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An unusual tune


No doubt this has been seen before but it was new to me. Dopisy V Krajkach (2000) seems to have been a Czech TV drama about the decadence in pre-revolutionary France. The main thrust of the drama, so to speak, seems top be the writing of literature upon the naked bodies of the ladies of the […]

Simone sighed as she looked herself over in the mirror. The woman staring back at her was of average height with non-descript dark mousey-blonde hair pulled up to a ragged knot by a broad grey head band. It was like one she had seen on a dancer in a movie. Her eyes were dark bluish-grey […]

No not the percussion kind. The kind associated with music teachers. For instance in the movie Immortal Beloved Gary Oldman, playing the part of Beethoven, gets particularly annoyed with one of his students that he proclaims, “I will have to beat you,” whereupon she holds out her hand is struck across it with a stick. […]

The picture top above is an often seen alleged publicity still of 20-year-old actress and singer, Ann-Margaret being spanked. However, thanks to TipTopper we can now reveal the back story was far from a prank for poor Miss Margaret. Back in 1962, when she was 21-year-old, she revealed in a radio interview feature, Ask the […]