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There seems to be a custom in some parts of the world for spankings around weddings. I have disparate sources from Alabama, Kentucky, the Czech Republic and Westmorland (England) that have (or invented) spanking traditions. Maybe you have some stories or have seen some? The first tradition is where the bride is spanked by her […]

Our story started here. Somewhere a cockerel announced the morning and a song bird joined in with an instant busk to celebrate. In a half dream state Chelsea thought that if she ignored them then they might just go away. But it was only a momentary delusion and after a short pause she opened one […]

“Do try and calm down dear,” her mother said oh-so patiently. “I don’t want to calm down, I don’t want…” Camilla was seething; she couldn’t even spit out the words. It was all she could do to stamp her foot and flounce off to her room. “Camilla dear the dressmaker is waiting, the wedding is […]

Years ago, yours truly had a job as a transport dispatcher for a large wholesale outfit in the Home Counties. Because they did not pay well, all the drivers were women between 20 and 30, so over the years it happened that many interesting conversations were overheard. One such conversation pertained to the forthcoming nuptials […]