Spanking in art


Words have to be the most powerful medium, because ultimately anything can be contained or described in words. However there is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The trouble with pictures is that the camera always lies. People look fatter in photographs than they really are and younger in black and white images than colour ones.

But when it comes to fantasy the limits of the camera are most apparent. Maybe that is why in spanking fantasy drawings have always been so popular.

Spanking images have been found in cave paintings, Etruscan art and in Roman ruins. The Georgians, Victorians and Edwardians went mad for them and there is no sign that the craze is going to let up.

One source puts the number of pornographic images on the web at over 100 billion, apparently five per cent of these are drawings.

One woman once said that she saw a drawn image on the cover of a magazine and became a spanko from that second. It’s the image here of the professor spanking his student.

One of the advantages of drawings in the spanking erotica field is that emotions and situations can be invoked that a cold studio shot just cannot capture.

Also superheroes, film stars and celebrities can be marshalled to participate in the action above and beyond the call of the camera. The spanking art world has its own heroes, from Hardcastle to Paula Russell.

If you are a fan of spanking art then the non-English world is a rich source. The French have the BD magazines, which are also popular in Spain and Italy, there is no common equivalent in Britain or even the US, where comics and drawings have often suffered from the stigma of being juvenile.

Here is a brief glimpse of some of the images you can find, some of them you will already have seen.

3 Responses to “Spanking in art”

  1. I saw the professor student one on a National Lampoon magazine years ago. Still just as good!


  2. 2 DJ Black

    Hi Hermonie

    yes that is what the a woman (mentioned) said, it was remembering that conversation, so that image that inspired me to post this article.

    How are you getting on with your Sharon Green quest?

    I remember the artwork on the cover of her early novels was what grabbed me at 16 to buy the Warrior Within.


  1. 1 Step mother spanking blonde | Naughty Domination Thinking

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