Music and spanking


music teacher spankingnude at a pianoNo not the percussion kind. The kind associated with music teachers. For instance in the movie Immortal Beloved Gary Oldman, playing the part of Beethoven, gets particularly annoyed with one of his students that he proclaims, “I will have to beat you,” whereupon she holds out her hand is struck across it with a stick.

This puts one in mind of a girl at school who complained that her music teacher struck her on the hands when she made a mistake. This seemed particularly foolish as surely hurting the hands is hardly likely to improve any performance.

Not being into hand punishment it looked like barren territory for some of us. Then while perusing a compendium copy of Frank and I, the Yellow Room and other stories, this chance reference came to light.

The only fly in the ointment, so-to-speak, was my music teacher. I was never a talented girl and I was wont to neglect my practice. This was a sin for which he was to oft spank me. With the quite reasonable, and yet annoying, argument that he dare not strike my hands, he had me turn up my skirts for a quick smack-bottom, which was particular odious to me as in those days I did not wear draws.

This is the food for many a fantasy and one would think it would have been more common than the old ruler across the hand trick for the reason alluded to above. Well the girl above was not only one to be spanked by her music teacher.

The former Star Trek actressand model, Terry Farrell, had an unusual mentoring relationship with a music teacher in her late teens as this snippet reveals.

She was invited by The Elite Model agency to come to New York City to become a model. Terry’s mom had to stay back home in Iowa to raise Terry’s four sisters. But even so, her mom did not really want Terry living in New York, and at first would not agree to let Terry stay in New York.

Shortly after arriving in New York, Terry was befriended by a New York music teacher, a man in his 30’s. Terry said that he was very kind to her and that he wanted absolutely nothing in return. They quickly became best friends and he became like a big brother to her. He was the one who encouraged Terry to study acting.

Terry’s mom would only agree to let Terry stay in New York if this teacher would act as her guardian. Her mom then gave Terry a complete set of rules which she had to follow, such as the time she had to be home by at night.

It was up to the teacher to enforce these rules. Terry said that he was a very strict disciplinarian and that on several occasions when she did not follow her mom’s rules, he put her across his knee and soundly spanked the seat of her jeans with a hairbrush.

Finally, here is an account of one Lady B, who, according to the Remembrances of a Colonial ‘Orphan:’ the memoirs and collected letters from 1928 to1939, was often spanked by her music teacher in the 1930s while her parents were in India. The Peter mentioned is an older brother.

I remember that it began when I refused point blank to allow him to strike me on my hands. True I had been an utter horror that day on account of missing Peter dreadfully, but at 18, I was far too full of myself to consent to such childish treatment. This even though Aunt Bar and my distant parents had empowered him to do so.

I believe he exclaimed something to the effect that if I did not press on with my studies then I could not expect to escape the due sanction. My reaction was quite childish and I rather think I threw his book of music sheets at him.

I was soundly spanked upon the seat of skirt and then for swearing at him upon my cotton pants. I was told in no uncertain terms that he would go further if I tested him.

Afterwards, although chastened and contrite, I took the matter to Aunt Bar, but she informed me that she thought it “would serve me right,” if he had spanked my bare bottom. I think she must have told him so, for afterwards at the least cause, he spanked me often in this manner. I was horrified I can tell you. Although looking back I cannot say it wasn’t rather fun and quite deserved. What a frightful brat I was.

One hears other stories, but few as colourful as that. Can you play the piano standing up?

3 Responses to “Music and spanking”

  1. 1 Emilio

    Never on hands, msic or not.
    But .-if by parents or someone approved by parents- a lot on bare bratty bottoms.
    Also that is music if you like justice.

  2. 2 Terri

    Play the piano standing up? OFten. Of course, I’m short, and legally blind, so its not so much from being spanked, as I can’t see the sheet music if I sit. Which is a nuisance, cause I’m more likely to twist my ankles around the pedals if I stand. *growls*

  3. 3 Old Tom

    “Music and Lyrics” was a mildly amusing film with old floppy hair himself; just think how much more successful a film called “Music and Spanking” would be. Queues around the block I’d say.

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