Parkway (part 1 of 4)


naked in the landscapeUntil that moment Chloe hadn’t known she wanted it. In fact, it was entirely possible that she could have lived the rest of her life without knowing such longing and passion even existed. Even now she wasn’t quite sure what it was she desired or even felt. She only knew that everything that had gone before was irrelevant to her now.

She shifted uneasily in her seat as if the whole world didn’t fit around her. The pub was busy, an old establishment in the City near where she worked. She didn’t often come here at lunch time, but today for some reason she had.

No, not for some reason, she knew it now. She had seen them on the street and determined by an unconscious part of her mind, she had followed them in.

There were four of them, three women and a man. Strangely it had been the women she had noticed first, although now that she could see his eyes drilling into her soul, she did not know why that should be.

The women were all young and beautiful. Impossibly beautiful, with bright larger than life clothes in subtle shades that matched their eyes and hugged their figures making them seem as if they had been photo-shopped by God.

They had walked with such abandoned elegance that they almost seemed to dance around the man who was invisible in plain sight among them. No not invisible, just of the world and its cold hard realities like he owned it, just not seen because he was so much a part of it.

Chloe looked around at the people in the pub all speaking with one burbling voice so that nothing could be heard. It was a world she no longer belonged to since he had spoken to her. She looked back at him sitting in the corner from where he was still watching and waiting for her answer. She shivered.

It had all begun with a few casual overheard remarks at the bar. Having followed them in, she was standing just behind the group. The man had somehow seized instant attention from the barman even in the crowd and while he placed an order the women had spoken among themselves.

“It’ll be Sunday-week before I can sit down again,” the small perfect blonde said in a hushed whisper.

“As soon as that,” the brunette said dismissively. “The way my bottom feels, I won’t be sitting down all summer.”

“He didn’t spank you as long and hard as he spanked me,” the blonde said childishly and pouted.

At that moment the man had turned and had seen Chloe’s face.

“Join us,” his voice a silk smooth baritone with just the right amount of rough edge.

“I have to get back to work,” Chloe blurted.

“Join us and you will never have to worry about your work again,” he promised.

“What do you mean?” she had replied, but the man and his impossibly beautiful entourage had danced away to the table in the corner which miraculously cleared for them.

It had been a ridiculous exchange. How could she take it as anything but a joke? And yet those few words had redefined her world and somehow she knew they were an unbreakable promise.

He watched her now; his dark eyes drinking her in from under heavy well-groomed brows. His face squared off at the jaw with firm honest cheekbones framed by his mid-length dark hair.

She couldn’t just… after all he might be… it was too ridiculous, she undecided as thought upon thought raced through her mind. Who was he?

They sat watching each other throughout lunch, although she did not order any; she barely even touched her drink. Then all at once he stood and with one final hard stare at her, he swept out of the pub, his dancing ladies in his train.

Chloe panicked now. She couldn’t just go with him. Why hadn’t he had asked for a date or offered her his card? Why hadn’t she? It wasn’t too late, she decided. But in her heart she knew that he wanted more than that.

Nevertheless she clambered to her feet, the suddenly inconsequential world tumbling before her in the form of a busy pub. The crowd all one beast, sent by dark sinister forces to call her back. But she was beyond reckless now; she was already lost. Or found?

It took an age to gain the door and stagger into the street like a woman who had had a good lunch. She looked eagerly up and down the road suddenly sick at the thought that the small group was nowhere in sight. She wasted vital minutes running back and forth in indecision over where they could have gone.

The Tube, she decided and broke into a run. The crowd was thick with lunch-time workers all returning to their offices. He would have breezed through them like Moses parting the Red Sea, she thought, her admiration admixed with envy. But what if he went another way?

She didn’t see the car slide up next to her until it stopped.

The door opened to reveal him enthroned in the back between the blonde and the brunette. The third woman must be driving Chloe thought idly. Unconsciously she tugged on her red hair, which next to such beauties, suddenly seemed to her more ginger than auburn. She blushed.

“Join us,” he said.

The blonde nearest the door smiled in genuine friendship before moving opposite from him to sit in a fold-down seat that black cabs had. Chloe noticed now that she tucked one thigh under the other to ease her weight of where one normally sat and she thought of the exchange at the bar.

“I…” she whispered.

“Join us.” This time it sounded like an order.

She formed the words to refuse even as she ducked under the doorframe and dropped into the seat next to him.

“My name is Adrian Bannister,” he said in a firm voice offering her his hand.

“Chloe,” she said shyly, unable to meet his eyes.

“Welcome Chloe.”


The drive seemed to take hours and after they left the city, they were very quickly in countryside that Chloe didn’t recognise. Great oaks loomed over them like a shield to make her feel safe and beyond them lay a patchwork of English fields.

When she took out her mobile phone to call the office with an excuse for her absence Adrian gently took the phone and handed it to the brunette who had been introduced as Alice.

“Well take care of all that don’t worry,” he said.

As Chloe surrendered to this she felt another layer of her old world roll back.

Hours passed and all she knew was that they were heading west; a fact confirmed not only by the increasingly red sun low in the sky ahead of them, but by the encroachment of the great carved rolling hills of Wessex, marked here and there with evidence of Neolithic agriculture and the occasional chalk carving tattooed into steep grassy banks.

Finally they turned off the main road and took a rough metalled track that wound its way through a tight forest of silver birch trees that stood like soldiers on parade either side of the lane. Here and there Chloe could see deep into the green-dark undergrowth, spying muntjac and even roe deer hastening away.

Eventually the woodland gave way to more open ground and as they crossed a stream by way of an old stone bridge Chloe could see a hill fort towering above them.

It was an ancient monument with great steep sides that had stood here since before Caesar had come and yet Chloe was surprised to see that it was lightly wooded at the top of the embankment and a more recent house, perhaps less than 200-years-old stood among the copse that fringed its crown.

“Parkway,” Adrian explained as the car slowed onto a gravel area at the foot of track leading up to the house.

“Impressive,” Chloe said.

“I hope so,” Adrian murmured.

Adrian led the way up the steep slope and Alice stepped back and indicated that Chloe should follow while the other three girls brought up the rear.

“I am hardly dressed for a country walk,” Chloe said to Alice, indicating her tight pencil business skirt and her heels.

“Then undress,” Alice said with a shrug.

Chloe blushed, not because she thought Alice was joking, but because she realised she wasn’t.

The climb was steep but easy going and Chloe could see where thousands of years of visitors had cut a path in the turf up to the hill top. Looking to her right she could see over the canopy of the forest now and on to other hills across the valley. Emulating the ancients, the Victorians had carved a chalk horse in the facing hill. It was depicted in full gallop as if about to jump the tumuli of long-dead chiefs and kings that she could now see on the open plain between the hills.

The house was nearer now and where the ground flattened out in front of the gates Chloe could see a woman stooped over at some kind of frame. A moment later she realised the girl was naked with her head and hands encased in a pillory.

“It looks like Jenny has been in trouble again,” Alice sighed.

Chloe flushed, but somehow was neither shocked or particular surprised at the sight. It seemed right somehow as if it were part of what she had been looking for.

Adrian ignored the girl as they passed, although the women in his immediate entourage giggled among themselves. Except Chloe, who was wide-eyed and could not help looking.

Jenny, as she had been named, was almost bent double so that she was facing the house with her bare bottom presented to any and all visitors. Even folded in half, her bottom was well-defined, but what rally drew the eye was the vivid rash of red that stained both her buttocks down to the top of her thighs.

“She has been soundly birched,” Alice explained.

“Birched?” Chloe mouthed.

Something thrilled within her.

“I hope you’ll learn from this Jenny,” Alice called out as the girl’s face came into view.

“Oh yes,” Jenny said earnestly.

Chloe could see that the girl had the good grace to blush, but her elfin face was more rueful that miserable, although her big blue eyes showed signs of recent and copious tears.

Chloe felt as if she wanted to dawdle a while to take in more of the scene. She certainly wanted to know more. But Adrian strolled on, his back demanding her attention, so she hurried after him towards the house.

The building itself was large and of dark red brick with hard white stone at the corners as edging that served to define the old building.

“Welcome to Parkway,” Adrian said, motioning her towards a big black stone-framed door.

“Thank you,” Chloe said breathily, “It is… magnificent.”


The ceiling of the entrance hall to the house was studded with carefully crafted stalactite-like details in plaster that accentuated the ornate feel of the house and complimented the heavily carved wood panelling that described the walls and staircase.

A goggle-eyed Chloe traced the elaborate carvings around the wall and up the split-level staircase that dominated the hall when she saw the girl standing on the half-landing facing the wall. Although she was fully clothed, her dress had been turned up behind to expose a well-spanked bottom that sent Chloe into a riot of fresh blushing.

“What is this place?” she said in a strangled whisper.

“It is a house of dark desires and discipline,” Adrian said, his eyes crinkling to a smile at the corners. “A place, I suspect, which you have always sought. Do you wish to leave?”

“No,” Chloe said hastily, hating herself for the admission.

Adrian smiled again, but more warmly than before and indicated that she should follow him.

“Are all these women your girlfriends?” Chloe asked as they passed through an even more ornate study that reminded her of a headmaster’s study.

There was just the two of them now, which both pleased and unsettled her.

“Hardly,” Adrian chuckled. “Do you imagine some sort of harem?”

“I suppose,” Chloe blushed, feeling foolish.

“Here at Parkway we are a… society, a club if you like of… friends. Each brings what they can and takes what they need,” Adrian explained.

“Oh…” Chloe said trying to sound knowing but not really understanding. “It rather sounds like communism.”

“In the sense that we are a kind of commune in the classical sense; then I suppose you are not far off,” Adrian smiled at her as if he were pleased with a particularly able student.

“But I am guessing that not everyone here is equal,” Chloe challenged him.

Adrian’s eyes narrowed and he paused to look her up and down.

“No, not exactly,” he said darkly, “But I suspect that you intended being impertinent with that remark.”

Chloe gulped and looked at her feet.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt Adrian continued, “You see there are three types of people here. Those like me who seek to guide others in a way I think you are beginning to understand. Those who wish to both guide and be guided and those who wish to surrender themselves to…” Adrian opened his arms expansively and indicated their surroundings.

“I… I…” Chloe swallowed, “How did you… how…?”

She tried again and with a firm nod she asked, “Which do you think am I?”

“I think the question is, which do you think you are,” Adrian said pointedly.

“This is crazy… I mean things like this just don’t happen,” Chloe insisted.

“And yet, here we are,” Adrian said gently.

Chloe nodded and thought for a moment.

“Let me guess, all the people doing the guiding are men and the hopeless guided souls are all girls,” Chloe did her best to make it sound like a sneer. She didn’t want to be seen to surrender too easily.

“Now you really are being impertinent aren’t you?” Adrian growled.

“Sorry,” Chloe said girlishly and chewed at her lip in contrition.

“Under the circumstances, that isn’t good enough,” Adrian sounded very stern now and Chloe quailed a little.

“Come here,” he said sharply.

Chloe blushed yet again and felt a little light-headed. Nevertheless she obeyed as far as she was able and took two hesitant steps forward.

“Let me show you what happens to pert little girls here at Parkway.” Adrian took her firmly but gently by the arm and led her over to a stuffed leather ottoman where he sat down. As he did so he pulled her down and unresisting across his lap.

“Ooh,” she squealed squirming over his thighs. “Please I…”

“Your first lesson I think and one you very richly deserve,” Adrian said patting her firmly on the skirt-encased bum.

“Don’t… I mean you can’t… I mean…” Chloe was flustered.

“You wish to leave?” Adrian said quietly as he massaged her ample rear through the material of her skirt.

“No.” It was a sigh on Chloe’s lips.

“Surrender three times and so long as you remain here I will relieve you of the burden of choice,” Adrian told her, his words tickling at her neck like a lover’s fingers.

“But…” Chloe knew she should protest or at least ask some questions, but nothing sensible came to mind.

Adrian moved his hand to her hip and tugged at the zip there. Then after a pause slowly drew the zip-tab down until Chloe’s thigh was exposed at the side. Chloe said nothing. She even lifted herself a little to allow him to draw her skirt down and off her legs.

Again his hand patted her bottom, this time finding flesh at the edges of her briefs.

“Are you…?” Chloe sighed.

In answer Adrian hooked his thumb under the elastic of her underwear and tugged her knickers off her bottom to expose it in a parody of an old sun cream advertisement. Chloe sighed again and then gave an eye-popping gasp as he slid her last defence off and down her thighs.

“You were impertinent weren’t you?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry,” she whispered, her eyes darting back and forth in her head as she resisted the urge to look around to meet his eyes or the tops of her upturned exposed bottom.

“This will be embarrassing and painful,” he explained, “To stop it just say in a loud clear voice that you wish to leave.”

She nodded, understanding.

“Trust me I will do my best to make you ask to leave so make your mind up to it,” Adrian warned.

Chloe hugged into him enjoying his warmth and the proximity of a man. He wouldn’t get rid of her that easily. Then she heard him ring the bell and she gaped.

It was an old servant’s bell on a pull-cord and sure enough after a moment a girl dressed rather like a maid appeared.

“Mary, please bring me a stout clothes brush from the hall,” Adrian ordered.

“Yes Sir,” unperturbed and rather well-spoken Mary replied before she left.

Chloe’s face melted a little and she couldn’t help squirming and making half-hearted attempts to break free from Adrian’s iron grasp.


“Now young lady I think you have needed this for a long time,” Adrian said sternly patting the flat side of the brush against Chloe’s bare bottom.

“Look you can’t just…” Chloe blustered as she peeped from under a cascade of hair at an amused Mary who stood watching having handed Adrian the brush.

“I can do whatever I want,” Adrian scolded. “Alright, you can go.”

The last was addressed to Mary who reluctantly ambled away with a rueful glance back over her shoulder.

“Look please I… ah… umm… yahh!” Chloe’s words were lost in loud yelps as the first impacts of the brush dashed against her bottom.

“You’ll take this and say thank you,” Adrian said sternly, “Or else you will be well and truly punished. You know what to say if you want out.”

Adrian brought his arm up high and well back before letting it fall with a loud spank on Chloe’s bare bottom.

“Jeez…” Chloe gasped as she rocked back over Adrian’s lap.

He answered with another blast and then another immediately after; each drawing a sharp shout from Chloe.

“This is not…” Chloe was panting hard and only now realising the reality of a sound spanking.

At a rate of a swipe every two seconds Adrian set a rapid spanking pace until Chloe was rasping and growling as he head bucked like caged parrot in time to the swats.

“Stop please, let me go,” she wailed.

Adrian paused and pressed the brush into her hard red bottom.

“You wish to leave then?” he challenged.

“No but…”

The spanking resumed with even more vigour than before.

“Aiee-ooh,” Chloe moaned and then spluttered to a sound like a flat raspberry.

The great panting sound that followed heaved into a sob and Chloe collapsed into Adrian lap and surrendered to the tears. Even though she was sobbing hard now and her bottom was rash red and a little swollen, Adrian did no more than pause occasionally as he spanked.

“Please, please I can’t,” Chloe wailed, almost terrified now that she would give in and spit out the ritual phrase that would end it and her adventure.

“You thought this was all rather amusing didn’t you?” Adrian said gently, but there was a hard edge to his voice.

“I…” Chloe sniffed, bracing herself for another onslaught.

“This is not a parlour game or the subject of chat show banter; still less the detritus of a badly written fad novel. I sensed in you some longing to join us,” Adrian continued, his voice soothing.

Chloe lay still and folded over his lap. She felt safer and cleaner than she ever had before. She was grateful for the long pause in the spanking; she knew it would give her the strength to continue. If only he hadn’t empowered her to end it. She didn’t want out. She wanted to be spanked until she could not take one bit more and then spanked again over and over.

“Teach me,” she whispered.

Adrian resumed the spanking for almost as long as he had so far and Chloe quickly returned to bawling her head off. At several points in what followed she gave in and went to yell out the words of escape, but either she could not draw breath to speak them or her memory failed as all but the blaze in her bottom was driven from the world.

Then finally it stopped.

“A hard test for a first time, but necessary; although be warned, it is nothing to what might happen in the future,” Adrian explained.

Chloe didn’t answer. She just lay there both broken and sated.

“Now go and stand in the corner and don’t move unless you intend to leave,” he ordered.

Chloe hated to move. His lap seemed a comfort to her now that the spanking had stopped. But she had never ever wanted to please anyone more in her whole life. It didn’t surprise her that it hurt to move and she dabbed at her bottom with her fingers, her nails feeling like needles.

She felt a little foolish standing to face the wall in the corner. But it also felt oddly cosy. The wall was wood-panelled and smelt of old oak and polish. Although just then only he was watching, Chloe felt as if she was on a stage with her submission on display to the whole world; a feeling that did not pass long after she was alone.

For the first half hour Chloe’s bottom had throbbed so much that she had indulged in another little cry. But they were good satisfying tears that flowed as quickly as the time. Then little by little she became aware of the chill of the room and little sounds around the house. Time might have dragged but her mind meditated with possibilities, so only when she remembered the here and now did reality hold her there. It was as if the needle of a record was skipping off the grooves as she phased in and out.

“Still here then,” a voice broke into her reverie.

Chloe looked over her shoulder and saw Alice grinning at her.

“You shouldn’t take your nose from the wall until you are told to,” Alice scolded.

“Sorry,” Chloe said in a panicky voice and hastily turned back with a blush.

“Adrian said for me to show you your room,” Alice said ignoring her. “If you are still going to stay that is.”

Chloe nodded eagerly.

“Come on then,” Alice laughed.


The next day Chloe had risen from bed like a new woman. She felt deliciously decadent knowing she should be at work and for a moment she wondered if this was all some crazy trick. But the idea that her life was in free-fall and she had surrendered everything so thoroughly only made her determined to let the adventure continue.

The room she had been given was nice but she couldn’t help thinking it was by way of a holding cell or something and that she was still on probation. Her bottom ached to its core; two throbbing muscles covered with finger-sore skin and she squeezed at it as she turned about in front of the mirror.

Someone had awoken an hour before with a hot cup of tea and a bundle of clothes before taking what she had worn. Chloe had been too sleepy and dazed then to protest and had fallen back to sleep leaving the tea untouched.

Now she examined the clothes, holding them up to her naked body for size.

There was one perfectly fitting sports bra, an old fashioned white tennis shirt with a collar, a white V-neck jumper, a pair of cream espadrilles and a perilously short wrap-around tennis skirt. The absence of underwear was shocking, but not exactly a surprise and she wouldn’t have minded considering the tender nature of her bottom if the skirt had not been so short.

She half-bent forward in the mirror until her red bottom became exposed behind. She would barely be able to walk around in it let alone play tennis. Then she remembered that she was to be tested twice more before she would be accepted here.

Taking the tea cup she went to find out what was expected of her next. She even vaguely wondered about breakfast, but the truth was she was much too excited.

“Breakfast finished half an hour ago,” she was informed by a beautiful imperious woman who appeared from nowhere when Chloe reached the foot of the staircase.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“If you get up late again I will thrash you soundly,” the woman scolded.

Chloe blushed to her ears, but the threat was a hopeful sign at least. Not that she was too thrilled at the prospect of being punished by a woman. Or was she? She would have little choice, she realised. She thought about Adrian and felt strangely sad somehow.

“I’m sorry Annabelle, she is with me,” Alice said brightly as she appeared from a side door.

“I suggest you take better care of her then,” the woman said huffily before taking the cup from Chloe and airily taking her leave.

Chloe noticed Alice was also dressed for tennis and remembered her lack of knickers.

“What happens now?” Chloe asked to cover her shame.

“We play tennis of course,” Alice said brightly.

“But I don’t play,” Chloe replied in some in consternation. She hoped that tennis wasn’t part of the test.

“That’s a pity, it is a nasty swipe across the BTM for each dropped point,” Alice grinned. “You might be standing up for lunch.”

“I thought I already was,” Chloe said ruefully and rubbed at her behind. “Is this part of the test?”

“No, not really, you can just watch if you want, but should you show willing…” Alice let her mouth hang open a little her tongue poised on the edge of her teeth.

“N-no, I’ll play, but the test…?”

“Oh that comes after lunch. We are going to have a lot of fun doing some really quite unpleasant things to you,” Alice teased.

“Are you going to try and make me want to leave?” Chloe asked nervously.

“No,” Alice said quickly taking Chloe tenderly by the chin. “Trust me. Just grin and bear it. It won’t be so bad. It’s nothing that hasn’t happened to me hundreds of times.”

Chloe nodded. She was sure of that. Well if Alice could handle it…

To be continued.

11 Responses to “Parkway (part 1 of 4)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    yes, now this is more like it.
    This is something that you do that makes superlatives unnecessary. 😀

  2. To give up all choice, to walk away from one world and into another, to be what you long to be with people who understand precisely everything, and there is time for all of this to unfold. My kind of fairy tale, and so well told. Thank you.

  3. Marvelous

  4. Breathtaking.
    I can’t put it better than what Scarlet said.

    (Hello again, Scarlet)

  5. A very well done and original take on a fantasy community.

  6. 7 DJ

    Thanks for the positive feedback – so far so good 😉

  7. 8 Olivia

    Amazing. I’ve been on this site many times, but never commented until now. I wish this commune were real.

  8. 9 Svetlana

    “Well if Alice could handle it…”

    That’s my kind of logic.

  9. 10 cindy

    Oh yes! The descriptions, the dialogue, and the imagery are perfect. I’m just waiting for for the tennis match. cindy

  10. 11 DorsetMaster

    The white horse of which you speak isn’t far from me can you give me directions?!

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