“You didn’t think you were going to get off that easily did you?” Kirsty teased.

Chloe felt something tickle at her bottom; more of a scratch really.

“What’s that?” Chloe said with a hint of panic as she craned her neck first one way and then the other until she resembled some exotic bird in a cage.

“Oh, I cut you a switch,” Kirsty said silkily, “That and something else that’s fun.”

“Where are the others?” Chloe asked, suddenly realising that it had been Wendy and Alice who had been looking out for her.

“Oh we don’t need them,” Kirsty teased, her cockney accent now sounding somewhat menacing.

The swipe of the switch across Chloe’s bottom stung appallingly. Not as much as the earlier paddle, but it was different somehow, sharper with its song of pain. Worst still, it announced its coming with a nasty little click-whisp before the inevitable bite.

“Ow, Kirsty don’t,” Chloe yelped.

“Oh come on, this is nothing to my little surprise,” Kirsty teased.

“Look stop please, ouch,” Chloe wailed.

“You don’t want to leave do you?” Kirsty threatened.

“No but…”

“Or want some water? Oh I know naughty Wendy sneaked in a safe word there. Strictly verboten for initiations you know?”

Chloe pursed her lips over gritted teeth determined not to give her the satisfaction.

“My, you are a game girl,” Kirsty said breathily as she swiped Chloe’s bottom twice more with the razor tight switch.

Chloe sucked in her pain through her teeth and danced a little in the pillory.

“Little red welts on such an already sore bottom,” Kirsty teased tracing a stand-out welt with a nail. “How about a few more?”

Kirsty stood back and flicked the switch from left to right and back forth in slow easy sweeps making Chloe growl and gasp.

“Oh please Kirsty,” Chloe sniffed.

“Okay, that’s enough of that for a bit,” Kirsty agreed, “Let see how you cope with this.”

Kirsty pulled some red vines with small dagger-edged leaves from a small bag. If Chloe had seen that her tormentor was wearing gloves she might have been more apprehensive. As it was for a brief moment she thought nothing of the light tickle on her bottom. Then all at once a sudden sharp pain like nothing she had ever felt seared into her skin and she yelled.

“Oh please-pleeese,” Chloe shrieked.

“Quite something isn’t it?” Kirsty said conversationally. “I got treated to a good bouquet of these at my initiation, all on top of a nasty little birching. Unlike you, I had to say thank you very nicely and I do mean nicely. You wouldn’t believe where my tongue had to go.”

“Yes, but you like that sort of thing,” came a masculine growl.

“I knew it,” said a woman.

“Adrian? Wendy? I…” Kirsty blustered.

Chloe was too far gone in a continued burn to notice the interruption; she just squirmed gasping over and over, “Oh shit, oh shit.”

Wendy didn’t wait to release her, but just grabbed at some cream that Kirsty had brought along in her bag and applied it together with some leafs snatched from the ground to Chloe’s bottom.

It was up to Adrian to pull Chloe from the frame that held her head and hands. Chloe hugged into him, never having been so pleased to see anyone.

“It’s okay, I have you,” Adrian soothed.

“Gosh, you guys play rough,” Chloe cried, but she was smiling. “Is it over?”

“Well…” Wendy began.

“This part, I mean, I know I have to make one more submission,” Chloe said, pulling a face as her hands strayed to her throbbing bottom.

“Yes it’s over,” Adrian said proudly. “Good girl.”

“Not you,” Wendy snapped, taking Kirsty by the ear.

“No not you,” Adrian growled. “You can join Helen.”

“What a good idea,” Wendy grinned.

To be continued.

6 Responses to “Parkway (part 3 of 4)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    very nice. 🙂
    Kipling’s poem says it very well, ” The female of the species is more dangerous than the male.”
    Girls can be very cruel. 😉

  2. 2 Svetlana

    “Girls can be very cruel.” No kidding.

    As odd as the setting is, something rings true about this initiation. There’s compassion and cameraderie, sure, but there’s also the fascination of watching another girl suffer and a healthy dose of unsentimal curiosity about “how she’ll take it”.

  3. 3 Scarlet

    You create so many different worlds. Every one of your stories takes us to a new place. Truly, there is no limit to your imagination, luckily for us.

  4. 4 DJ

    Well thanks everyone – I am glad that this short is still on track. 🙂

  5. 5 Tiptopper

    Great picture. Although it is a computer graphic being in the fitness industry I actually have known some women who are built like that. To me buffed girls are a turn on and they always have such nice firm bubble butts.

  6. Absolutely brilliant, the best for ages; which is saying something

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