More 1950s spanking


Whilst digging around for some more Pats and Peeves snippets, this was found.

In 1956(?) Mrs W Theigh of Milwalkee, wrote to a US magazine called PIC advocating spanking of adult daughters. She explained that she had recently spanked her two daughters, a ‘late teener’ and another not quite 21, for buying what she termed ‘imodest attire’.

Both girls had bought body-hugging dresses in order to get ‘fellows’, which only had the affect of outraging their mother.

The full account was blurred on the available copy of the photocopied cutting, here is what could be discerned.

Apparently they were stripped of the offending dresses only to be discovered in underwear that did not meet Mrs Theigh’s approval so this was removed as well.

“After a hearty (or healthy) spanking they were both very red and in tears. Since they had both been so imodest, I had them remain as they were and stand against the wall until they had learned their lesson.”

“Now they know that they are not too old… and I will not refrain from applying my hairbrush to their bare bottoms again.”

A later issue carried a poem to celebrate the event (no kidding), but more interestingly for us was a contribution from a 19-year-old Donna Murdock from Wisconsin, who wrote to congratulate Mrs Theigh, saying that her own father did not hestitate to spank her bare bottom when it was needed.

“Dad has never spanked me in anger, so we talk things over first. Then he takes me by the wrist and drapes me very firmly over his knees. My head extends over his lap and and I grasp his knees with both hands for support.”

“My skirt and slip are raised to the waist, for teenagers
I think this is necessary. If the offence is great or a repeat, then the girdle and panties are slipped down to my knees. This is painful and an experience you don’t forget.”

“The whacks I surmise are about 150, they are not ‘love taps’, they are reddening and sting plenty. You may wonder about reaching back to protect the exposed area, but in our house you get 10 extra if you do.”

“It is not easy for me to be spanked on my bare backside until I have blisters, but it kept me a good girl. I am proud of the discipline of my parents.”

Incidentally the ilustrative picture above, may be of Eric Wildman, who was also mentioned elsewhere in the article.

Eric was an Englishman who advocated corporall punishment of girls in the UK and the US. He made and sold implements during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He was also resposnible for publishing a magazine called The Retentionist, which gave spanking tips.

By all accounts, he was a ‘bit of a nutter.’ For devotees of real life spanking, the picture above is probably an actual chastisement in progress. It was apparently his practice to spank, cane and strap willing, and sometimes unwilling, ladies when demonstrating his wares. It is said he often gave a light caning to school secretaries by means of a demonstration and once he caned a potential customer’s reluctant secretary with her boss’s permission. Not hers you will note.

After a prison term in the UK during the 1970s, he was last heard of in Australia.

9 Responses to “More 1950s spanking”

  1. “once he caned a potential customer’s reluctant secretary with her boss’s permission. Not hers you will note.”

    See – that is why I like your blog DJ. Respect!

    Great article, btw.

  2. 3 Knixdown

    Wow, that story about the 19 year old girl and her Dad wasn’t at all stimulating, was it?

    There’s so much there that I find erotic – the calm manner in which her Father carries it out, the lecture on her behaviour beforehand, the taking down of her knickers (OK, panties if I must use a word I can’t stand), the severity (150 smacks -ouch!), the threat of 10 extra for protecting her bottom. The main thing that really gets me is the naivete on the part of the girl, though, but this sort of strays into non-consensual areas so it’s probably best I keep my thoughts on that to myself. If I’m being really picky, I’m not a big fan of girdles but if it means that her Dad was treated to slipping her knickers down over stocking tops I’m prepared to overlook that.

    Great story – thanks for sharing it. I’m now going to go to bed to fantasise about Donna writing that letter and her father giving her some pointers on her writing style. Having your knickers taken down isn’t ‘painful’, Donna, it’s ’embarrassing’. That was a poor mistake to make. A trip over her Dad’s knee is in order, I think, for a practical demonstration of the difference.

  3. 7 Errinn

    When I reread Donna’s story I thought it was the pulling down of the girdle while over her father’s knee that was painful. That makes sense to me considering the struggle that could happen while originally putting it on. It would also be embarrassing.

    The poem, Donna’s letter (not much has been missed) and more on Mr. Wildman and the picture (a demonstration not an actual chastisement) can be found in the comments of this later post:

    A small historic note 30Dec12

    If you are reading DJ’s blog sequentially, this quick trip to the future will not diminish your enjoyment of the posts that occur between these two dates.

  4. 9 Meg

    Have to confess this happened past the 50s as well. I was married just a couple weeks shy of my 24th birthday in the early 70s. I was trying on gowns in a bridal shop with my mother and her good friend who was our neighbor. I was making quite a fuss and being a big brat taking the whole “it’s my big day ” argument to seriously and selfishly. I found something wrong with every dress and not only was I trying everyone’s patience but I was being very sarcastic. Mother told me remove the dress as I did she moved a chair from the area where they were sitting away from the small sofa that was there. It was judt us, the shop owner and her assistants as it was done privately by appointment.
    In my underwear, my mother took my wrist and took me to the chair. In front of everyone I went over her lap and got spanked. I made quite a fuss both from pain and embarrassment and ended up cursing at my mom.
    She stopped and asked if anyone had a hairbrush, she accepted one of the two that were offered. I apologized and pleaded with my mother “not the brush” to no avail.
    My pantyhose and panties were taken down and mother applied the brush vigorously to my bare bottom.
    It was the last time my mother spanked me and after calming down I was ablt to find the right dress.
    The details of our shopping trip were not kept secret and my fiancee heard as well.
    I learned a big lesson that day. I learned other lessons as well starting in about the sixth month of marriage when I went over my new husband’s lap for the first time. It was quite an eye opener. Meg

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