Assume the position


assume the position assume the position assume the position assume the positionCame across these anecdotes and it got me thinking. About the types and levels of submission and what the rituals used in spanking say about different relationships. In particular contrast and compare the first two.

On a Dutch forum in reply to a discussion on boyfriends spanking their girlfriends Lise wrote:

We certainly have a wild time. Sometimes the first time I know he is pissed at me is when he just grabs me and throws me down. That is either face down on the bed or more often over his knee. Then he certainly lets me have it.

He is a big guy and this nothing I can do, which is kind of cool.

Over on the Life Forum Mason wrote about her experience some years before as a young woman.

There does seem to be an awful lot of fuss made about corporal punishment these days. But I don’t accept that it was just what we are used to.

When I was 20 I went to stay with a middle aged couple, me and several girls I knew slightly. We were all on a sixth month contract to help launch a new big city store in a small town. The digs with this couple were in a large house on the edge of town, so there was plenty of room and it was all paid for by our company.

The only drawback was the rules – horror of horror, young people having to obey rules. The rules were enforced with a thin stick applied to bottoms of anyone who crossed Mr J. It was neither abusive nor unfair. No smoking in our rooms, no coming in after curfew, you know the kind of thing. It was no biggie in those days.

The only thing for me was that I wasn’t used to being punished and at first I thought it was funny rather than something to take notice of.

During my first week I came home late and completely ignored Mrs J when she picked me up on it. I just pushed past her with a curt apology and went to bed. To make matters worse I lit up as soon as I got to my room and was still smoking when Mr J came to see me.

He certainly told me what was what and then made come back down to his front room.

“Assume the position,” he said getting out his stick from the cupboard.

I knew what he meant and started to giggle. Part nerves and part lack of experience I guess.

“Assume a position on what,” I said cheekily, “I am not really into politics.”

I thought I was the bee’s knees.

He told me to bend over.

I did as I was told and got six or so smarting strokes across my backside for my trouble. It hurt and I jumped about a bit but my prevailing feeling was that it was all a bit silly.

Despite this encounter I struggled to take the situation seriously and had several more run-ins with Mr J. Finally I was called into the front room on Saturday and got a serious telling off from both of them. Then Mr J left and it was Mrs J who got out the stick.

I could have died when she told me to drop my dogtooth ski-pants (I will never forget what I was wearing) and panties. But somehow I found myself doing it.

That was the first time I cried and not just because I was punished harder a longer this time. She really put me in my place. I was told that if I did not buck my ideas up I would get it on the bare from Mr J.

It wasn’t the last time it happened but I took it very seriously after that. And guess what? The sky did not fall in on me. The only one making a fuss was me.

For how many women is the phrase ‘assume the position’ enough to make them submit? Why do others crave a little ‘throw down’ as someone I know says?

To finish us up here is a little fun snippet in the same vein.

Bailey on Geek Chat wrote:

Twenty years ago we most certainly were paddled.

Not only that but if we did not put our tushies out exactly as our sisters told us we got extra whacks. We got so many extras that we took to practicing the position in our rooms, sometimes with a paddle as an added incentive.

What is your position on this? Just a little mid-week thought.

9 Responses to “Assume the position”

  1. Yes I can relate to having been in this position before when I was told to “assume the position “it meant one thing that I was about to be spanked or paddled. Trying to talk your way out of your misdeed was now over and it was reality time . I can’t say I wasn’t scared at this point especially being told to take down pants and panties ..then off with them! But do have to admit a good lesson learned and the slate was wiped clean again.

  2. Personally, I prefer being told to assume the position to being physically placed in it. When I assume it myself, I’m in complete control over my breathing and what muscles to tense and relax. It feels more dignified, like we’re a team with him giving and me accepting. Then again, feeling like a little girl being bent over the hip or placed over the knee has its charm too.
    Once when I were having dinner with a friend of mine and her brother, both English-speaking, she said that she had to bend over so that she wouldn’t spill food on herself. Her brother remarked that it’s lean forward, not bend over. I couldn’t help but giggle. Thanks for reminding me 😀

  3. 3 Svetlana

    My position? I am not really into politics. 🙂

    That line was a dumb move under the circumstances, but you’ve got to respect her for coming up with it in a hurry!

    Seriously, I don’t see that much of a difference. There’s something appealing about physical domination, but being told to get ready can make you feel dominated just as much as … and yes, it feels more dignified.

  4. What a great topic…
    Hmmmm, so much to ponder *giggle*

    I really feel conflicted because for me being over a strong mans lap is the ultimate paradise. I fight and squirm but would stay there all day if I could. Pretending I hated it of course! I’ve become quite a little actress I’ll have you know.

    What’s interesting is I will usually assume the position when told to and I enjoy the feeling of participation even though it’s different from being otk. I stomp and pout but in the end I do it. Why? Because I’m wired that way. In school when instructed to bend over for the paddle, I just did it. I think I thought I had no choice and so began a life of adult submission.

    What’s funny is the hubby knows I want to be over his knee so when he instructs me to bend over the side of the bed or ‘assume the position’ I think it’s his way of being a little bit mean or showing me just what being a brat will get me. I’ll get the spanking I am asking for but it won’t be my way necessarily. Just so I know who’s really in charge.

    What say you, Sir Damian? Do you let the girl have her way if you know her positional preference or do you toy with the poor girl and make her suffer a little discomfort? After all she earned the spanking so she shouldn’t get her way all the time, right? And no one wants to withhold the actual spanking? Heaven forbid!


  5. 5 DJ

    I would say horses for courses but it is more complicated than that. Different circumstances often demand a different response. I have been told I have ‘throw down’ – but when a girl knows she has it coming it often good to make her participate.

    It is not an either or for me – but there is an interesting psychology to how different women approach these different situations.

    Thanks. 🙂

  6. 6 cindy

    I remember being told to “assume the position” and at some point actually arched my back–maybe subconsciously–to make my bottom more available to the strap. The only explanation I can provide is that I somehow wanted to become a participant in my own punishment. This is certainly not something that a person from the vanilla world would understand.

    • 7 DJ

      Thanks for that insight cindy. For people of certain disposition I don’t think that is all that unusual. 🙂

  7. 8 john pretzel

    It is many years since I have been told to assume the position. But as a young adult when I was told to assume the position it meant going to my bedroom taking off my pants and underpants and kneeling on the bed. I would often to wait in the position for some time till eith my father or mother would come in spank my bottom over their knees. If I was in real trouble then I would have to lie on the bed after the spanking for the the strap and or the cane. Not something I enjoyed at the time. I certainly didnt get any sexual pleasure out of the punishment.

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