Memoirs of a secretary


Let us start with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is appropriate as I used to be a legal secretary. I am a fictional character; I exist merely as a vehicle to tell this story. Oh to be sure the is a grain of truth to this story, as there is with all good stories, but the events told did not happen exactly the way they will be related and they didn’t exactly happen to me, because as I have said I am a fictional character.

I hope you appreciate my honesty, by telling you this right at the start of this tale, but I thought it would establish a level of trust between us and you would know that I was not a liar. That is not to say what follows is true, it might not have happened at all. But let us assume that it did, which is much more fun, don’t you agree?

My name is Brenda, but if you don’t like it you can pick any name you like, I won’t be offended. Obviously, Brenda is not my real name, unless it is double buff, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Many years ago, exactly when doesn’t matter, but we are talking early 1960s I think, I was, as I said a legal secretary.

I was 24 and I had a huge crush on my boss, who was at least 50. I never knew my own father, I won’t bore you with that, it wouldn’t be true even if I told you, so I suppose I had this whole father figure thing going on. Plausible? Well if not then make up your own reasons while I get on with the story.

I loved my job, but I wasn’t very good at it. In fact, I was very bad at it. I had an assistant, a girl from the typing pool called Linda. She was a great shorthand typist but that was about it. In all other respects, she was as bad as I was.

Then one day between us, we managed to send some important legal documents to the wrong office. They always seem to be important don’t they? I mean, I have never heard of unimportant documents being sent to the wrong office. Anyway, I was angry with myself and Linda and I really felt I had let my boss down.

My boss, I suppose I had better give him a name, not his real one of course. Sir Brian Hughes. I always wanted to work for a real ‘sir’. So my boss, Sir Brian was livid. I got a real bollocking. Now it occurs to me that if you are not English or are too young to remember the 1960s then you might be getting lost at this point. Well I am not going to stop and explain everything, but for the record, a ‘real bollocking’ means I got shouted at and really well told off by someone who was very, very cross.

I got told off so much that I started to cry and Sir Brian immediately became upset and told me it was alright and it didn’t matter, which was totally wrong. He had every right to tell me off and I told him so. In fact, I realised that given the nature of the mistake I expected to be getting the sack.

“There is no question of that.” He said reassuringly. “These things happen.”

“They happen to me every darn week.” I snivelled. I do swear and I think maybe I did, but it is naughty so I changed that bit to make me look like a nicer person.

“Well quite.” He groaned, not disagreeing you notice. “But that doesn’t mean I am going to sack you. Maybe we can get a new girl instead of… thing out there.”

“Its not thing’s… I mean Linda’s fault. She’s only a kid, I am suppose to be the senior.” I pointed out.

“Linda yes, sorry, I knew that. Its just that its not every day we lose £5,000 worth of business, I am bit overwrought.” Sir Brian apologised as he mopped his brow.

“Well what are you going to do about it? We can’t go on like this, really we can’t sir.”

“Just try to do better Brenda, that’s all. At least try.”

“Well you should at least spank me.” I suggested.

“What?” He looked confused.

“Spank me. It is what my old boss used to do.”

“Is it indeed? Are you sure you are not telling a tiny fib Brenda?”

“No sir. When I worked in the hotel. I was always getting things wrong. We all did. Well the girls anyway. Then he spanked us. Really hard.”

As unlikely as it seems, I was not making this up. Well unless I am, that’s for you to decide. Our boss used to tell us to make up rooms and book certain people in. Even though we took great care, it seems were always getting it wrong. I think that sometimes things got ‘changed’ afterwards. Then he would call us into the office and tell us he was going to give us a spanking. The third day I was there, he called three of us new girls into his office and told us that we had to buck our ideas up. I was really surprised, being only 19, when he said that he was going to take our knickers down and give us all a sound spanking on our bare bottoms.

One of the girls, being a bit older than us suggested that she would rather leave and that she thought he was a rather unpleasant man. I think her exact words, or close to them were: “You can stick your job you flipping disgusting old pervert.” She might not have said flipping.

After she had gone, Carol, the other girl got a bit upset and asked if she could be excused a spanking. He said no, which made sense to me at the time. I mean why should she be if she deserved it?

He put her over his knee and took her knickers down right in front of me. For a small girl she had a very big bum, I thought. It started off very white and ended up very red. Although it wasn’t a very hard spanking and her tears were a bit over the top I thought.

When it was my turn, I was really embarrassed to have a man looking at my bare bum. Although my boss pointed out that I deserved it and it was part of the punishment. The spanking really hurt, although I didn’t cry on that occasion.

I got spanked a lot after that. It was fun. Oh I don’t mean I liked it, well I did sort of. It always hurt and sometimes I cried and sometimes I couldn’t sit down afterwards. But it was fun afterwards when I was alone, if you know what I mean. Well I suppose you do or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Anyway, I told all this to Sir Brian. Not the pervert bit obviously, I didn’t think that would help sell my idea to him. He agreed that it was certainly a tempting idea.

“What are you going to use?” I asked him blushing.

“What do you mean?” He seemed quite distracted.

“Well I don’t see why you should hurt your hand on my bottom, it is me who has to be punished after all. And anyway I deserve a really sound spanking.”

“What would you suggest?” He asked hesitantly.

On my very first day there, I noticed that all the typewriters had dust guards over the writing arms. These were long flat springy lengths of Bakelite type material. I had already sussed that they would be perfect for administering a spanking. I did that a lot in those days, all kinds of things used catch my eye as possible spanking implements. Alright, I said I would be honest, they still do.

“I know just the thing sir.” I said and asked to be excused.

I returned with the typewriter guard and handed it to him.

“I am not wearing stockings, is that all right? I know its better and girls are always wearing them in books and that, but I have tights on today.” I apologised as I reached under my skirt and started taking down my hose.

“Perhaps you should leave your things on.” He suggested.

“Don’t be silly sir. It wouldn’t be a proper spanking if I did that. I know it’s awful, but I deserve to be spanked on my completely bare bottom.” I was really embarrassed. But I had to explain didn’t I? I mean it would be cheating if I took advantage of his kind nature when I so obviously deserved to be properly punished.

I slipped my tights and knickers down to my knees and then went over to him. I was wearing a mini dress so when I flopped over his knee my bottom almost bared itself.

“How… how much do you think?” He asked.

“A lot I would think.” I said not really certain myself. “I have been very bad. Spank me until I am good and crying and then add a bit more.”

“I see.”

“Look please sir, do what you think, I really shouldn’t be consulted.” I was a little ashamed at my own impudence.

The first swat imparted a nice sting and wiggled a bit. There were a few more like that and he told me later that I actually started purring.

“You are not really doing it hard enough.” I suggested as humbly as I could.

“Oh right oh.” He saluted. It was cute.

Then it really hurt. Then the next was worse. After a few minutes, I couldn’t help but cry.

“Are you alright?” He asked concerned. “You really are quite red.”

“It’s supposed to be like that, honestly sir, I have to be really well punished.” I sniffed.

Actually, he did a really good job. I was very sorry long before he stopped spanking me and I really did want him to stop. That is how it should be.

When he eventually let me stand up I was crying my eyes out.

“Let that be a lesson to you.” He said sternly, but he was smiling.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” I sobbed. “Shall I go and stand in the corner now?”

“Eh perhaps next time.” He said reluctantly. “I really think we should work now and see if we can repair some of this damage.”

I got dressed and went out into the outer office. Linda just sat there open mouthed.

“Are we going to get the sack? I hate that typing pool.” She asked

“No.” I said rubbing my bottom.

“Did he spank you?”

“You bet.”

“Is he going to spank me too?” She looked cute chewing her lip.

“I don’t know. He ought to. But if he doesn’t I will spank you myself.” I said. “A new office policy.”

“Oh gosh.” Her hands went to her bottom. “I got the cane at typing school. My teacher said we were lucky, because in her day they got spanked at work as well. I thought that meant I wouldn’t be.”

“Well you were wrong weren’t you?” I scolded.

I was way too sore to sit down, let alone take her over my knee so I told I would spank her the next day after work unless Sir Brian did it first.

“Oh.” She pouted. But I liked that she didn’t argue.

The next day she told me that she had been out for a drink with a friend and had asked her about spanking in the office. This annoyed me. She should know better than tattle about the workings of our office. I thought she was going to come out with some modern nonsense about the infantilising of women, it was all the rage in those days, but she told me that although her friend wasn’t spanked, she had heard that one of the barristers spanked his legal aid.

“I mean to say, a barrister, it must be legal. I suppose the more important the legal office the more important the punishment is. I mean Sir Brian is a ‘sir’ after all. I expect that explains it.” Her mouth was a perfect O as she finished and she looked at me with something approaching actual wonder.

“Well that’s right and confidential too.” I said pointedly.

“Oh.” She clapped her hand to her mouth and winced, “sorry.”

“I’ll have to spank you for that too later.” I said as crossly as I could.

She blushed.

Later on, as I took her over my knee I was still tender I realised. I decided that it was more fun, I mean more appropriate, if I denuded Linda myself. I explained that she should wear only stockings and suspenders to work from now on and she should take care to wear her briefs over the outside of the straps. I fully intended to do the same myself and subsequently did.

Linda had a small bottom, but very pert. It was very cute, like two white billiard balls in a sausage skin. I picked up the typewriter guard and brought it down smartly across her bare bottom.

“Ow.” She said angrily.

“Enough of that.” I snapped. “You know you deserve this, its not meant to be fun.”

“Sorry.” She growled with a bit of a pout. “But it hurt.”

“It is supposed to.”

I spanked really hard. Much harder and longer than I had been spanked. I was being kind I thought. I was giving a spanking as I should have got one. Linda didn’t see it that way at the time and started shouting the place down.

The door opened and Sir Brian poked his head out.

“What’s going on?” He asked, then as he caught sight of Linda’s bare and by now very red bottom he added, “oh.”

“I thought you had gone home sir.” I blushed. This was crunch time. “I am just explaining the new office disciplinary procedures to Linda.”

“There are people still working in the other offices.” He said weakly.

“Oh sorry sir, quite right. I’ll finish later.” I pulled a sorry face and he retreated back to his office.

Linda was just a sobbing mess over my lap.

“Please can I go home now?” She wept.

“No of course not, we still haven’t finished. We still have to deal with your indiscretion.” I explained.

“I won’t do it again. I am really sorry.”

“Come on buck up.” I said encouragingly. “You want to be a better legal clerk don’t you?”

“I suppose.” She sniffed grudgingly.

I made her stand in the corner with her bare bottom on view for about an hour and a half until Sir Brian left. He had a very curious look on his face as he went out the door, I don’t know why.

Once he was gone, I called Linda out of the corner for the rest of her spanking. She didn’t take it well.

However, the next day she came to me and said she had been thinking it over and said that she had deserved a spanking and thanked me for advancing her legal training.

“There is one more thing.” She said wincing as she gingerly eased herself into her chair. “After you have been spanked do you get… feelings? At home after I mean when you’re in bed?”

“I am not sure what you mean.” I lied.

“Oh it doesn’t matter.” She blushed.

Linda accepted the new spanking regime with little complaint after that. After all, I only had to spank once or twice a week. Then I usually had to report to Sir Brian to be spanked for allowing Linda to err in the first place.

“I am sorry.” She said with a pitying face. “I don’t know how I made all those typing errors.”

I have to explain, that at this point I was standing in the corner waiting to be called into Sir Brian’s office for a spanking for Linda’s error. This was one night after the days work during that first month and we were still settling down to it.

“Well you have been spanked for your part in it.” I conceded.

I had spanked her the day before, quite vigorously too, so much so, that she still wasn’t sitting easily and her discomfort was on her face as she rose to put on her coat.

“I know but it seems so harsh for you to have to be spanked as well. After all it was my fault.” She winced a little as she reached for the coat rack.

The reason I remember this spanking above the others that month was that I had made some small alterations to the copy myself after she had perfectly adequately typed it up. This, I tell myself, was in the interests of office discipline, because she was hardly making any mistakes after the first couple of spankings and we really did need to establish a healthy disciplinary pattern before we all got too comfortable.

“You may come in now Brenda.” Sir Brain said sternly.

Then as I seemingly reluctantly entered his office, he said: “Oh about standing in the corner…”

“Oh I am sorry sir, really I am, I know I should have bared my bottom first, but it is so embarrassing with Linda there to see.” I was frantically wringing my hands as I said it.

“Oh I was going to say that it wasn’t necessary… eh that is until after Linda as gone home. Unless I am particularly cross with you of course.” He coughed.

Such a lovely man I thought, so considerate.

The spanking that followed took my breath away. I was astonished. He was really getting into his stride. By the time he was done with me, I was sobbing hard and my begging was sincere. At that moment, I truly regretted suggesting a spanking regime at all. It certainly cured me of any notions I may have had about deliberate misbehaving.

After a few months, he took it upon himself to sometimes spank Linda as well. That was actually quite satisfying as inevitably I was there to watch. It was particularly fun when she had to stay behind late to do corner time. Sir Brian and I never relented on her bare bottom drill for that. After all, she was only a junior. She quite understood and once thanked me for being strict with her.

About a year later Sir Brian asked if I thought a cane might be effective. I quailed at the prospect and said I didn’t think it was necessary to go that far.

“It sounds if you think it would be then.” He nodded I thoughtfully. “I think I’ll get one.”

I turned to Linda for some in comfort and mutual apprehension but she just said: “Its really good that Sir Brian is making such an effort with our training.”

She changed her tune a little after her first caning, but I could see his point. We had stopped fearing a spanking and even Linda had started provoking one now and again if I had been neglecting her.

Then one day about three years after that first fateful spanking I was across Sir Brian’s knee bawling my eyes out and really wondering if I would be able sit down by Christmas, when his wife walked in on us.

“Whatever are you doing?” She gasped.

“Eh… just a spot of office discipline my dear.” He said with a fixed grin.

Frankly, at that moment, I welcomed the interruption, but I was not oblivious to the danger to our little arrangement. I was breathing heavily and trying to ride out the blaze in my backside as I waited for her next response.

“Well you never spank me.” She said indignantly.

“Well you never do much to deserve it my dear.” He countered.

“What about when I spent the housekeeping on that dress. You nagged and scolded me for days. You could have spanked me then instead.” She grumbled.

“Very well dear, I shall spank you from now on.” He said cheerfully. “In fact I shall spank you tonight for the dress affair, I am still furious with you.”

“Oh. Hold on I didn’t mean…” She looked decidedly frayed at his words. “I was only making a point. You don’t have to…”

“No, no dear don’t mention it. You made your point and tonight I shall make mine. Was there something else? I must press on, this girl’s bottom is getting cold.”

The spanking regime reached new heights after that. Sometimes were had to go in at weekends and bend over side by side for a lengthy dose of the cane. Sir Brian became quite an expert. Also, his wife frequently called in late and I was always sent away. Not that I didn’t sneak back and listen at the door. She was such a crybaby when getting spanked and she positively hated the cane. The three of us frequently compared notes.

After five years, Linda moved on and I had the devil’s own job finding a willing replacement. In the end we settled on an American intern. She thought it a quaint English custom and was more than happy to go along with it after Sir Brian arranged some decent digs for her. Later Sir Brian moved heaven and earth to get her an extension. So she was with us for two years.

I stayed until Sir Brian retired; by then such things were just not done anyway and our last two typists were really not going to go for it.

So there you have it. Not one word of truth of course. It’s just a story. Lawyers and barristers spanking secretaries just 40 years ago, have you ever heard of such a thing? It’s outrageous. So, you can relax can’t you? Can’t you?


9 Responses to “Memoirs of a secretary”

  1. 1 Beth

    I was caned at my typing college in the early 1980s, so I can well believe that they were in the 1960s.
    It seems likely that young secretaries fresh out of college were trained to it back then.
    As for spankings in a lawyers office. What was that about Mortimer of Rumpole fame?

    B x

  2. DJ, a nice romantic story, pity Sir Brian wasn’t simgle.

  3. Yes, movie “Secretary” comes to mind. Also in real life, many a secretary has needed her knickers to be taken down and given a good caning on her naked rear end, because of mistakes, like dictation, coming in late to work, to much time spent on the personal phone calls, or at the water-cooler, etc.

  4. 4 Patrick Smith


  5. 5 MsMcdonald

    Spankings are the seat of office knowledge.

  6. nice

  7. 7 doublecee

    Very entertaining.

  8. 9 Liegh

    I was a secretary in a private coed prep school for many years and witnessed many spankings given by the headmistress.
    Students would be sent to our office with a note. They’d go back to class and report back at 2:20 when classes ended. Girls and boys entered a room of headmistress office. It had two long tables. It could be viewed by anyone as there was a large glass panel in one wall. Boys took off their pants and girls took off the uniform skirt. They then bent over the table and waited, off course they’d be seen by any passersby. When headmistress entered she’d go to each student, read the note and tell then underpants off or left on.
    Then she’d begin spanking. No student dared look around. They couldn’t sit for a week he she saw them. Any one who is being spanked bare, remove your underwear. When you got your spanking with a bid paddle you stayed in position until all were finished.

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