Aunt Gerda’s Rules and Consequences


S’s continuing adventures at Aunt Gerda’s in London.

The next morning Gerda looked at the list on the refrigerator…

Maaike   25
Katelijn 49
S               5

S slept long and when she woke up Kati was already awake, turning from one side to the other in bed. It took a while before S realized what had happened the night before.

She said “I’m sorry Kati for getting you in trouble.”

Kati didn’t respond at first but after a while she said, “It’s ok, I should have told you. I should have known. I could have kept all of us out of trouble. I just didn’t think mum would be that serious with me looking over you. I know I deserve it.”

Kati looked at S, “And what are you going to choose?”

S suddenly remembered… Kati had earned four and Maaike got two just because of her. With these two Maaike was at 20 demerits, which earned her five extra for collecting more than 20 in a year.

S was doomed, she had earned five herself and by Aunt Gerda’s rules she had to choose her own punishment “Uhm, I really don’t know…. What can I do? What would you do??”

Kati thought for a moment, she knew the rules by heart.
“Well, you could choose a grounding for a week, which is three, plus a spanking for two. But you are new here and I am sure that a grounding for a whole week would definitely get you in even more trouble with mum…. she would watch you very closely…. and it would probably reflect on me and get me in trouble too. I’m sorry but I’d suggest you ask for two spankings, a three and a two. Mum will give you time in between both and the 2nd won’t be that bad.”

S gulped but understood Kati’s arguments. She didn’t want to get herself, Kati or Maaike into more trouble. She knew she deserved it and it was not fair that others had to pay for her misbehaviour “OK, I see. I understand. I need to be brave now but that’s what I’ll do. I know that you know best.” S trusted her cousin.

They both went downstairs for breakfast. Maaike was already sitting at the table drinking tea. She had already made her choice but didn’t want to talk to her cousin or sister. She felt that it was their fault which earned her seven demerits last night. A few minutes ago she had already asked her mum for two hard spankings, counting three each and extra corner times, counting for one.

Asking for it was always very hard even though she should have gotten used to it by now. She always had butterflies. It was really so embarrassing having to ask for a spanking at her age. Typically spankings were a private affair in their house unless she and Kati got into trouble together. This time all three of them got into trouble together, so she wondered….   well at least she might get the satisfaction of seeing S paying her debts too. She got all of them in trouble so it was just totally fair. With a smirk she continued eating her toast.

After a few bites Gerda asked Kati and S about their choices… Kati gulped and said “Mum, please a hard spanking and two corner times within next week.” Gerda appreciated the change of behaviour of her daughter. Kati knew that it worked best with mum to ask politely for her punishment. The hard spanking was a three and two corner times meant paying off one demerit.

Next it was S’s turn. “Uhmmm… well… uhmm, I choose two spankings Ma’am.” S gulped. Gerda was a bit surprised, she thought S would try to get out of spankings and procrastinate her punishment as long as possible. Although she was glad about her choice and acceptance; her niece had really earned it.

“Fine, so you’ve all made your choices. Right after breakfast we will deal with the spankings. Maaike when you’ve finished you can go into your corner right away, your first lengthy corner time will be today. Kati and S, you can stay in your pyjamas, you won’t need other clothing this morning.”

Maaike pouted, Kati looked down and rolled her eyes and S just gulped. It was pretty clear that they were going to be punished together. S wasn’t really hungry anymore and watched Maaike getting into the corner. The oldest knew what to do. She had to put her hands on her head and stand still with feet and nose pressed against the wall. If she moved too much, talked in the corner or peeked, she would get extra punishment. S blushed imagining herself in the same position soon. At least Maaike had her pyjama bottoms on.

In the meantime Aunt Gerda moved an armless chair into the middle of the room and put her clog (wooden implement, see first part) on the floor next to it. S and Kati gulped and were done eating. The clog was Gerda’s favourite implement. She used a sandal with a wooden sole and was an expert wielding it. The wooden surface was a bit larger than a hairbrush and heavy like a bath brush. She could easily use it for over the knee spankings and could choose in severity from hairbrush to bath brush.

“Since you all got into trouble together, we will also deal with this here in the living room so you will all remember it well.”  She gestured the girls to join her.

“Kati, drop your pyjama bottoms and join your sister – over there against the wall.” Kati gave S a last glance before she pulled down her pants. With hands on her head and a white bare bottom sticking out, nose into the wall, Kati stood on the other side of the wall so that she couldn’t see Maaike. Neither could she see her.

S stood nervously, wringing her hands and looking at Aunt Gerda. She had such a determined and stern look at her face as she sat down. Time for discussions seemed to be over. She took S by the arm pulled her closer.
“I’m really disappointed in your behavior and I am sure your mum will be too once she hears what you did last night.”

“Oh please Auntie …” S begged in her sweetest voice. She didn’t want her mum to hear about it but at least her mum didn’t spank. She really didn’t want to be spanked though and wanted to run. Gerda pulled her closer and looker her straight in the eyes

“Now it’s too late for that young lady. You have gotten drunk, you misbehaved and got your cousins in trouble and now you’ll pay the price for it. Pull down your pyjama bottoms” S hesitated…. and did as told, slowly tugging at the waistband and pulling them down.

Maaike thought that served her right. She quickly looked over her shoulder to see that moment, to see justice done. S had her bare bottom, full, curvy and completely white with goosebumps, on display. Maaike smirked and thought that it looked like a perfect spanking target though it wouldn’t stay white for long. S protected her front with wringing hands and didn’t notice that she was being spied on. It was bad luck for Maaike that her mum saw her just at that moment. Gerda got up and went over to her blushing daughter with the clog.

“Oh you think you don’t have to face the wall? You better think about why you are standing here today!!”

“But it’s not fair mum!” Maaike couldn’t resist “I didn’t get drunk.”

“Oh, so you think it’s ok giving your dress to S, one that you should not have bought yourself in the first place, one that you kept secret? You think it’s ok that you didn’t tell S what I am thinking about going out with such clothes? That you didn’t help her comply with our house rules? That you didn’t keep her from drinking?”

Maaike gulped and stayed quiet.

“Pull down your pants! You wanted to see another bottom, now yours will be bare too.” Maaike did as told. As soon as she was back in position, her bare bottom now sticking out as well, Gerda gave her 10 hard smacks with the brush, five on each cheek. S winced and got wide eyes watching Maaike’s real curvy bottom turn pink quickly. “Stay in position young lady!” with that Aunt Gerda gave her the last one and got back to S, sitting down on her armless ‘spanking chair’ – as the girls called it.

S fidgeted nervously but Gerda finally ended that show, pulling her over her lap swiftly. Without any further warning the large clog suddenly landed on S’s bottom. It took a second until the smack sank in and she gasped for air in a shocked moment when the next loud smack landed. S couldn’t keep up with breathing and a series of slow but hard smacks followed. She never got it that hard and fast in her whole life and didn’t know what it was that Aunt Gerda did. It must have been that horrid clog. Not that S had a lot of experience with spankings but she got occasional ones in her childhood. Her last one was about four years ago when she was with Aunt Gerda and they all got in trouble while camping. She completely forgot how much a spanking hurt and thought she would never make it. The sting was unbearable.

Truth be told Gerda was a very experienced spanker and got to practice once a week in recent years. She put full force in the smacks but had a special technique to twist the clog right before it landed. That added extra force and went very deep. She knew that it was more effective than a hairbrush. It was heavier but produced the same kind of sting. In addition she knew how to place spanks so that the whole flat side of the clog always hit full force. She placed them to cover the whole bottom from top to bottom including the sides in an overlapping pattern causing maximum discomfort.

She started with slow hard spanks for about two minutes only to give a very quick series for another minute. That was one cycle, about three minutes in total. Then she went slow again. She knew that Kati was never able to go through two such cycles without being reduced to tears. She knew how effective it was. Kati usually got four cycles and was bawling like a five year old by the end.

S’s bottom was on fire after two minutes, a first series of slow smacks that covered her whole bottom. She wriggled, squirmed but was firmly held in place. Gerda had experience with that too. S’s bottom provided a larger target than Kati’s but she made sure that it was red all over before the first series of fast smacks started. S couldn’t stand it anymore, her bottom was on fire and she couldn’t believe that it could get even worse. She started crying after the first couple of fast smacks but the spanking went on without a break. It got a bit slower – as the 2nd cycle started – but S didn’t realize that her aunt just started another round.

S thought she could catch up, she was able to breathe regularly again and felt like she got a bit used to the clog, being able to take it better now. That was part of Gerda’s technique though – to give the naughty ones a slight feeling of control back, to make them feel and take the pain longer – just to realize a few minutes later that the situation is futile and there is no way out. It was all psychological. She could have reduced S to a little bawling girl within three or four minutes but that was not her idea of an effective punishment. It had to be felt and remembered for long.

The clog covered a large part of S’s bottom with every smack and it stung so incredibly bad. Much worse than what she remembered from the time when her mum gave her a hand spanking years ago.

Her whole mind just focused on her bottom and the pain got unbearable. When the first cycle was over and slow smacks followed, S was in tears. Her aunt made sure to cover her whole bottom a second time, producing deep red spots all over with little white circles in the middle.

In the meantime Kati bit her lips. She knew what her mum was doing and knew that she would be next. She hoped that she would be able to take it better and not put up a show like S did. Even though she didn’t see any of it, she could imagine it very well. Maaike could imagine it well too… even though she didn’t realize at first, she started to feel arousal hearing her cousin get a hard and well-deserved spanking. She heard her moans, little squeals and sobs followed by her cries. She imagined her kicking her legs in vain, trying to twist to avoid the clog. That’s what S did. Maaike knew the procedure since she didn’t behave differently in that situation. She wondered how it would look with mum’s clog landing on S’s burning hot bottom again and again but she didn’t dare to peek a second time. She squeezed her thighs repeatedly and realised that she felt satisfaction that justice was done.

S was a mess after the 2nd cycle. She didn’t fight anymore and was just bawling when Gerda’s clog visited her whole bottom the third time with slow hard whacks. This time her aunt focused on her sit spots mainly and gave her extras on her thighs, making sure that she wouldn’t wear such a short dress again. That produced even more squeals and deep heartfelt sobs and pleas of S to be good forever and to never get in trouble again. After the 3rd cycle Gerda knew that S had had enough. Her Kati would need more to get to that point but S was apparently not used to getting spanked.

It seemed like an eternity for her but she had spent less than nine minutes over aunty’s lap. After another minute of letting her cry, Gerda helped her niece up and guided her to the wall to stand where Kati was standing. Kati and S switched positions, now it was Kati’s turn to go over her mum’s lap. She knew what to expect and she knew that she would soon be in tears too. S was crying with hands on her head, face tear streaked, looking down at her feet, ashamed and sorry. Her bottom was burning all over, so incredibly hot, deep dark red and swollen, glowing with pain. She wanted to touch it, rub it to ease the pain when she heard Aunt Gerda say: “Oh and don’t you dare touch your bottom! Your hands will not leave your head or you will have another visit over my lap!”

“Yes Ma’am” S sobbed. It was part of the punishment to feel the pain and to remember it.

Kati took the first cycle well with some grunts, owws, squirming and wriggling over mum’s lap. At the 2nd round Gerda didn’t need to put much force behind the smacks to build up and increase the sting. Kati really began to feel that kind of panic – she felt she couldn’t take it much longer. At the first cycle she still felt in control and her mind knew what was coming. But as the pain grew worse she began to focus on her bottom more and more. She knew the pattern but couldn’t do anything about it. The psychology of mum’s technique always got to her no matter what she tried. She wanted to be able to stand it but then the smacks landed fast and hard again.

The pain was just getting too much. She started kicking her legs which just got her a fast series of extras on her thighs. At the end of the 2nd cycle she couldn’t suppress tears anymore but tried to stay quiet. Maaike knew it wouldn’t stay that way. She had often overheard her sister getting spanked in her room. At the end of the 3rd cycle she was promising her best behavior and cried loudly, sobbed and gasped for air. Gerda knew her reactions well too and kept going. It took another two minutes until her youngest stopped fighting and was just bawling and hanging limp over her lap. Her mum finished with a series of fast hard smacks – that was the end of the 4th round. Maaike got five these days when she was in trouble. They were not aware that they always got about the same, the psychological part worked perfectly and it always seemed worse than before to them. After about 12 minutes the spanking was over and Gerda helped her daughter up. She led her to stand at the wall between S and Maaike.

Gerda went to get another implement.

S thought that her spanking was over. She forgot that three demerits meant extras compared to a typical two demerit spanking. She didn’t have much to compare with and for her it already felt like a number three. Kati knew that there would be more, she just didn’t know what it was going to be this time. Last month she felt the cane, that was the worst of all; a few weeks earlier she got that horrid large spoon all over her thighs, inside and out; oh and hopefully not the bath brush.

Maaike’s arms were hurting but she didn’t dare to move. She also knew that there was more to come and could hardly hide her arousal by squeezing her thighs which looked like she was fidgeting a bit.

When Gerda came back she took S by the ear and led her over to the couch. Kati felt her ear grabbed too, both girls were put next to each other at the back of the couch. Bend over girls. Now S finally understood…. “Oh please Aunty, Please Aunty Gerda please no more!!!!” Kati gave her that look to better be quiet but S couldn’t believe that there would be more. Years ago she got a hand- and a short hairbrush spanking which made her cry. But never so hard!!!

If she were her own daughter, Gerda would have given S extras plus a mouth soaping but since it was her first spanking, she explained it once… but only once. “You will not argue with me S or you can expect extras to your truly well deserved spanking. This is the way a number three is dealt with in this house and you will take what you get. Now get in position unless you want me to get the soap and strap your legs in addition!”

S’s eyes widened, biting her lip she bent over. Kati did the same knowing that her mum wouldn’t go easy on them. S’s bottom had some time to cool whereas Kati’s was still glowing hot … both were swollen and burning. Kati also knew that corner time in between didn’t help much. It just prolonged the pain and the urge to rub. In her experience her bottom never cooled much within the first 15 minutes in the corner. Her mum never put her into the corner longer than that if a 2nd spanking was in store. Even if she did, the fire would be reignited after 3 whacks anyway.
Maaike wanted to get a glimpse at both bottoms bent over that couch but didn’t dare to look.

Gerda walked behind S first. She raised the strap and it cracked down covering both cheeks in the middle of her bottom. Kati winced at the sound. She didn’t see the strap before but from the sound she could tell. She didn’t feel it for over a year. On the one hand she was glad that it wasn’t the cane or bath brush… on the other hand… she knew how much that strap was going to burn and sting. She was digging her fingers into the seat of the couch to get a firm grip.

It took S a second until the pain arrived at her brain. At first her bottom felt numbed and the pain was different than the brush. It’s not that bad she thought when another whack landed hard a bit lower. Gerda used the strap with technique again, first to bring back the fire to where it was when she stopped with the brushing. Therefore she didn’t need to use it with full force. Next she planned to go from there to make it a memorable experience with hard whacks that cut in deep. It also meant including the girls’ thighs to make them feel it for days to come.

At the 5th smack S realized that the strap was not easier to take but produced a different category of pain. She put her head down and dug it into the pillow in front of her on the couch. Her bottom was burning so badly and the strap wrapped around her sides, always covering both cheeks. It was only the 10th smack and she was in real trouble again “Pleaseee Aunty…” and her feet started to loose ground for the first time. She squirmed and twisted and kicked up her legs a bit as the strap went further down, smacks overlapping. Gerda knew that she wanted to keep S at that point for a while before using the strap with full force. She wanted her really sorry so that she would never ever get drunk again.

Maaike heard all of it, just standing a couple of feet away in the corner. She imagined vividly what was going on and smiled. Finally her cousin got what she deserved. She should have gotten it much earlier from her parents like they did. She got them all in trouble and made her earn all those demerits. At least she’s paying for all of that now. She knew mum had her back to her and the butts were directed towards her… finally she couldn’t resist and took a peak over her shoulder.

What a sight… S’s bottom looked awesome. It glowed bright red with dark shades and seemed even bigger than when she wore tight jeans. She kicked her legs wildly and helplessly and begged Aunt Gerda promising to be good forever. It was an amazing sight. Kati’s bottom looked very red and swollen too but S was the one who put up a real show. But Maaike peeked a moment too long…. in the corner of her eye Gerda saw movement and before Maaike could turn back she got caught. Her mum immediately stopped the spanking.

“Ohh you’re such a handful! I will help you!”
With that she went and got a jar of mustard out of the refrigerator and her clothes brush too. S was just glad that the whipping stopped, she was sobbing and didn’t know what was going on.

“Look into the corner” Gerda told her daughter and gave her 20 hard whacks with the brush that didn’t produce any sound… she used the bristles of the brush. Then she gave her about 30 more covering her whole bottom with the backside of the brush. That made Maaike jump and “Oh owww,” but it was nothing compared to what both girls got and just lasted about a minute in total. Then Gerda took mustard from the jar and smeared it liberally all over Maaike’s bottom.

“That will give you something to think about!”

She knew what it would do. Within a minute the effect would set in. It would slowly start to burn all over her bottom, the hot burning mustard would get into the tiny little wounds that the bristles caused – which were not even visible. Blood flow was stimulated by the smacks with the back of the brush to make sure that the tiny marks were sensitive and receptive for the abrasive mustard on the surface. Her bottom was just red to the outside and the yellowish mustard looked like a layer of sun lotion but within a minute she was going to feel a burning sensation getting stronger and more intense, making it really difficult to stand still. That sensation was going to last for about 30 minutes…. or until she was allowed to wash it off.
While Maaike anxiously waited for the effect to set in – she had felt it once before and really didn’t want to experience it ever again – Gerda went to get two sheets of paper. She didn’t know how often her daughter had already moved or peeked during her corner time but she had to make sure that it didn’t happen again. Of course she knew the most effective way to prevent that. She took one piece of paper, folded it so that it fit perfectly into the corner and held it there

“Hold this in the corner with your nose young lady!” The other sheet was put between her knees

“Hold this one between your knees Maaike. If either one of the sheet drops you will be spanked!” Maaike knew this was no empty threat and she pressed her knees tightly together. All arousal was gone and she had to stand perfectly still. Her nose couldn’t leave the corner anymore either. Gerda thought that she finally was in the perfect corner time position with her bottom sticking out. She could have also used coins instead of sheets of paper but that would have been a guarantee for failure after a couple of minutes. She actually just wanted her to behave and stand still.

“Since you are so eager to watch others get spanked, you will get spanked in front of them from now on whenever you get in trouble young lady! This includes the seven demerits you’ll be working off within the next days.” were the last words before Gerda picked up the strap again and turned towards her daughter Kati this time.

She repeated what she had done to S, getting Kati to a point where she promised her best behaviour and sobbed too. Both had gotten about the same number of smacks and both felt really remorseful.

Gerda altered positions and gave another 20 hard whacks to S, five on her thighs. Kati got the same. Both had stopped fighting it and were crying freely at that time. Maaike didn’t listen anymore, she was busy coping with the burning sting in her bottom and with keeping the papers in place.
Gerda decided to conclude the strapping with 15 hard whacks all over the girls’ bottom. The strap swished through the air and cut in deep, each time. It caused an incredibly deep sting not comparable to any other implement. S was hanging limp after the 5th and didn’t kick her legs anymore. It was all too much and she had really learned her lesson. She was soooo very sorry of all she did wrong and for getting her cousins in trouble too. Kati had really learned her lesson too and would never ever let S do anything that stupid. She clearly knew that S violated a number of house rules. She was going to let her know from now on, no matter what. Kati took her last 15 no better than S and they both hung over the couch crying like little girls once it was over.

Gerda gave them a moment before sending them into different corners of the room.

For backtalk the night before Kati had to spend the first 15 minutes with soap in her mouth while she and S were still sobbing in their corners. Maaike was shifting uncomfortably, wriggling her burning bottom because of the intense burning sensation of the mustard. She put up a show for only her mum to see. She had already spent half an hour in the corner by that time.
S was first released to go to her room with Maaike being next. Her first spanking was going to be that afternoon followed by another corner time. Kati was still paying off the first of the two corner times that she was getting for the 4th demerit that she had earned. She was going to do the second of the two later that week when S was going to get her second spanking. Gerda planned S’s second one to be together with Maaike’s second in about 3 days.

S couldn’t think of the next few days. All her thoughts were consumed by the pain in her bottom and by considering how to avoid such spankings in the future. Back in her room she also didn’t realize that she was going to see her oldest cousin get spanked within the next months.
She didn’t know at that time that she was going to replay the whole punishment in her mind again and again in the next days and weeks and she was going to find the thought quite exciting.

While Kati was doing her last few minutes in the corner Aunt Gerda went to the refrigerator and put up a new tally sheet

Demerits – Year 2011 (*) (starting 1.1.2011)

Maaike         3
Katelijn       0
S                     2

There were two still left for S to work off and three for Maaike within the next week. Gerda had already subtracted the three that Maaike was going to get that afternoon.

At the bottom of the sheet there was a footnote
(*) As in previous years the limit for demerits per school year is still 20. Going beyond 20 earns you five extra demerits.

Signed Gerda

PS: After Gerda reported S’s behaviour and the effects that the spanking had on S, to her mum, Aunt Gerda also sent those links in her email.
Gerda’s clothes brush is about 1 feet long and looks like this one with the size of the head that hits bottom being about 7 inches.

© The Story of S

3 Responses to “Aunt Gerda’s Rules and Consequences”

  1. 1 Christian

    I LOVE this series! Will there be more S? I hope so. This definitely fits the caliber of story hosted by this blog traditionally. Good for you S!

  2. 2 George

    I just wish to find such a lucky young woman spanked by her parents until marriage day ie. with no age limit.
    If you’re such blessed and lucky young woman (at least older than 25) pls write me.

  3. 3 Emilio

    The perfect mother!
    Anyone here with such experience in 2013?

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