Spanked for real life


real spanking OTKHere is a short from Jeanie B who originally posted a comment to the post ‘real life adult daughters still spanked.’ She kindly agreed not only to allow it to be posted in its own right, but expanded upon. It appears here in a slightly edited format as agreed with Jeanie.

I love this blog and was attracted to it by the corner time aspect to the title. I have been into spanking for as long as I can remember, but growing up, I never thought I would be. Until I found this and other blogs I thought I must be a bit weird. I am 32 now and have a satisfactory, if intermittent spanking relationship with a man I met online some years ago who lives in another state.

My first spanking was an embarrassing punishment when I was still at college. It was completely unexpected and came at me left field as things in life often do.

I was 20 and had just transferred to a new university after a complication at my first college that I won’t bore you with. It is sufficient to say my life was in a state of upheaval at the time and I think I was more open to what happened.

I found myself in a strange town and reluctant to go into halls again at my age so I was put on to a family who was by an odd coincidence a cousin of a teacher at my first college and an old college friend of a neighbour’s aunt from back home.

Coming from the East, the Mid-West was an alien country to me. College had a whole lot of rules out of the ark; another reason for me wanting to live off campus.

The family in question had an adult son who lived in another state and one 19-year-old daughter Anne, who went to the local community college and who lived at home. The father was a trucker and spent a lot of time away and they were only too happy to have a bit of extra money from a paying guest.

I have to say at this point that the money I paid was very little and came from my parents, so having me live there was a huge favour.

To cut what might turn out to be a long story short, I found out early that Anne was sometimes still spanked by her mother, Grace. Not that often I don’t think, but she was openly threatened with it on several occasions, much to her embarrassment and my secret thrill.

Twice during my first semester I came home to find her standing in the corner in just a short shirt, once having been spanked and in tears and once waiting to be spanked. The shirt on both occasions was long enough to cover her bottom, although I did see some redness at the top of her thighs. I was later told and myself found out more intimately, that the covering was a concession to her because I might come home as I had done.

The second time I got to hear Grace spanking Anne downstairs, after being ‘told’ to go to my room. On that occasion I resisted the temptation to sneak down and watch, but I became obsessed about it after that as you can imagine.

Anne wouldn’t talk much about it and what little she did say aroused my interest even more. I found out that corner time could be a public thing, with the daughter only being allowed to wear just enough for modesty. That really wasn’t that much and a couple of times later on I saw a peek of her bare bottom when she was made to put her hands on her head for back chat while still in the corner. But that was later and came as an embarrassing revelation as will become clear.

By public thing, I mean corner time when the family had visitors, which included friends of both genders.

Then at the start of my second semester I came home to find Anne in the corner in just a short sweat-top. I had made an unexpected return home so they didn’t know I was there. So instead of going in as normal, I went through the garage and hid in the kitchen to observe through the serving hatch which had been left slightly open.

I supposed sometimes I am a bit of a switch sexually, bi I mean, but I didn’t know that then. So I got a little ruffled seeing her bare behind and it confused me. But I put it down to the upcoming spanking, which it mostly was.

Grace was sitting in a chair reading with a hairbrush nearby for about 15 minutes after I started watching and I remember being scared she would come in to the kitchen at some point and got ready to run into the garage.

Then she told Anne to come to her. As she turned I could see she had a real attitude about it, not that that was going to last.

I couldn’t see the spanking too well as it was off to the side, but it was loud in both impacts and Anne’s yelling. All through it Grace would say stuff like ‘I’m going to blister your BEE-hind,’ which was how she talked and ‘you won’t sit for a week,’ which was all the stuff I read about and fantasised about.

I also learned that she was being spanked for going to a party where there was beer and had lied about it.

The most amazing thing was how Anne went from being a brat to crying her head off and saying she was sorry. The spanking went on for a real long time and for most of it Anne was saying sorry like that.

Then after she had to go and stand and face the wall again so I got to see the effects on her bottom. It was all dark red and puffed up all over and she was bawling her head off like a kid.

Grace put the brush down on the table like she might want to use it again and went to leave the room. I panicked and in my rush to get into the garage I knocked over a packet of flour that had been left on the work surface.

That is how Grace realised I had been there. So when I ‘came in’ 10 minutes later I was confronted by a real angry mom. She called me a sneak and a peeping tom. I just broke down and said I was sorry but that I had got curious.

I said I would leave, I was so embarrassed, which was when Grace said I was “just an immature and silly girl after all.”

Then she added, “So you are curious are you.”

That’s when I knew what would happen and my heart started pumping.

“That’s right,” Grace had a real weird look like an evil smile and we both knew I would let her spank me.

Nothing was said then, but I was sent to my room to get ready for bed and then told to come back down.

When I got back Grace was sitting on the couch with that hairbrush in her hand. Then she told Anne, who had been facing the wall the whole time, to turn around.

I don’t really remember how it happened but the next thing I knew I was over Grace’s lap with my PJ bottoms off and my behind sticking up.

I was embarrassed and scared the whole time, and Grace had me crying a bit with just the scolding before the spanking even got started.

The spanking was a shock. At first I didn’t quite take it in. It was just a crack and a blast on my behind. Then it hurt. Then it really, really hurt. Then I was thrashing about yelling my head off like a kid, crying from the start.

At first I kind of felt where the hairbrush was landing and that was pretty much all over my bottom. Then my backside was just one pain and I really got down to some serious hollering.

All my life I had been obsessing about spanking, but right then I was cured and I was very, very sorry.

At some point I started to yell out loud over and over that I was sorry, which I later found out was what Grace had been waiting for. Not that the spanking stopped right away, but I knew even then that it wasn’t half so bad as Anne had gotten.

Afterwards I had to stand next to Anne facing the wall while I had a good cry. But even though we had to stand there for a long time, all evening in fact, I did feel better. It was odd to me then, but by the time the worst of the pain had eased off I started to feel kind of cosy even through the embarrassment and throbbing behind.

Ever since I have always felt corner time was sort of therapeutic after a good sound spanking, but it is murder on the nerves beforehand.

After that first time Grace came to me in bed and we talked while she put some cold cream on my tail, a luxury that would not be afforded to me again. I made a genuine apology and sincerely thanked her for straightening me out. I really felt good about it.

She said something like, “You know there is a lot about your behaviour I don’t approve of. I think maybe you need taking in hand young lady.”

The next day I had dark stain like a birthmark all over my bottom which lasted in some form for almost a month. I think it went just in time for my next spanking.

Yes, after that I was spanked more often than Anne. I could have died the first time I had to stand in just my PJ tops and panties when Grace’s husband Frank was there; the panties her only concession for his presence. I was bare when it was just Grace and Anne.

Once I got used to being part of the family, this was nowhere near as bad as standing there in nothing but one of Frank’s old shirt’s having been or about to be spanked with people from the neighbourhood or some of Grace’s friends and relatives around. You can bet that Anne and I did not encourage our friend’s to call around much.

I graduated college three years later at 23 and I was soundly spanked about once a month the whole time I lived there. As was Anne until she moved out about a year before.

I am still in touch with Grace and sometimes she makes references ‘to those days’ in her mails. I still blush to think about it.

My interest in spanking intensified after that, although I never enjoyed them and don’t now. But I feel so much better afterwards. I think Grace knew and was happy to go along.

With hindsight I wonder if she enjoyed it too. When Anne and Frank weren’t around, she certainly thought of a couple of ways to augment my embarrassment and discomfort, but that is kind of private and one for another time maybe.

Thanks again for your blog and the chance to sound off.

Yours Jeanie B.

Thank you Jeanie.

34 Responses to “Spanked for real life”

  1. 1 Keribrat

    Thanks for that awesome story. I am still amazed at this website. I can find no other quite like it! I am older than many of your fans, I think (46) but love to hear the stories of how we all got here. I attended Christian school in the 70s and was paddled often. Not because I was bad, really, I just have problems sitting still and being quiet. I have since turned these attributes into a great working career but it was hard on my bottom growing up. I was always made to feel ‘loved and cared for’ afterwords and was assured it was because they had my best interests at heart and wanted me to be a better girl. So I associate spanking with warm fuzzies and enjoy the intimacy of being otk. I have tried to figure out if there is more since spanking has thrilled me as far back as I can remember but it’s just to complicated so I usually just give in and enjoy it. I’ve been married for 16 years and hubby spanks when he is able but with kids in the house sometimes it’s more difficult because it tends to be a noisy event. This website allows me a little thrill and fun secret that I can go to when I want to feel connected and comfortable. So thank you, again for this site.
    So long from Seattle,

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks for the kind words Keri :)

      I am sure you are nowhere near the oldest on this blog – but I know from personal correspondence that there is a huge age range.

      I am glad that school paddlings did not put you off (or are you saying that they put you on?) The loved and cared for dimension is oft overlooked.

      DJ ;)

      • I don’t know if it’s how I got started or just that I was ‘lucky’. Hehe I think back on it and it seems very weird that a young teacher would paddle me because she wasn’t much older than me she just really believed in it. Once I was over 18 and started to get boyfriends I always picked strong, dominating boys/men and never had a problem getting them to spank. I was very shy at first but soon learned to ask for what I wanted and it usually worked out great. I had 1 boyfriend who didn’t seem the type so I knew I could never marry him. I would be frustraited forever. LOL. I like the psychological part of being otk because you feel very vulnerable and helpless even though in truth – if your with someone you trust – you’re really not. That gets me very excited in more ways than one. It’s just such a struggle to be aroused, scolded, a little scared, and contrite all at once. Like I said before I try to analyze it all but to no avail. My good friend likes to be spanked but never was growing up so I wonder where did her interest come from? I have never spent time ‘in the corner’ but enjoy when you write about it. It’s thrilling and continues the whole vulnerability/helpless part which I love. One problem I have is that I can take a pretty hard spanking w/o crying and I would really like to experience what it feels like to let go and sob like the girls in the stories. Any advice on what hubby could do to get me there? Without having to spank me so hard I have injuries :) ? Would love to here from you, DJ. Thanks again. Oh and I’m a pirate today for Halloween. My whole team at work is dressing up. Too cool. I have a sword and everything. Although being as I’m not food wih it I think the ships Captian needs to remind me /his belt
        Let’s talk soon,

    • It makes me wonder why people keep repeating what doesn’t work.

      • 5 DJ

        I suppose it does Virginia

        sorry Keri – but I missed your comment (from over a year ago) sorry – it is the problem with these long threads :(

        I hope you are still out there lurking.

  2. Thank you Jeanie for that wonderful and detailed account. So few of us are lucky enough to have had such an experience. Of those, so few are willing to admit and retell their stories. I hope to hear more of your accounts.

  3. Hi DJ,
    I fear I may have scared you off by getting too personal and asking too many questions. I do apologize. I have never posted anywhere but here and I don’t want to alienate myself. I bought the Spanking Handbook and I’ll see if there are some answers there. I really haven’t found a site quite like yours and I feel the most comfortable here so hopefully I haven’t ‘overstayed’ my welcome already. :)
    Thanks for the stories and delightfully strong men willing to teach us girls to behave.
    Take care,

    • 8 DJ

      Hi Keri,

      absolutely not :)

      I’m sorry I haven’t replied to you (or anyone yet)

      I have had a couple of emails asking me if something was wrong as I hadn’t posted for two days – but real life just broke in and I hadn’t queued anything up yet.

      Post later today. :)


      • 9 DJ

        Hi Keri,

        Me again Lol.

        Thanks for your insight.

        I have to say that crying is a personal thing – some women cry easily and some not at all..

        I have to say that my stories (although they draw heavily on real experience) are not real life and often follow an idealised situation.

        In my experience women rarely cry from pain (thank God) but from internal emotions like guilt or a sense of closeness.

        It is often in what the man says and how he says it. Scolding for punishment situations often results from tears but a play spanking – no matter how hard – usually won’t.

        OHM runs a forum called Sometimes a girl needs a spanking – if you decided to contribute there as OHM suggests – you may find other like-minded people and women who have a take on this.

        Not that I want to discourage you from commenting here – not at all.

        Please feel free to share any 18+ experience on this blog. ;)



        ps Thanks OHM :)

      • Oh, whew… So happy to hear it.
        Are you saying you have a RL outside of this? :)
        Look forward to hearing from you. Take care of your RL and we’ll talk soon.

  4. I posted my previous reply before I saw your new one.

    Thanks for your insight. I’m very much enjoying the book too. Such fun.

    My husband has literally blistered my behind so much that I had trouble sitting on the plane the next day (ouch! :) ) and I was not even close to tears. It was so exciting knowing secretly my bottom hurt to sit. That was almost as good as breaking down, I think. Hehe

    Also, dressed as a pirate on Halloween was fun too. I kept thinking of the pirate stories you wrote a while back and it made is secretly exciting. I was ‘disguised’ as a boy like your girl pirates did. Too fun.

    Thanks again for insights and stories. I’ll go check out O.H.M’s blog and see what I find.

    • 12 DJ

      I’m glad you liked the pirate stories – they were loosely based on fact.

      Which book do you mean?

      I am glad to see that someone is taking care of you. ;)

  5. DJ –
    I’m reading the Spanking Handbook. I saw. It hear and thought maybe it would have some insights. I went to Sometimes a girl… Very interesting to say the least. I enjoyed most of it but some people didn’t get the ‘gist’ or spirit many of the stories were written in and that was a bummer. Otherwise, pretty cool.
    Thanks for responding. I wish I could attend the alt market in London. It sounds very cool. I did notice there is a female friendly spanking group in Seattle which sounds interesting. I’m pretty shy about this for the most part but it sounds very discreet so I may attend a dinner and see what materializes.
    Have a great week,

    • 14 DJ

      The market is pretty cool.

      Glad you liked the book – it is just an eclectic collection and I only wrote the one chapter. :)

      • DJ –
        First off – I meant to write that I saw the book advertised ‘here’ on your site not ‘hear’. Damn auto-correct! That’s what I get for posting on the train to work.
        I enjoyed your chapter. It is interesting for sure although I’m more of a m/f spankee, even f/f, and some chapters address other forms. Male submission doesn’t work with my psyche but to each his/her own.
        Are you currently in a relationship where you get to spank?
        I wish I could find a book on the psychology of spanking because it fascinates to no end. Why do I like it and why do some men feel it’s natural to take a woman otk. I’ve tried to figure it out but I guess it’s crazy to work so hard to make a particular kink in your life make sense. It’s probably not as important and just making connections and trying to be a good person in all aspects of your life.
        The Seattle based spanking group hasn’t replied to me so I’m taking it as a sign that I should just let it rest. It’s probably more than I need to take on right now.
        If you knew your partner enjoyed spanking and you wanted to give an actual punishment spanking would it bother you that while the errant woman might really be sorry about the issue she was being spanked for, she was also turned on by the spanking itself or is that just sometimes understood?

    • 16 Patty

      How would one go about finding a spanking group, and would it be safe? I got my first real taste of hard OTK spanking when I went to a state school for the blind. I had a dorm parent supervisor who believed young ladies who were disobedient in any way must have their bare bottoms blistered until it was simply impossible to sit down without serious discomfort.

      I am now 45 years old and single and miserable because I know my life would be much better if I were punished on a regular bases. I remember getting what were called obedience reminder spanking once weekly for a month from my dorm parent supervisor because he said I lacked good manners. Would it be possible for me to write about things like that here?

      • 17 DJ

        Welcome Patty,

        Finding a group rather depends where you live I think. US is easier than the UK maybe – cities easier than country. I am sure others here will have some ideas.

        As for writing about your experiences. If you were at a college aged 18+ then by all means otherwise it becomes difficult even when talking about oneself and ones formative years.

        On another note – you say you are blind? I am pleased to know that this blog is reader friendly for the blind or is it?

        Many thanks for your input.

        DJ :)

      • DJ, blind doesn’t always mean you can’t see anything.

  6. 19 DJ


    Thanks Keri – I KNOW what you mean about auto-correct Lol :)

    Also I agree about x/M spanking – totally off-topic here (no offence to the switchers out there)

    I don’t want to get too personal in this public space – apart from anything else it may not be of interest to others.

    But in answer to your question – yes ;)

    Spanking psychology is a complex one and differs between individuals. It is hard to find a vanilla book on this because quite frankly most psychologists don’t get it unless they are a spanko. I never read any serious book that wasn’t point-missing psycho-babble on this subject, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there.

    I think the short answers is – you can go insane asking why sometimes – maybe it is enough to know you are not alone.

    As for the enjoyment versus punishment dichotomy – again people differ. Some women can’t be punished in this way and it is all a game. For others the satisfaction can only come from being punished and knowing that they have a ‘back stop’ so to speak.

    It is common for women to be afraid of being spanked and yet crave it at the same time. To hate being spanked but love having been spanked.

    I hope that in part at least answers your question.


    • DJ –
      Thank you for sharing. You helped a lot. Sorry if I went a bit too far for this format. You were kind to answer each question in spite of that fact.
      I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing your stories freely and for such a nice, easy to maneuver blog.
      Have a great evening even if you are a bit tired from watching our crazy election coverage. I appreciate your openness and how you included this long time lurker into the fold.
      Saying goodbye (for now) from Seattle,

    • 21 cindy

      Keri and DJ,

      I have in the past read Freud, Kraft-Ebbing, and Sacher-Masoch, and although some of what was said resonated a little, what I found there didn’t really put me in any meaningful way closer to understanding why I need to be punished especially with others observing. I am almost but not quite to the point where I have stopped asking “why” I need this.

      There is no question that when I am punished that I view myself as a child. I regress. I regularly perform “personal grooming” which renders me as much like a child as I can be. I am totally opposed to real kids being hit, spanked, etc. Yet I view myself as a child when it is done to me despite the fact that I am an adult. I have heard explanations that the need to be punished is an attempt to reduce the uncertainty of being on one’s own as an adult, to have someone look after you. The person who punishes takes the place of a parent whose role is to protect and to love. That explanation at least makes some sense. But then why is there sexual arousal? I never had a sexual desire for either parent.


      • 22 DJ

        I think your feelings are common and indeed normal. Regression is a recognised therapy.

  7. 23 markiee

    I received my first adult spanking on our wedding night. We had a lot to drink and went back to our hotel room. My wife showered first, then it was my turn. When I came out of the bathroom I had a towel wrapped around my waist. My naked wife got up from the bed and walked over to me dropping my towel at my feet and guided me back to our bed by my handle. As she sat down she pulled me over her knee and started spanking me giggling and laughing the whole time. Then there was a knock at the door. Who is it? My wife asked.
    Housekeeping! I have your extra towels.
    Come in!
    What? I tried getting up to cover up but my wife was having non of that and held me in place.
    As she entered she stopped dead in her tracks as she took in the scene before her. Sorry to disturb you, I’ll just leave these here.
    No, it’s all right, please put them in the bathroom for me as my hands full and if you could bring me the hand cream that’s in there I would appreciate it.
    Spank! Spank! Spank! OUCH ! Honey let me up!!!
    Not quite yet dear. Spank! Spank! Spank!
    Oh! Thank you.
    My wife took the cream from the lady and soothed my flaming cheeks. Just as I was relaxing my wife flipped me over and started stroking me. I tried again to get up but my wife told the woman to hold my legs down and spread them for her. She did as asked as my wife picked up momentum. Just as I was about to lose control she slid a lubricated finger in me and started massaging my prostate until I lost control and lay limp backwards across her knees.

  8. 24 George

    Cindy, don’t worry.
    It’s absolutely normal and while you love to feel like a child, you’re also a grownup with sexual desires.Pls don’t believe so said experts and live it with responsibility and freedom… enjoy yourself and your femininity!

  9. 25 Mike

    This is the third or fourth time I’ve come back to this account since I first read it. Despite, or perhaps because of the gender reversal, I find this powerfully erotic. It coincides very closely with some of my own wants and would-like-to-gets.

    Thank you very much Jeannie for sharing this…

  10. 26 Bart

    I am a 62 year old man. I read your story with great interest. I was spanked a few times as a kid in the 50s. I married young and had shared my fascination with spanking with my new wife, She shared that she had been spanked as a kid and that she couldn’t understand my interest as her experience was anything but exciting. In the first year of our marriage now nearly forty years ago I angered her mom. She waited until we were alone in the house and confronted me telling me I needed to be taught some respect. I asked what she meant and she told me I was not to old to be spanked. At first I thought it was going to be an exciting enactment of my fantasy. Then when she told me to go wait for her in a back room I got nervous thinking this was strange. When she entered the room I had decided I wouldn’t comply. Then she smacked my face so hard I saw stars. Then as she scolded me I just stood there . I had the strangest sensation just complete submission. She unfastened my trousers and yanked them down and she bent me over and started strapping me with a short leather strap. I felt like a little boy, she was quite strong and held me in place with one arm while strapping me with the other. She left strap marks all over my butt and legs . I was bare from the waist down but never saw her looking at me . She left me to nurse my behind and my ego. I was careful and very deferential to her from then on. My wife from time to time would reticule me in arguments asking if wanted her to call her mom. One session was more than enough, but all these years later I still think about it

  11. I read just yesterday that a little over 5% of American girls age 18-24 recieve domestic discipline i.e. from parents, aunts, uncles, or some other authority figure in home (excluding DD in marriage). I found that interesting.

  12. Hopefully DJ will post more of the ever popular real spanking accounts.

  13. 31 Ken

    Im from sault ste marie ontario canada lm a spanker love hereing about women being spanked seeing pics and vids live nexts to sault Michigan . Like to hear from women who like telling thier stories or meeting . Love role playing naughty school girl . Daddys girl ect .

  14. 32 vickie

    One morning my husband told me I needed a good spanking as he grabbed my butt while I dressed. Don’t know what got into me but I wanted it. I asked if he was going to give me one, he asked is that what I wanted? I said yes and he said I’d get it after work. During work I thought about getting it and liked the idea. My husband spoke and texted me to make sure it’s what I wanted and to convince me that if he spanked me it would be for real. I agreed and even taunted him telling him he wouldn’t follow through. He was late getting home and I was to be in my blouse and panties waiting for him and nothing else. I left another message saying I knew he wouldn’t follow through. He called to say he was a few minutes away, be ready as instructed and I was getting a good spanking.
    My husband looked handsome in his shirt and tie and slacks and as he came into our room he said nothing but walked briskly with determination toward me. I have to say I was turned on by the strength he exuded but I quickly became nervous wondering if I made a mistake almost demanding a real spanking. As I started to speak he firmly said get over my knee! He didn’t wait for me but rather pulled me over his knee and spanked me!
    His swats were hard, firm and deliberate and my bottom was tingly and warm.

    He stopped, leaned in and said the next time you want to leave me a sarcastic voicemail remember this. In one fell swoop my panties were yanked down and down came his hand! He spanked my bare bottom firmly and deliberately again but this time he brought his hand down quickly. With a firm grip on me I knew I wasn’t going anywhere as my husband gave me the first real spanking I’d ever had and also the spanking of my life (at the time),
    He was in complete control and I definitely was not as I was getting exactly what I thought I wanted that morning. It didn’t matter how much I squirmed, squealed, apologized or promised to be good I continued getting spanked until he decided I was done.
    I ended up with my bright red bare backside in the corner as my husband lectured me and changed his clothes.
    I had a new found respect for my husband after that and I was even more attracted to him.
    Since that evening I have received a few really sound spankings for very real reasons including once with his belt. I don’t get disciplined often but knowing I could be has really changed me for the better. Like all couples we have our moments and arguments it’s just that I know about how far I can go and how to argue more respectfully.
    If I lose it and curse and get mean it doesn’t matter how angry I am. I know from experience I will immediately be turned over, bared and spanked!
    Believe me, a darn good spanking hanging over my head has saved us a lot of heated moments. Nine out of ten times if my husband tells me I need a good ‘ass warming’ it’s not a threat but rather means I’m getting one.

    Clothing shopping can be especially trying for me. I stretch my husbands patience and get a lot of support and warnings. Once the young salesgirl was trying her best and I got really snappy. Right in front of her he scolded me for the way I was treating both of them and then firmly said, “You need a good ass warming!” I immediately felt myself blush and apologized to both of them. We finished up, the sales girl rang us up at the counter. I asked if he wanted to get something to eat? He simply said ‘No you’re going over my knee.” My husband thanked the girl for her help and even tipped her.
    We went directly home and I went directly over his lap and received a good spanking for my attitude.
    All this because one morning I decided I wanted to experiment. Be careful what you wish for has never been more true!

  15. I liked the story and could put myself in the same position at times to be spanked and have them done every so often or every 3 days and told to go in the corner after with my butt showing.
    The story is very true.

  16. There is a running conversation on my forum “Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking II” from a woman who runs a boarding house with 8 college girls who she rents to very cheaply. The kicker is if they break any of the house rules she spanks them with a hairbrush or rod.
    I don’t know how true this story is, but it’s been going on for quite some time, very detailed and I have yet to find a hole in the story. I’m a firm believer in fact is stranger than fiction, so I’m going with true.

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